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Let's jump into what we're going to be covering today and and the contents uh so we know what to expect so obviously uh we're going to do a little bit of introduction to for myself and spencer just to tell you guys who we are and where we've come from and also talking about our respective companies cliently and hyper eyes and then we're going to jump into looking at Image personalization and why that is important and how you can use image personalization in your outreach and significantly increase your engagement how you can use that in email how you can scale it and also how you can create a hyper personalized sales funnel a couple of other little bonuses at the end if we have time obviously the key is to kind of make sure we cover the bulk of the content get the q and a's done and give you everybody some actionable Content so you can go away from today and start to implement something uh very exciting so first of all i'm going to hand over to spencer and let him uh intro himself hey everybody uh spencer farber i am the ceo uh and founder of cliently uh my background is actually not on the engineering development side it's on the sales side so before this i was with pandadoc Very early days as the first employee helping to scale those sales efforts we started cliently with the goal to help small to mid-sized businesses find ways to scale specifically their outbound outreach and other types of outreach even if they didn't have the same resources whether that was from a financial side whether that was the number of people in their company and still be able to get out there to a lot of potential contacts and Prospects and do that at scale and so we found a way to really do that in a unique way and so we're you know now helping everything from startups to agencies uh to solopreneurs etc cool amazing and um yeah so and spencer and i have met um through through our respective platforms and integration so yeah it's a it's great to see the platform as you've just described and i've obviously had to play with it Myself uh you know when we were doing the integrations and uh it's all the things that you you said there certainly uh uh kind of tick the box in terms of what you set out to do um in terms of my own introduction uh hi everybody i'm i'm ian nader one of the co-founders of hyper ice um in hyper eyes is essentially the personalization tool i've i've always wanted throughout all of the Businesses i've ever ran over the 20 odd plus years uh and really um it's this kind of evolution of of of technology and speed of car computing and and data availability that makes hyper eyes a possibility now that when i started my first business in in 1999 uh we had a person dedicated person creating personalized images in that business and it was it was a massive um a seller for us in terms of being able to kind of grab people's attention back Then but like say what what kind of took a full-time person now with hypervision you can do in seconds and that's kind of the kind of something i've been very passionate about in the 20 plus years of of my working career and working in various different b2b and b2c businesses um aside from from work um i'm a father of three and if there was any such thing as a spare time um with with all those other things um i i'm making race soap boxes although I haven't done much of that recently in in covid times obviously this deck will be shared and both spencer and ours uh linkedin addresses are on our respective slides love to uh connect with you guys as well so in terms of let's jump into the content now and hopefully um start to deliver some value and you know from your time today and so in terms of the fundamentals of why image personalization you know why is it so Effective i think that the first thing is that when you look to say linkedin for example you know where it's easy to kind of have a poll and talk to your your network i asked a question of of whether people thought um images was useful in outreach whether it had a positive impact um and you know over 86 percent of people you know out of couple hundred people who voted thought it was but yet interestingly On this platform linkedin where people had this opinion less than one percent of messages have an image in it you know and maybe not much for email either certainly b2b sort of communications it's very kind of rare for an image to be included even though you know we all kind of really accept that it's it's kind of it has an impact and and the reason why we should be thinking about doing these things is Because user engagement is getting harder and harder we're being bombarded by more messages every day and so the amount of time we have to process and you know and and kind of give attention to those messages is reducing and so to fight through that and to stand out you know from all that noise you know you have to do something different and that's what images do and particularly personalized images the human brain processes um images like Sixty thousand times quicker than text so when when it sees an image and there's some personalization in there it just puts a break on the brain and just triggers what's referred to as a pattern interrupt and and that pattern interrupt essentially a psychological behavior just puts a break on the brain which leads to more mind share which leads to more people being engaged in your content you know and taking your call to action and there's there's lots of ways You can do this purposefully so the images isn't just there with you know with their name in it and it's just there just to grab their attention but it can be used to reinforce your overall call to action so what i thought might be interesting is just to kind of look at some examples you know of how you know we use in our own business but also how some of our clients use it to to great success and this is one example here you can see i've got a message Reaching out to jeff and in this example i've got a white board next to me and i've got personalization pulling through with jeff's name and his business name there um and you know obviously there's a personalized title