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Welcome to settings here you can control all aspects of your account with each section broken down by sub area the first area is profile here you can change your profile photo as well as your account name and the contact email address will use as well as your password for then moving down we have organization again here you can set an organization photo as well as your organization name and invite team Members when she's been sent an invitation for a team member you will see their list here once they've accepted the invitation if you're using our API then you can also put your API token here next we have custom domains if you wish to use your own domain name rather than a high-price domain in the image URL you can simply add a domain name here next we move on to the billing section first of all we see the subscription area within a subscription Area we see first of all at the top the remaining credits we have for the month within our subscription as well as any balance or any add-on credits we've added if you have subscribed to our account you'll also see the subscription package you're currently selected with ability to be able to switch between these by simply clicking them if you haven't subscribed at this point you'll be able to select any of these to proceed if you wish to add an add-on Package to boost the amount of image credits you have within your account you can choose an add-on package also from within subscriptions and if you do have any deal tokens again these can be applied here at the end for your payment script method we can jump over to billing here we can put your credit card in and for any previous invoices they will be seen here finally within settings we have our list section for any data list that you've created as Well as being able to access them via the image you've added them to we also have the full list of them here.

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