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Learn how to Improve your CTR, reply rate and open rate on your existing Zogo campaigns and funnels by using advance personalisation with a simple integration.

We'll cover the following topics

  • Humanising your client newsletter
  • Improve reply rates in your existing funnels
  • Re-enage with inactive users
  • Standing out from your competitors
Great so thanks everyone for joining uh today's webinar I'm David from hyperrise today I'm going to go through how you can use High prize with Zoho CRM so many people on this webinar will be familiar um with Zoho um but may not have come across high price um software kind of introducing high Price to you in order to show you how you can really improve your Zoho Outreach by using uh personalization so a bit about what high price do then so really kind of three areas I'm going to focus on today um are the image personalization um within emails uh and on websites uh and video personalization that you can use within your Outreach Journeys um so kind of we're all familiar with text-based emails that regularly get Ignored and don't capture the attend attention of your audience so high price got a platform um that lets you personalize on scale um so no more kind of creating uh an image for someone and sending it to them and then create another image for someone else and sending it to them on an individual level or taking all their manual work out of personalized Outreach so we see here Um just an example on our use cases page before I get into um kind of going fully into the integration that we we do so you'll see here just a really quick example of an email um that we could send Using a tool like high price via a CRM like so so you see this email here is a gif um in it with the company name it's obviously going to David highprise.com so it's got the high price logo in there personalized to that User uh got the first name there actually asking the question David do you have time for a coffee um and then the high prize business name there as well so full personalization within an email sent to someone obviously that link would then be clickable and this is where I talked about a moment ago about personalized websites as well so we full final Journey Um of personalization really really going through that fall from cold Outreach um through to booking a call through to trials through to sale um the whole kind of pipeline Journey we have on a personalized basis but but done at scale so if we look here at a personalized website example you see this is kind of personalized as if Tim uh Apple had had landed on the web page you'll see here it's got the um Apple logo in the top right hand Corner the name with a personalized video and watching this video I really appreciate it hi Tim thanks for accepting my offer and watching this video full personalization on on text-to-speech as well as um obviously you're seeing um kind of you know the name Tim within the video and further on the video you see more um examples of personalization tying perfectly throughout Um throughout that and then you see more mentions of the company name at the top here and if we scroll down a bit I really like really talking to the user like Tim please pick a suitable time to schedule your strategy call and again kind of more um you know more details of personalization here so all the bullet points um with the with the um bold company name in and even my new details here Where you've got the strategy report you're creating for them but you know like it's already created for them prior to the call so really capturing um catching the attention of the user so how does this all kind of feed back into using your OCR and how do we um kind of you know map up the tools to make that personalization journey and your emails in in Zoho become a lot more personalized and therefore a lot more Appealing for people to click on and improve reply rates because um and and click through basically the whole point of this webinar so if we go into the high prize platform itself in here you can create your images and add personalization so you can either use an existing image record a gif within the platform or use one of our stock templates um so you're just gonna you know go from Kind of the start process to do this so if I click into create new image and in this instance I'll use the stock templates but obviously you know a lot of times you probably want to go create your own GIF or or have a look through our library whichever you prefer I'm just going to go into the cold Outreach one because step one of our campaign would always be that cold Outreach touch point let's have a look through our our Library here and I want something a bit relevant to um you know getting someone into a call so I'll choose this one here this GIF of you know um man putting a white board um with some personalization on and and see how we can get that into Zoho and and set that campaign up so I click onto that image there and you see it's already got some personalization applied because it's a template so high first name is there Um these kind of merge tags that you you put within the text um are a first level of personalization so that's the first layer that we've added there and you can have you know as much text-based personalization if you as you like within the image um you don't just you have one it's not just first name you can have first name and business name um or you can even use some custom text which you know if you've got custom Fields within your CRM so you know well like I do when I um set up um kind of new users in Zoho I I've got a customized um section of fields so I can even map those using the custom tabs so anything you've got in your CRM you can leverage that information and put it onto this image and you'll see here that we have some visualize visual personalization on top of the image so even more visual Layer so we look here logos already on there in the template now that's a really powerful um example of some personalization on an image so you're going to send something out to