underneath the image now there's a couple of things going on here obviously we've got the personalization there in the image so that's going to trigger the pattern Interrupt but also the fact that it's a gif the movement draws the eye in and then on top of that we've got the kind of human to human that kind of it's personalized in terms of it's me but it's also personalized because it's personalized to jeff in this case it's like a double whammy personalization and then that helps because it's human to human it helps trigger other psychological traits like the law of reciprocity you know this states that if You do something nice with somebody they're like smiling waving they're going to feel more compelled to respond in a favorable sort of way and so again it's just piling up these these kind of uh kind of extra tricks if you like on your side that you can you know stand out and kind of you know drive further engagement you know and get sort of responses like this that you see from rebecca you know rebecca you know no no kind of Young newbie you know she's the ceo founder of a large marketing organization but you know she's saying her responses i love this you know no no i mean let's be honest nobody loves um nobody loves cold outreach but you know we've elevated her feel good factor by you know you know the law of reciprocity the personalization just you know the patent interrupt all of these things that are just layering on uh in your advantage the chance that you're gonna Get responses like this you know or we can use the image to help tell a story to reinforce what we're saying so for example here we can see in the message i'm saying hey i'm always up for a coffee and a chat about growth and there i am you know using the prop of a coffee cup in the uh in the image and so that's reinforcing what i'm saying and doing in a nice delightful way obviously with the personalization as well you know and Helping generating responses like this from edgar you know who says i never replied to these emails this is the first one that worked you know so really you know taking you know somebody like who might you know deleted the email ordinarily or marked as a spam is now well now a paying customer in fact but you know responded and took that next step and so it's kind of you know creating that moment of delight will take people past that like say distaste For cold outreach or whatever it is you know and kind of get past that and get them onto that next step and so obviously that's the core of what we're trying to do and lots of ways that you can you know create these images in a nice way that you know create lots of positive responses but they don't always have to be gifts not every call to action is suitable for you to you to be there with you know your whiteboard or your coffee Or whatever it may be and so i thought i'd share some other examples of clients of ours and how they're doing it and this is one such example from a client of ours called g2 now if you're not familiar with g2 they're kind of like um trip advisor for software so you know you can go there and buy category find the best who's the best crm who's the best personalization platform you know who's the best whatever um and in this case they Produce on a quarterly basis these types of reports you know these quadrant reports or category leader reports but in this case these two images that we can see are personalized to apple in this example these are just mock-ups of those reports and they write out to businesses not really featured on their platform and say hey if you work with g2 you could become a category leader so it's kind of an aspirational message and they're Using the images to kind of reinforce that showing that hey look you could be you know top of the quadrant report um you know and obviously where we're seeing the apple logo that's going to be whoever they're reaching out to and in their case they increase their reply rates from 15 to 48 had tripled the amount of people that responded you know and of course why wouldn't you with such a powerful image seeing you know this kind of You know very prestigious kind of um position to be in you know top of your of your kind of uh niche within the software industry you know and kind of you know it's kind of why wouldn't you respond to that and so being able to show success you know in a personalized purposeful way in an image you know can have massive massive dividends and by the way i mean this this again you'll get this deck so you could be able to watch the The full testimonial video from the head of growth from g2 when jesse talks about uh the statistics they achieved that he also talks about the size of their campaigns you know over ten thousand uh prospects go out in their campaigns you know so big numbers that are achieving these this sort of uplift another example um it's kind of like visualize your story this image here that we're looking at is an example used by replied io And what they do is they're trying to tell the kind of that story you know the pleasure and the pain so the pain being you know this is your current solution lots of different disparate systems and you know their solution is you know a streamlined um you know kind of multi-channel platform but telling that in a very simple streamlined way with just one simple change which is the icon or sorry the logo of the prospect they're reaching out to you know and That that alone increased their reply rates from 11 to 21 the interesting thing with this campaign uh with reply what they looked at when they wanted to benchmark the kind of the impact of having personalized images in there they also looked at their delivery rates into the inbox and the open rates and what they noticed is that their delivery and open rates also increased as they got better and great engagement you know essentially what happened was Their domain reputation improved because they were getting more people engaged more people responding less people you know maybe mocking them as spam and so it had that kind of double impact if you like of overall improvement domain reputation as well as improving the engagement of those then emails when