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Video Transcript (unedited)

Hey ian here one of the things we often get asked um in terms of using hyper personalization in linkedin like this example we can see here uh to jeff with the personalized image and the clickable call to action is whilst automation is great um and you know you want to use that as much as possible to leverage your time often you want to also do some manual linkedin Outreach so maybe finding an individual and wanting to create a similar scenario to this and what is the easiest way to achieve something like that so the purpose of this video is to go through of how we can use hyper personalization in a one-to-one linkedin outreach perspective so first of all you see let's just look at this example we've got here you can see this is to jeff and we see here using this personalized Short link when we add that into the message we get this personalized preview like we see here with the personalization in the image and also the personalization title description underneath of course this is a clickable uh image so therefore we're going to take them through to in this case through to a personalized landing page you can see this is personalized to jeff with his business name and obviously Some other elements like call to actions personalized to him so the first step to that would be you know when we're doing some research manual research from linkedin either doing a search like this or maybe when we're actually looking at a profile of somebody you'll notice now my linkedin we've got this additional option here this button called save profile You see we can also see that in um in the actual profile as well so this is a little chrome extension it's a free chrome extension that i found called linkedin contact importer you can see i've already got that installed here and you can see when i'm i'm just going to click it here what it allows me to do is it has to do three different things but one of those is configure a google sheet so what i'm going to do is i'm just Going to get my sheet id here which is this one for this blank sheet that i have i'm just going to copy the bit in between uh the edit at the end of the url um and before there before that between the previous slash and all i'm going to do um going back into linkedin chrome extension i'm just going to drop that sheet id into here and you can see where you get it from and then from There i can just map the fields so i've got my linkedin url i'm going to add the profile image the type of the person company name and the name of the person i'm going to add all of those into these fields so when i start to um when i start to click this button here they're going to appear in this sheet here so let's just go and check play uh save claudia for example we'll save that profile there and we pop up The sheet we can see bam we've already got that data already in there the profile image and all the various of the data and so what we can do is we can either do individual profiles or you know where we've got a search result like this where we've got multiple results we can just kind of go through and the ones that we like uh we will just add and you see we go over to the sheet and we've got all of that data in there now so once we're kind of um happy With that what we can then do is use this google sheet data and integrate it with an image in hyper eyes to pull that data through and generate some short links so what i'm going to do is jump over to high price i've got this image here let's just give it a quick preview and what we're going to see we're going to pull through here is the first name and their profile image and put on there and just humanize the situation and you Know just kind of have my call to action on the board there's a nice simple gif um so i'm going to go to integrations and click add and i'm going to find the google sheet and what i'm going to do is choose new and the new sheet that i'm just starting to get populated from that chrome extension just going to pop that in there and click next and again what we can do First of all i'm going to give this a meaningful name so i'm just going to grab this name here actually rather than the sheet name that would make more sense i'm going to click this box here check google sheets for modified data so as we keep adding more data we'll check that and then finally what i'm going to do um is just um match up all of the various different um bits of data here so we've got a job title for example Uh profile image we've got profile image and also we've got this the short link column that we have in the sheet so i'm going to click here and select the short link uh from hyper eyes and then what i'm going to do that makes this button here enabled so now what i can do is i can put in the destination where i want to send people so let's just go back and just grab this one here just the the url where we want to send people to so i'm going to put that in There i'm also going to put in a personalized description which is going to as we saw before here underneath the image so here is your personalized report in the description as well so we've created our short link here click save on that and click save here so we've saved our image we've added our google sheet which is going to get filled Automatically by the uh chrome extension and now we've got our google sheet with all of our short link data in there we can click one of these for example let's just choose this one here that's johnny butler and click that and what we're going to get through to is the personalized page you see in this case personalized to johnny and we're going to get that Personalized in this case with a personalized video as well hi johnny did you know videos generate them and that's really a very simple way of creating a simple uh process where you're using the chrome extension to add prospects directly within linkedin and then when we have these short links we can simply share these in uh in linkedin so and we'll see them In a message so let's just go over to the post inspector so this is going to show us how linkedin will display this link when we add it into our messages it takes a second to load but here we can see in this case this is what we're going to see when we post this into a message or what the prospect's going to see obviously this name johnny putting to his profile image and obviously the animated gif uh And johnny obviously the title would put underneath it obviously this is gonna be clickable when you click it we're gonna get through to in that case we saw the destination page we saw there so a very simple way that we can create hyper personalization provide a personalized image you know with the gif that's going to draw the eye in uh with the personalization that's going to trigger the pattern interrupt and create a moment of delight uh you know And get people more likely to respond and in this case click and obviously when they get to the landing page they're going to get that personalized experience you know and as we've seen from previous um kind of studies and that you know that's more than likely to double the the chances of conversion there so we're kind of compounding the impact of each of these steps to create this true hyper Personalization and a significant uplift in our conversions whilst doing this manually i hope this has been interesting i look forward to hearing your success stories and also catching you in the next video if you take care see you later bye