someone and it's going to have their logo on so this is you know got the logo there and it's default logo is high prize but when it gets sent to someone the recipient if it's you know Tim apple.com for example then it will Replace the high prize logo with the with the Apple logo and find it from that domain so you haven't got to get tons of logos and put them into your CRM you know High prize the technology we use is doing that in in the background so he'll search the domain for the logo and and put it onto that image layer and there's other functions we have here as well so you know we have elements like social profile image that you can add in um to really kind of capture the Attention putting uh the user's face on on the um Outreach email to them and one I really like the website as well so if your contact someone um you know about their website or their website may be relevant to the um to the cold Outreach which it tends to be usually um the B2B Outreach then you can put the website frame in there um and you know that will do is if you're sending it to again if she's a Tea cooker apple.com example it would Circ apple.com home page and then put it on the um yeah on that website screenshot there and wherever you place it it will replace um obviously the website layer we're seeing there you know with a website screenshot so many aspects of personalization that you can add on there to really capture the user's attention Now obviously we want to go into how we can use this with Zoho and I prepared a um nice pipeline of different examples that we can use um that will get to shortly um right now I'll show you how simple it is to integrate the image you've got you know the GIF or all the stats gimmick whichever you're using and how easy that is to integrate with Zoho so all we do is just add the integration so it's simple it's already done for you You just click into this element here Integrations and go to the add function save your image and then once you've done that you can search by name if you know the one you're looking for or if you want to go by category you can go by category now we know Zoho is a CRM but we also know we're certainly call it so if I type in Zoho here you see I've got two elements with Zoho CRM one for the contacts and one For leads obviously they're separated out um as different modules within Zoho they both work exactly the same in terms of how you connect them how you integrate them um but for the purpose of this example the data I'm using is in contact so I am going to select contacts but if you're doing it in leads it works exactly the same foreign What I will do now is all I have to do is press get image code now if I get image code what you'll see happen is it will ask me a question do you want to link this campaign with a website landing page okay so linking with a website landing page is what we talked about the start here where we have the full interactive page or the user asking them to book a call or you know really going through that call to action Process talking to the user using their name using their business names using images of their business either website or their company logo so I would want to do that because obviously that's the whole point of this campaign I want to get into book recording so I do that I would click the um website which to link it to and then once I do that I get two options here I get the image and the link only and both of those I then put into my Zoho Um integration so I'm going to pop into Zoho now and show how to create an email um and um in in Zoho with the high price image in it and then after that we'll go through the funnel that I've pre-created and show you how that works with Zoho workflows and you know the whole user journey and kind of a real life potential use case for using High prize and Zoho together so if I go into my email templates here I'm going to create a new one obviously I've got some there that I mentioned that I already created ready for um the full final example but in this instance we've just started we've just created our image and I want to put that image into a template and this is how easy it is to do everything I'm doing here you know you can do at the same time and it can matter of minutes you've got your personalized email template in your CRM system so I'm going to click on the new Template obviously I'm going to use contacts I could use deals as well because obviously deals and contacts kind of use the same customer base and I have got that in my pipelines as well but I'm going to click contacts for now and then I'm just going to select a blank one you could edit any of these templates to do it if you wanted you know you the templates you already wanted to use maybe once you've created in there or ones you use regularly you Can still use those I'm going to select this blank template for the purpose of this example but obviously you could select any of those templates how it's added will work in an existing template also and I'll just put in some text um to you know always put some text at the email before the link anyway so kind of we'll use um obviously some personalization in there as well so hey first name Um using using the Zoho merge tag right there um and then you know thanks for your inquiry be great to have a further chat kind of thing and then this is where normally on a standard email it would be like insert calendar link here but that's you know that's kind of the standardized way of doing it just a boring text or a text email um and and kind of get ignored going to Spam just on on that successful in in this day and age we're technology advancing so I'm not just going to insert a candle link there what I'm going to do is I'm going to insert a personalized image and how I do that I select the image field in Zoho here and I select add image URL and if I put back to high price I've got the image here so I want the image first and I copy that code and then I just pop into my Zoho image Here and I will just insert there and what that'll do after a few seconds that'll just load the image into the email um