they were opened i thought that was quite an interesting side effect um a couple more examples but this one's quite um interesting if If you're running any sort of soft software business or a sas business one of our clients hub staff their call to action was to sign up for a self-serve free trial so what they want to do is put the product in the hands of the prospect you know before they actually click that button and you're signed up in this case you know they've got some screenshots off of the product off their website you know with the dashboard and the app component essentially their Product allows people to manage remote workers and their remote workers can be tracked and their time and all that sort of stuff and so again you can see this image here is personalized to tim cook from apple there's over 12 different personalized elements in here right down to the map and the location in there and what that led to in that campaign was over tripling of um kind of click-throughs for the call to action of Signing up for the self-serve free trial so a massive uplift going from three to eleven percent you know as a significant uplift in terms of the amount of people going to that next step of the funnel so what i thought might be fun now um it's just a tiny little quiz don't worry nothing too serious uh just one of our other clients and a case study we have uh of them they went through a couple of different images um in terms of um Trying to find the right one to kind of compel uh that their to tell their story so what we've got here are three different images that orca security used in one of their campaigns now what what orca do is they sponsor events and then they reach out to um those prospects after the event and essentially they're in uh they do cyber security and that sort of thing so they're reaching out uh to businesses they've attended like say black cat which is a cyber security Event but they're only interested in large enterprise businesses people that have more than a thousand cloud assets so they offer a 200 bribe to say if you've got more than a thousand cloud assets jump on a demo with us and we'll give you 200 uh gift card so it's quite a convoluted story to tell you know obviously a lot of text to put into a message uh you know and they're obviously low engagement and so what they wanted to do Is kind of visualize that story and they've got these three different um examples here so i thought might be fun is just in the chat if you just want to kind of pop in um whether you think one two or three which which one of these uh was the the winning order we'll just do a quick straw poll of uh which ones we think so we've got image number one here which is kind of showing um a gift card essentially you know so mocking up kind of what the value of the offer was in Terms of the bribe and you can see it's balanced with the black cat logo in top left the event they've attended and obviously the orca logo bottom right and then the just the simple personalization of the person who was receiving it in the bottom left corner here image number two was kind of vibing off the fact that it was it was a an event and so you kind of got like the stage Here and the personalization along there similar sort of thing more message at addition of um the prospect's logo as well as well as the the kind of the date of what the event was uh just to kind of tie all that back in and then we've got image number three and this is todd he's one of the sdrs at orca and you can see it's kind of vibing off number one in terms of the uh gift card we've got a bit of humanization if you like we've got todd's image in the middle and then We've got the kind of personalized note there on the right hand side so let's have a quick kind of straw poll it looks like most people are saying three uh number three and yet for those those that voted thank you very much you're absolutely right so let's look at the results of that um todd here number three is actually had a 3.1 conversion and that's compared to the 1.7 conversion that they got in the base um test which was with no personalized Image so we can see all the images had an impact as we can see with the 2.4 2.7 3.1 almost double the um the baseline with with the no personalized images but what orca did is um they didn't they didn't rest on that they didn't just kind of go all in with um that kind of todd image they've got all their sdrs to kind of make these humanized gifs and so we've got steve here number one Um and we've got todd here again um number two and then this is eric number three now the funny thing here uh with this um with these three and again feel free to um vote uh on the the on the second one here so we can uh so we can decide uh the winner on this one so when they started uh this campaign awkward with us and it was just the Start of lockdown so everybody was at home and this is steve just standing in his hallway he didn't really have a home office or anywhere that he thought he could put on a webcam and we've got todd who's looked quite regal in his in his chair there um you know and and but he didn't have a white board is kind of one of the things we were suggesting so this is just a picture he took off the wall and turned it around it's the back of a picture and then we've got um number Three uh we've got eric here and eric thought for um for whatever reason had an orca suit at home obviously it's kind of in brand but um quite zany um but no no nobody wants to vote on this one one two or three um but yeah jen yeah so obviously number three does kind of stand out and when we look at the results of this it massively stood out From from a winning percentage as well and again when we when we kind of think back to the fact that 1.7 was the conversion rate you without a personalized image and this eric one here got 5.7 now the interesting thing or at the time i thought when we were going through this i thought todd was gonna win it for sure you know i thought you know that the reaching out to see so it's a c-suite you know high uh high-end um Ticket size you know big business enterprise uh size and so i thought you know maybe this epic one's gonna be