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Hey ian here and i want to record this quick video just to show you this uh really cool uh little event hack that i found that has an amazing uh impact um in terms of getting uh people to register for your event we've seen a 50-plus percent uplift in in registrations by using this and it kind of relies on on kind of three components one is using the linkedin event Option that they have the the product so you can create your own event in linkedin and get people to register obviously you can promote it as as well you know and you doing that you can get a quite a good uh attendance and then on top of that using linkedin with zapier you can create an automation so every time somebody registers to your event you can trigger a zapier action and so what We've been doing is triggering creating a high price short link creating a personalized image and then sending that to them when somebody registers for the event as a nice thank you so the emails look something like this and then we send it out using gmail just a three-step zap from linkedin create the high price short link send all in an email you see this is an example here in this Case to marlon thanks for registering for the power of the gif animation so that's the this event we did here um and and you'll see we've got the the the type of the body here we've got this personalized image you know it's just a bit of a mock-up of a ticket you know you see it's personalized to marlon with his name his business and his logo uh kind of a quick um summation of the event in terms of what It is and when it's going to be and it was just a little bit of tongue-in-cheek with the vip and full access but just again create that little moment of delight and something really nice and then what we've got below here is we've got these three share buttons so whenever these are clicked what it's going to do is enable marlon to share his um his ticket socially and we just have a little kind of a request here love it if you share it on either Twitter linkedin or facebook to say that you're attending the event in this case with a little bit of a bribe of win some cool prizes at the event if you share that now what let's just jump over to linkedin we can see an example here this is manoy who who was one of the one of the many people that did share that event and kind of you know shared that to his Network and when we look at the results of this um well we can see for that event we had a 9.5 percent and i think 38 out of four 400 people shared to at least one platform we can see the breakdown of the different platforms here now the the upside of that is that of those 30 or 38 people that did share that 9.5 that generated each one of those shares generated on average additional six registrations so we got over 200 more Registrations to the event over 50 uplift from the 400 or so we had at that point um by the generating these social shares so a really amazing way of kind of getting that kind of viral boost to your events leveraging linkedin and its capabilities in a simple way to create um an event uh ticket or image like here we've got a very simple gif background and obviously the personalization pulling through the event name date and first name so we create this Amazing outcome like this and then to put it all together you're wondering how to do that well i've put together this help document here which i'll share with the video which kind of shows you some examples of other businesses or the events uh doing that the share buttons how you add those into your email with some example code here what i'm also going to do is break down all the steps in terms of how you need To do that you know the examples we've just seen there essentially there are five steps to do this first you need to create a linkedin event and attach it to an organization rather than individual that gives you the registration option then you obviously create your own uh hyperis shareable gif that you want and then we use zapier to automate all of that To create that thanks a couple of other steps just to keep this going as a an ongoing strategy of how you can invite a thousand people a week from your linkedin account to your event you know which can give you that initial uh number of attendees and then obviously create that virality and also kind of the final part of you know how you can keep growing um from other events but in terms of those steps obviously the key one here for uh probably most people Watching this um video will be the the linkedin site the zapier automation creating a linkedin account it's pretty straightforward creating creating a linkedin event it's pretty straightforward creating your hypervised image pretty straightforward uh for most people watching this so what i want to do in this video is just concentrate on the zapier part of that so if we scroll down here through this guide step three use zapier to automate You can see we've got this three-step process one choosing your linkedin event two creating your hypervised shortlink and three sending out the the email now the great news uh here is that we've got this zapier shared link so when you click that what that's going to do is open up this page here where you can actually try this zap to the zap that we've created that we've Been using ourselves you can actually kind of go straight into that so simply clicking the try the zap from that link what that's going to do if you're logged into zpo will uh add it to your account if not uh you'll have to log in but what you'll once you've logged in you'll see this zap now in your own account and now we just simply need to go through these three steps and just complete our own um details so for example first one Linkedin i can choose my linkedin account obviously i've i've already logged in here so you can see it's pulling it through we just click continue i can now choose my organization that the events can be attached to so i can just simply choose all these just from the drop down and again i'll be able to see my event here you can see i'm choosing a specific event here but i could also leave this blank and then this would trigger for Each event that i have under that organization click continue we can obviously test the trigger and what we'll see is um all the event data coming through for people that have um have already registered we can continue from there and now we're into step two which is choosing our personalized uh data for to create the personalized short link so first of all we can choose our hyperis account And again if you haven't done it already it's just simply case of adding your api key into here and now we can choose our image template so we can see this you should see the list being populated here and in this case i'm going to choose my event registration image which was the one we were looking at here before um you can see now i've chosen my template we've already got some elements Already completed here so the landing page url in this case you want this to be the url of your event so for our perspective we used this url here because what we wanted to do when when the gif was shared and people uh see that in their social channels when they click it they're going to get to the event so they can register themselves so we would use the event url we would take that put that um in Here we would lose the about at the end we don't need that because that's the where they get redirected once they've registered so we've got the where we're going to send when that short link gets shared where they're going to get sent to in this case we've got the title which is going to appear if we go back to the post we can see the title appears underneath and that that um That title again we want maybe some call to action so in this case i'm attending the and this is going to pull through the name of the event that they've registered for event you should check it out and then underneath that click here to grab your spot and this is the data that we're pulling from linkedin from the registration and passing it through um in to the personalized short link which will personalize the uh the image that They're going to see so in this case their email first name last name and company name so we click continue and you see we've got a created the example short link so let's uh now go through to the final step which will be sending the email with from the linkedin data with the personalized short link now so again we're just choosing our gmail account obviously if you're not using gmail you Could switch the gmail section out for another appropriate email sending solution step click continue or indeed what you could do is just push the data at this point directly to your crm including the short link and construct that that there if you wanted to you can see here the two is already set up so we're sending the email to the person that's registered um from uh again you're gonna have to choose your value here The email account that you've added obviously put your own name in there um and then what we see if we scroll down a bit further we've got the subject and again um this is gonna be personalized so that the date pulling the details from the event first name thanks for registering for the event name event and then we've got the body here uh now the only little snapper who is obviously we're looking at it in a html view um so that's only one thing You've got to get past speak again see all the personalization tags are in here already so hi first name thanks for watching for the event name event and then we've got this clickable element which is going to show when they click it it's going to go to the short link so we're going to have the personalized image shown there so again this image here again we can just change this string here to be whatever gif we Created in our account and then the short link is going to dynamically embed itself from what we've created there and then we've got this lump of code here so we've got obviously a little bit of text asking them to share and then finally we've got this table here which is all of the share buttons as you can see for linkedin for twitter and for facebook so again we don't need to change anything there that's all set up perfectly with All the data the short links are being embedded in there from that process and that's it you just need to click continue then everything else is good to go test and continue and that's going to send out your test and then your you can just simply click publish and now whenever anybody registers for your linkedin event you're going to first of all send them this little delightful thank you for Registering and with the personalized image in there to drive some engagement but also with the call to action of given them the opportunity to share that share the fact they're attending their event and share their personalized gif and then for you to get that virality and that boost to your attendees hope this video has been useful in just explaining this concept uh and the guide if you do have any questions please do uh comment Below uh wherever you see this uh video and guide or reach out to a hyperline support team and we'll be uh happy to walk you through it thanks again appreciate your time bye

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