and there we go and what you're seeing there is it's doing High contact DOT first name so high contact stock first name and it's got the logo as well there that it will convert into the into the company's logo when it's sent and the other bit we mentioned was we wanted to link the image in now if I go back Into the high price platform you've got link only here if I copy that code I then go back into my setup page I can highlight the image and then I can click on the link there and I can just pop in that link there and then press save okay and once you've done that that will then save and the image will allow you to be um will be linked so that it's a clickable image um within Um Zoho just that simple to do so then we can save the email obviously you've got it um template name so I'm just going to do a quick one just to move on to the next stage because this is not an email we're going to use um so this example in this subject I say that email now and that would be obviously in your templates you put it in a folder um and then you can um Obviously use that um you know whenever you want to in your funnel or even in your individual emails that you may send through Zoho so I press save and that's that's that one saved so the next element I really wanted to go through was how you could use this in a full sales funnel using um the tools that your CRM system has so I personally using Zoho have um use the deals quite a lot with the pipeline so deals pipelines and contacts Being the three main areas um and what I have is you know like the full kind of pipeline that I've set up um for this example so I've created a high price demo pipeline to give you a full um full Journey that you can use um as a nice example to um kind of you know start start with so if we look here what I've done is I've just created the workflows so um kind of get condition one Um you know pipeline is and then obviously a pipeline is the pipeline you're using and then I'm going for the stages so I've got um a few stages in my pipeline I've got the lead generated stage and I've got the uh is qualified by contact stage and I've got the trial stage and I've got the price proposal stage quote stage negotiation and review and then hopefully closed one or closed and lost so all those conditions are coming Through the funnel and why it's important to highlight the workflow is because the workplace key here sending out the personal agent on scale um so you're something like you're on scale and personalized so each time I'm moving from a different stage of the pipeline I'm able to automatically have an email go out um you know that's relevant to that stage and it's going to help me get from stage one to stage two so from demo to Qualify so from gently generated to qualified from qualified into trial and so on so we have a look at this so if we have a look at this section here we're seeing the email generated um it would then be sent and I've obviously got these all all sent earlier so if I go um into this contact foreign so we see that I've gone through all the Stages earlier today just so I can show the email is going out um in the timeline so we look at the Timeline here we're seeing the emails sent each time so probability has been updated so first of all the deal has been created okay deal created and that's the lead generated State uh email has been sent out okay and that email is entitled already David's inquiry so go into my um kind of inbox for this campaign Obviously kind of put the email address I'm using there to filter out anything else so I'm just seeing these emails here so these are the are the five stages of the emails and you can see that they're being sent um kind of all quite close together because obviously I've done that through the high prize webinar lead here you can see I've regularly change them into the next stages so we're on stage one here um where we've created the lead so And create the lead and here we go we have this email come through you know hey David thank you inquiry um obviously the text is whatever you want to make the text the whole point here is the personalized image I've got this image that's clickable and I click on that image and then we're going into this personalized page and obviously I'm contacting uh you know a David a high prize email address here so what you're seeing personalizing the page is just Here where you've got the high prize logo the high prize company name that's all personalized to me because you know essentially this is high price contacting high price so you see my name on the video and so on so all the bits we went through earlier that were on the uh Tim Cook example are now here because I've sent an email to David here at high prize he's clicked it and his personalization's running through no so if you need to send that to someone else Their personalization would be on there so it's taking the data from the Zoho CRM record so if we then go into the next stage of the the sequence so we've got Pipeline and you know pagline is high price demo and then with stage two is qualified so we've moved them across the pipeline as you'll see in this timeline here so it was updated to lead generated to qualified okay and then you know what's the next step so here we go we can do Our next email which is this humanized GIF so one thing we've not seen so far is this humanized GIF and this is using a simple printable aruka marker I'll show you this in a bit of detail on the platform here so if I just pop out of this image for a second and go into this one which is the one we're using we have this element here called humanize image if I select this humanize image element I can recall a new GIF um that's in our CEO holding the Uh marker there but all you need to do is download this a Rooker marker and then record yourself holding that and whatever is on your image template then goes on your goes on your marker and you click a button and that's enabling a humanized gif so taking that personalization to the next level you know there's one thing having the kind of standard image with some personalization on which