a little bit too zany especially for you know like the chief information security officers is that their target but and and the fact that it won't so much i thought well maybe it's just because it was locked down and everybody needed a bit of light relief but there's still eric's still using this now and obviously hopefully touchwood All the lockdowns and all that kind of sadness is kind of mostly behind us now um but yeah it's that's still still the winning one you know they still continue to test but when we look at the the numbers just in a whole black and white it makes even more stark reading i think um what we can see is we've got the baseline campaign that they ran first of all with no personalized image that achieved the 1.7 conversion that actually was 12 bookings that they Achieved so and that was 700 messages and and the whole campaign was 7 000. so we can kind of extrapolate that if we were going to send all of them on the baseline we'd probably go about 120 bookings based on this conversion rate and how many we got out the 700 but what we can see is that what we got in the end was 262 so that's 178 uplift on what we would have achieved without the personalized images at all But if we had gone for the gif images straight away would have been closer to 400 almost 400 um bookings so you know the uplift from you know circa 120 to almost 400 you know it's a huge huge uplift by simply you know personalizing images and the experience you know and using that to reinforce you know what their call to action was so hopefully that's kind of giving you some ideas of maybe how you Could use in your our own outreach whether it's a gift or whether it's just a static image in lots of different ways like i say the great thing about gifts is that they do draw the eye in they are a great way of just layering on the chance of driving that engagement and that kind of feel good factor they can deliver and so i thought we'd find just to look at a couple of different examples again of ones that we and our clients are using or that we've kind of Seen out there in in the ether as it were but so these are kind of something like attend the ones that have been used by clients you know like this is uh james from staff circle to use this kind of great effect to kind of congratulate people when they change jobs on linkedin and using that as an outreach strategy uh you know and doing it in a nice personal way you know if you want to say you've looked at somebody's website having a screenshot of their website on Your computer screen you know really really nice to do that so lots of different ways that you can put yourself front and center you know thanking someone for a connection when they connect with you on linkedin you know really kind of you know making that uh a kind of a really nice event that you know that people have and it's totally different from how ordinarily they would kind of get a thanks for the connection and therefore That's going to help cement you know the next steps you take from there you know or again going back to orca one of the things that they do is they have these kind of product images uh again embedded on their website to personalize their website but they're also then personalized to the business again you see this example personalized to apple but the engagement doesn't have to stop just when you know when somebody uh you know signs or subscribes or does you Know takes that initial call to action using gifts to kind of celebrate you know further milestones on onboarding or you know kind of renewing subscriptions that sort of thing finish um finishing academy or onboarding sort of um courses you know and then congratulating them in a nice um in a nice way kind of kind of again um drives that engagement and continuation and it helps with uh churn as well as sales This is a a great way of kind of driving morality into your if you do events you know like like this one today and we have quite a few different um event companies and businesses you know like like the one we can see in the middle is our own and we've got ad world or econ world for example creating shareable personalized images so in this case we can see amy fisher she signed up to go visit econ world and then she's received her own personalized ticket gift and Then encouraged to share that you know for um you know for further um kind of joy or benefit or um you know some something else and so being able to create these shareable um images you know one it creates you know kind of moment of delight for people receiving it then also you know you as a business get the chance to kind of enjoy um that virality that referral of getting somebody to kind of you know expand expose you to their network And from a recent event that we did um we saw you know a pretty interesting um kind of statistics around the sort of engagement of these so for example uh you know the image that we chose to share here we added three share buttons for uh for linkedin uh twitter and facebook and what we found is you know that by majority uh linkedin was the bigger platform we got shared to but on average about you know nine ten percent of People who received um this uh this can opportunity actually did share and each of those shares on average generated about an additional six registrations so what that meant for that event that was about 50 uplift and people registered for the event by that kind of variety um kind of boost so you know creating these kind of uh ticket gifts or a way to kind of have some sort of shareable element does obviously have to be a ticket for an Event but something that can create some morality and kind of you know and you can reward people you know for sharing then that's you know that can be another great strategy but you know what what i thought would be interesting now is kind of look at how we can create those gifts and how we can do that and how you can go away today and start to do that for yourselves so what i'm going to do first of all is just going to go through a couple of Examples we looked at a couple of different images and gifs there and how the different routes for creating those so first of all um the kind