is very unique there's another thing having a gif which Is very unique and then to the next level you know you've got someone holding an object with your details on you know it's kind of mind-bogging it's really gonna stop that usual pattern where we're kind of trained to just ignore that text that's coming through on the email you're going to stop read it and more likely click on it because you're surprised at what you're seeing is creating that kind of a buzz fact oh my God that's different I'm going to Click that well you know and it's this Outreach is something else um so that that's kind of my stage two here and then I can click onto there I'll go back into the high price element and I'd be looking to start the free trial that's my key um element here start free trial it's what I'm trying to do and again that page is personalized to that user and then again if we kind of go through the funnel that we're doing here so from The kind of your trial details are being sent we've kind of qualified that content now we've got them um into a trial and then we want to catch on their progress so kind of we've got to keep keep their attention so we want to catch on the progress here so a bit more of a comedy element here you know I'm drawing up some plans for you um you know using um a kind of image that's going to capture the attention a bit more um and then kind of in here I've set This um you know so it goes to a nice call booking page as well obviously these pages are all you know personalized web pages just to show you an example of how you can you know really use the full funnel um and then you know we kind of three touch points now with all different aspects of you know various personalization using different images some of the gifs some of the humanize GIF some with a humorous image um so really trying to capture that user attention throughout but using different techniques each time while still using obviously the the main concept of using an email but each email is different it's personalized in a different way and so on so now we're kind of running through the funnel um and we're on kind of moving that that part in so we kind of got through the The trial stage we're now kind of you know at that point where we we want to um we've given them kind of our recommendations our quote if you like in the last bit we're catching up on their progress um so now kind of moving on to trying to capture their attention and keep that that sale live in the pipeline so kind of you know we've sent them the product uh product recommendation are they ready to review that so again using a gif here Um kind of trying to speak out to them you know again with a name in that element there to to really kind of try to track their attention and again uh what I've done here is just to show you don't always have to link into your website if you don't want to some people are using um you know using standard booking pages and that can be done also so you'll bear that's that thing going into my calendar page myself I much prefer the Personalized touch on on the website but if you wanted to link into existing booking system and maybe you didn't have the ability to to edit that um that that phase of the funnel you can do do this as well and then if we kind of go through to the um kind of closed one um element in in this so oh great right we've got it we've sent out the quote we've sent out the um you know feedback on the quote and Now we we're there we've kind of got the deal closed um but we still don't want to lose that that Personal Touch with with the user um then we can look at something a bit more you know thanks for subscribing you know fireworks going off in the background um kind of elements there as well so kind of all different emails and use cases and all these images are templates to be offered but you can obviously be Creating your own as well you've seen the humanized GIF in there which is a really nice example that I'll I'll scroll back to um so some really nice personalization um you know and holding something with their name and their company name or even maybe their company logo on um would be would be really good um within a funnel so various aspects within that funnel there that allow you to Um really speak out to your user and personalize um you know your messaging so also if we look at in Zoho as well if I go back into um back into this user so my obviously Tech user set up for this example if I go into um into that context so I can confuse myself we're going to go into this contact here or you can also do as well If you want to send an email out you know that's not within the the automated workflow your templates are always within your sun mail section so you can be inserting you know any of your templates here um that you wish to to do so obviously you kind of you got them by um your names and whatever that may be so if we just kind of come back into one you've seen obviously but we can click onto any template there and it will Bring it into the um into the email itself just by clicking on onto the insert template and just like a second there um yes you can do that and then obviously load in and load that personalization within that one message to any user that you wish to do and obviously you can just send that through a standard um you know standard message there within Zoho as well as Um you know as well as in your in your workflows so you have kind of access to all everything you create in your templates by doing that also um so yeah so that kind of covers how it integrates and how it's so easy to do a bit um that I want to obviously show you um as well would be the website personalization um so if I it's going to Highpros.com as an example and show you how easy it is to create a web personalization that we talked about a bit so that's all done via the um hyperized Chrome extension so the high price personalized shortlings Chrome extension there and you'll see if I click onto that you get this option to personalize this page and providing that page that you're wishing to edit is something you have access to the back end