of humanized gifs that we looked at you can record those directly within hyper eyes itself using your webcam so that's kind of one way that we can go a lot of the other kind of images we're looking at they're more than like the meme sort of ones you know uh you can find those on giffy.com So gifty.com is a gif search engine essentially you put almost any word in there and find you know a suitable gif um also um you can use your mobile phone so use your mobile phone to record um some video and then using an app like motion stills or lively convert that to a gif and obviously add that to your high price account so let's jump into hyper eyes and this will start off um kind of creating a new image but i'd say this a Personalized gif just so we can see exactly how that process works so now first of all important thing to mention is if those of you i'm here on the call that don't have a high price account we have a completely free uh trial so you can sign up for hyper eyes without having to put any credit cards or any of that sort of rubbish in get started build your template put it into your client cliently campaigns and start testing this today So without having to spend a penny more so first of all let's look at um the image editor that we've got here we've got the personalization tools on the left hand side that we can drag in that canvas we've got our main canvas in the middle where we're going to set our image and all the settings on the right hand side so first of all what i'm going to do is click the canvas what that does is pop open the image library and what we'll see here Is first of all any images that you've previously recorded or uploaded they're all going to be in here as well as a bunch of stock images so again these are images that you could use um you know in more generic ways um you know to use to help tell your story but what we can also do is record a gif so that means you know so if you're just starting out you don't have any in your image library you know we can set the Size uh where they want square or portrait or kind of just default set the length of the gif we want and the way these gifs work there will just loop so a two second gif is probably enough to kind of wave or if you've got a whiteboard next to you you're kind of pointing at it or whatever it might be um so in this case maybe i'm just gonna i'm just gonna grab my whiteboard so i got Maybe a prop or whatever and so you know we could record this and choose your um your time and so once we've done that we've got our little recording and so we can kind of submit that and use it use that as a basis for our image template and now what we simply need to do is just start to add personalization to this so for example maybe first of all We might want to add some text on here so we can just uh rotate and skew and change this sort of thing to make it um fit within the canvas that we've got here of the image obviously completely style this so it looks like it's maybe more on the board rather than just plonked on there so for example changing the the font maybe like a permanent marker sort of style and maybe increase the font size a little bit And then what we've got now we've got some font some text there remove the placeholder um and just add in like a little message like hi first name i would love to chat so maybe we could just leave like that for now what we could also do is maybe add in some other personalization um like maybe their logo again we could Kind of skew that a little bit just so it just kind of looks like it's more kind of fitting on the canvas and maybe just adding just for fun uh we'll add in just a little uh love heart in here as well just to kind of uh just like i said just for fun right so there we go we've kind of very simply created an image we can preview that now and what we can do is if i put in uh my old favorite tim At apple.com now we can see in this case uh the image we've got hi tim would love to chat and again we're putting through the apple logo on the board so very simple obviously it was a simple image in this occasion but took a minute to create recording our diff um like we said in the image library you've got lots of options within stock images As well as being able to upload any sort of image png as well as gifs jpegs etc and that's kind of as simple as as it needs to be in terms of creating an image that's going to have you know an impact in terms of you know reaching out to somebody and humanizing that connection and so let's say for example this is um the image i wanted to use in an outreach and simply all i need to do is choose The get image code here i'm going to click this button i'm going to add the integration so obviously i'm going to add the integration for cliently oh so if you spell it correctly i'm going to choose cliently and what that's going to do is give me my personalized image here and you can see now we've got the tag here which is actually the client we tag so i can just copy that image there and what i can do is go straight over to A campaign or the flow should i say into an email template you can see i've already got on here so i'm going to just delete that first of all so we've just got a email template here and all i'm going to do is just paste this in so i'm going to just right click and choose paste and what that's going to do is add in that personalized image with all the parameters uh directly that's needed um Pulling through directly from the data inside cliently and pushing it directly into that image template so what that means is that we're going to get this personalized image dynamically personalizing on the flight every time there's templates um used in this in this flow you know without having to do anything else you know so doesn't matter whether there was a hundred thousand you know tens of thousands of people in this um in this flow they're all gonna get You know this personalized experience without any further um effort on your own behalf i mean that's kind of hopefully giving you a little bit of food for thought in terms of the sorts of images you can start to add into um into your your your outreach and how to kind of add this into cliently so um i don't know at this point spencer you Would like to maybe jump in and kind of share some some further examples in terms of cliently or whether my first-handedness of doing that i was able to give it some justice no that was that was great ian um yeah it might be helpful for for me to show just very quickly what you're able to do in terms of once you send these campaigns off from a tracking standpoint because specifically now that you're doing these personalized Uh you know gifts and those types of things you want to see how your clients are actually clicking how they're engaging um and so let me see if i can steal the screen back from you for just a minute or two perfect all right so now i think you might have to make me the host again oh yeah okay you should be right back So one of the things that we do that's unique is we give you the ability to create what we call recipes through these different filters now something that ties into what you're talking about is you want to look at who's engaging to figure out maybe instead of just putting a task and saying i'm going to call this person on this day or do a linkedin message on this day and i know in fact ian i think you're going to get into Something from that side too in a little bit let's look at the people that are most engaged based on some different parameters so for example i might put engagement and let's look at you know number one we always look at open so let's look at email opens okay that's greater than greater than one that's fine but what we want to also start to look at is clicks as well and especially when you're looking at okay is my messaging getting A higher number of clicks that's great but now what am i going to do with that so for example i can look at all clicks is greater than zero as well and now all of a sudden i can see how people are engaging and from there i might decide to get even more personal with it whether that means that they're watching a video that i sent whether it means they're clicking the link that we sent them through that gif whatever it might be And now you're able to gather that information and engage them one-off or even put them in a new campaign based on that they click and so we just want to give you a very different view to see all of this and now the fact that you can see it based on clicks and those types of things you can create these recipes to understand where to focus your time so that's what i wanted to make sure that i showed very quickly one last Thing as well just while i've got the screen one thing that we love to do is help people engage at scale and so a lot of times people will use multiple inboxes if they're a small company and they want to act as you know they're 10 people instead of you know a few instead of one they'll use you know email addresses where spencer f at cliently spencer farber quietly et cetera and it becomes impossible to track and so we want to Give a view called conversations to where everything can be seen in one place so that you can quickly answer all of your messages right here and you'll be able to see what type of message it was so if it was one with that personalization you'll be able to see that message you'll be able to see the custom data of that person but have a shared inbox that you're seeing everything that's going on so i'm going to now passed back to ian but i just Wanted to show everybody some of the the areas that we can help you do this at scale as you're hyper personalizing at scale as well with hyper eyes so one second here and i will give back the screen let's see so that was really cool i didn't know um that you could you could have that kind of multi kind of inbox view does that does that work just on one domain or if you was it possible you had like two Domains that would that work would it just yeah so actually you know what give me you know what give me just one more minute you know give me the screen back one more time i should have asked that question before you no that's okay it's a good it's a good question i'm glad you asked it um because one other thing that i did not show is absolutely you can have 100 Email addresses in there you can have 100 domains but usually when people have multiple domains and this is where it works really well for agencies is you might have company 1 company 2 company 3. this might have 3 inboxes 12 14 oh my god how do i check all these this is going to tell you right here if there's a new reply or new conversation that came in and i don't know if it's me or you oh man Right okay i think it feels like i think we just lost spencer there i thought it was to try to work out whether it was my connection or spencer's uh it seems like it was spencer's okay so you stuck with me uh luckily that means i'm host again so i can share my screen um and we can go back to um where we were in the in the proceedings so let me just share my screen now so where we were Obviously we were just um maybe we had a little short demo there from spencer maybe we can hopefully uh get him back on and we can kind of conclude that but let's jump into the next thing that i want to talk about which is hyper personalization so so far what we've talked about is using personalized images in our outreach and and how that can you know we saw double triple quadruple in some of those Use cases in terms of the amount of engagement whether that engagement or clicks or whether their reply is obviously different sort of call to action depending on what you want somebody to do but either way having a significant impact but obviously the replies um obviously that that's one thing but for those when the quarterback is a click then that means they're going to end up somewhere else a second step which gives us a second opportunity to Personalize so we looked at before in terms of image personalization hub staff now because yes this was the image they used in their outreach in the emails in which we saw had this 3.5 x uplift in terms of going from like three to eleven percent but what they also did is when because the call to action was to sign up for a self-serve free trial when they did click uh the link or the image in the email