of it can just verify a simple Um script Snippets then you can then install this plugin and just click personalize this page and then I can select anywhere on the page here um you know to change any text I wanted um you know I have an attack add a tag in uh so I could just click business name and then that will appear or I can click onto any image um you know that I've got in here so if we just select an image on the site one Second um and when I select an image all you'll see happen is on the right hand side rather than the text that comes up it'll be the image in the video section that comes up there and that's then connecting to my library so I could you know switch in to this image here and that would obviously replace that frame uh there so you know you can do full personalization without needing to do Any code or anything you know too Technical and have that on your site so really simple uh to do and so then kind of we come back to um you know why it's useful so if we look at um some of these stats here um we look at some of these stats here that we have so um a few examples that um we've got from previous case studies so looking at this one here with reply Diode I really like really shows the reply rate going up um quite dramatically so before using the personalized images um you see kind of the reply rate down at 12.3 percent and then after using personalized images you're seeing a reply rate up a 20 20.4 percent are nearly doubling the initial reply rate and then these these ones always make me laugh quite a bit so you've got emails coming here so an email campaign coming Um out from ourselves and these kind of responses that are coming in and yeah genuine responses here so you know um people actually saying I loved the love the GIF and video attacks you know um you know and thank you for your email nice approach interesting stuff you know I don't think most people like um cold Aries today you know most people just markets bam will get annoyed by Cold Aries whereas when you're using this approach you're getting your Comeback is only love you're a broker love what you're doing um you know and that that's a a nice breaker straight away that's breaking breaking the ice and starting that conversation and you're seeing some really nice ones here I think this is really neat thanks to your awesome message I loved thanks for reaching out people actually thanking you for um contacting them even though it's called Outreach no one ever thank you For cold Outreach so um you know it's a fantastic method to do to ensure that you're getting the most out of your prospects and your data and you see here just just at the top um details we put there kind of one email campaign out set out 8 A.M two hours later you've got 24 confirmed bookings and sales appointments and you can see the stats at the top they're not major numbers you know you're not sending the 10 000 people to get that you're seeing A click-through rate of 20 there 20 to teach people click that email within two hours of being sent and you know from 284 people to get uh 24 confirmed bookings within two hours you know should later on the campaign uh engagement increase even further and you know more bookings but that quickly from sending out Kodi Outreach campaign it's almost unheard of um especially to a low sample scale there you know 284 email addresses And kind of just to go through a couple more case studying examples so um really kind of could you know show the benefit of the website um you know website integration as well as the the just the email images itself so if we take this example with Hub staff here um before adding personalized images to their funnel yeah for every 300 emails sent they're getting nine visits to their landing page and that's kind of Converting with one sign up and that's it you know 300 emails one sign up think about what we looked at a moment ago where we're getting nearly 300 emails and you know 26 uh or 24 call bookings you kind of dramatically uh different prior to using personalization in the in this case study and then when when personalization was applied um to both the the cold email and the sales landing page if we look what they then got so they got an average 33 Visits so huge increase there and then seven sign ups so you've seen seven times more more trials from doing this so kind of from going from your one sign up to seven just by having that um personalization applied to the email and the sales landing page like maybe the book A call Page in that scenario for you know for yourselves or whatever you may be using but by using the the power of personalization through from the start of the journey in the cold Outreach right through to the end of the funnel you're seeing that massive seven times uplift um across the full sales funnel so thanks um so much for for joining us today you know we offer a free full 14 day trial um so you can use that Zoho integration you can use any of our Integrations um you know with that so we kind of have over 150 Integrations and the web um plug-in as well which lets you do LinkedIn personalization also um so really kind of quite a few cool options for you there if you can sign up today and try us out so you can pop into highprise.com um or you can contact me directly and I'll send you a trial link and if you'd like to have a free one-to-one demo go into some bits that you may have seen we're going to go into into in more depth or had any questions um that we weren't able to answer today At all then please do feel free um to to do booking a one-to-one demo either by contact that can be directly or if you go into our home page um and sign up for the trial you can also book a call and book a demo through there it's actually a pleasure to um to go through this um with you today I hope it's been very useful but like I say if you've got any questions be more than happy to take those from you so yes so thanks a lot Guys um I hope you have a good rest of your day or evening um and um I'll hopefully see you on the platform in the near future

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