they got to to a personalized Landing page now here's an example of this page you can see again as always in the example it's personalized to tim from apple but you can see the header is personalized apple the business we've got you know obviously the apple name in the subtitle we've got the the call to action button which is stop the trial with the first name personalization there and subsequent subheaders personalized and of course All the different product images we already had those personalized because we were testing those in their outreach campaigns uh all of those personalized as well and what that led to is the personalization on the landing page doubled the amount of signups that they achieved so not only did they you know triple or more uh people getting to this page but then they also double the amount of conversions and the Great thing there is that these two things compound right so you know the 3 3.5 x uplift on the first step and then the 2x uplift on the second step led to a 7x uplift overall and what that meant was for hub staff that for every 300 emails they sent before they were getting one uh sign up and now for every 300 emails they're getting seven or more sign-ups you know so a massive massive uplift in terms of the amount of effort uh they have to do now you know to get Those sign-ups it means they can scale this channel much more effectively ah i think i have spencer back by that thing hopefully um but you know that that 2x uplift they achieved on the one there on their landing pages is by no means an anomaly this is um a survey done by hubspot actually um but they compared over 300 000 uh web pages over a six month time period so quite a Meaty study in terms of time and length and you know uh kind of a volume quantity but what they found was there was a 202 better chance of someone taking the call to action when personalization was used around it so exactly as as we saw um with hub staff you know having the personalization here you know the main call to actually be in the button the actual button was personalized and of course there's personalization all Around it you know pretty much here bang on you know they got a 2x uplift and you know and this this same hubspot survey you know said um it was a bit you know bang on a 2x uplift as well so you know pretty pretty kind of well correlated um although this may be a bit of an outlier then in this case uh intercom uh when they did the same thing and personalized their landing pages with companies names and texts they got a 3x 300 uplift in conversion so again slightly better so What i thought would be interesting would be to look at how that website personalization works and so what i'm going to do is just go to one of my landing page that i use uh in our own outreach um and what we can see here in this case this is a landing page that says what we've got is a header we've got a video the main call to action page which you get somebody to book a call um you know i mean the page is structured where you Know we've got social proof um next to the main call to action you know we've got further details of what the call what you know the meeting i'm going to have what it's going to entail what can you expect and again going back to what we're talking about before of how visualization is important images we're kind of balancing all of the information the textual information with a visual guide on that so in this case like a Timeline and again further visualization of what we're going to do you know you're going to get a strategy report it's going to include this xyz um but what you'll notice as we kind of go through here is that this whole page is personalized right now to benjamin from tenacious toys and so throughout the page you know we're seeing various elements in terms of you know The images you know the report um you know all personalized you know on the fly as it were and essentially this whole page even the video personalized hi benjamin did you know videos generate the highest lip and in this case you know i won't play the whole video but i'll just skip through to the end you see we've even got personalized interactive options in the video like again for example another option to click to book a call in this case you Can open up another tab load calendly um you know or you know learn further things get further videos hi benjamin welcome to your interactive video personalized and this whole page is just one single page that will be personalized thousands of times for each recipient and essentially we can just change the personalization using a simple utm parameter so what i'm going to do now is just change this page to My favorite personalization buddy which is obviously tim cook and what we will see here is again from changing one url parameter on this page this whole page now has changed to you see uh we've got the business name of apple we've got the video now which is personalized to tim hi tim did you know you know we've kind of got all sorts in this video like we're just going to skim through it you know we've got a Brainstorming session here you know where where we can audibly uh talking about apple with you know personalized voice as well as obviously putting through their logo name on the board go a bit further on uh we've got a personalized video we've got the apple website here you know on the screen checked out the apple website and we have some tips you know and of course all the call to actions are personalized To tim you know in terms of you know the reports and you know and all these sort of elements so and what again as we saw before you know these sort of changes are going to lead to you know typically a 2x uplift and we can simply create these add this sort of personalization to any page at all it doesn't matter what your website is built on you can add this personalization the very simple process is that you load the book you can load The personalization toolbar so in this case i'm just going to load that up on this page and what you'll notice now before where we saw all the personalization where we saw the business name there before you can see we've actually got some tags in there you know first name here business name there you know personalized images what i can do is i can go through the page and select any bit of text for example And grow conversions maybe i want to put business name can grow business name conversion so as soon as i select a bit of text on the page you can see that i can see all my personalization tags pop up so i can add business name into the page there or for example if i wanted to change an image to be personalized i could select the image and then all of my personalized images from my high price account like here's the one that we just made before i can select that And then add that into the page you know or if i don't want like that one for example i could also add personalized videos so a personalized video i've created i could simply add that into the page as well so very simple to define personalization on landing pages and like i say it doesn't matter what the page is built in who you know what the website's uh funding are built in you know we have a little javascript snippet you add to your page and then You use the chrome extension so for example the client here rather than unify your sales engagement we can change your for business name so unifi apple sales engagement or whatever you know or here where we've got a start free trial you know we could put in um for example first name start start your free trial you know you know and so we can very simply without code without kind of delving into the back end architecture of a site Personalize any part of the page and and the great thing is that obviously the personalization is initially as i mentioned before being triggered by url parameters you can see i set a url parameter here and that's triggering all the personalization in this case for um apple but now when i go to like say the home page on site or visit any other page what we're going to see is that personalization still continue so in this case What's happening is that we've dropped a cookie on that first visit and now whenever we visit any other pair any of the site wherever we've defined personalization that's going to trigger so whether we're going to home page or whether we go to the blog you know we're going to see personalization pull through again like just a simple welcome you know it makes people feel you know more special and more than more likely to engage in your content and and Finally you know take your call to action so creating these multiple steps and your personalization in your funnel being able to personalize the outreach get more people to your page personalize the page and obviously get more people to take that call to action of you know signing up filling in a form and whatever it may be you know significant um benefits to be had there so hopefully that's been useful um i can see that we are kind of hurting towards the the 45 Minute mark just passed it i did promise to be finished by the 40 45 minutes um so hopefully that is a good place to move uh to the q a and answer any questions that you may have i can see that there's at least one popped up there already so um let's let's kind of jump straight into that um in that case this was about sending out the reply so the replay um yes we will be um obviously this is being Recorded so once we've um got that all sorted we'll send that out so don't worry about that um so that's um that's done but yeah please do if you do have any other questions uh please do um pop them into the q a tab now happy to cover them um whilst we're kind of waiting for you to formulate and think about those questions just a couple more things um oh great okay thanks john for um posting that Uh with client lee can you cc someone into campaigns and keep automation uh so that would be a question uh for spencer i'll um pass the mic over to him um expensive to be there um you can cc people into campaigns um on a one-off basis so once you go into a campaign you can edit it at any time for an individual and add ccs or even bcc's uh unfortunately there's not a way to industrially do it in bulk i'm always curious though in terms of the cc For everybody in that campaign is it to send uh is it to give visibility to somebody specific on your team or is it that i'd love to understand the the use case because we have something called conversations which i was showing briefly which can give some visibility for admins to see all the all the messaging and replies cool Um yeah thanks while we're waiting for a response there yeah there's a question i think for you um actually you know what a couple other questions real quick so the use case would be for external example a partner and a manufacturer gotcha okay so yeah short answer john is it can be done on a one-off flow basis but not in bulk so if you're looking to do Several hundred at one time there's not a way to do it that way it have to be added to each individual campaign um unfortunately uh and then there's a question is cliently also plug into any primary crm uh yes we do have direct integrations with hubspot pipedrive salesforce we also have a zapier integration and in fact that real-time view that i was showing everybody we have salesforce directly built into that and we also are going to Be adding pipe drive into that fairly soon lastly you can also actually do actual flows right inside of salesforce pipedriver hubspot today you can edit flows add flows including ones that ian has to hyper eyes and ian go ahead and i think there's a question for you yeah thanks chad for the question so chad was asking um uh i'm not sure whether people could see their questions i'll just read out The video personalization is any other software needed to achieve the result was demonstrated no so um we we we leverage uh google deepmind uh for the text the voice um people get google's deepmind ai but that's included in in in the hyperwrite subscription so you know the hyperis plan or the trial will give you everything you need to create a video slap it on your landing page um you know and create a great Experience for um you know for people that you funnel to okay i think that was all the questions so far in you

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