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Hey ian here i want to record this video just to share with you our new chrome extension i'm really excited about this because it's something that a lot of our users have been asking about for a while and anybody that knows me knows how much i love automation being able to scale things obviously it's a core element of high price the amount of platforms and partners that we integrate with but sometimes you just want to do a One-to-one and a manual outreach or a manual follow-up and being able to do those one-to-ones just really doesn't um doesn't work so well um on with the kind of automation at scale with the partners that we have and so what we've done is we've created a new chrome extension that enables you to do exactly that so you can see here in my browser i've got this chrome extension i'm actually logged into And what this does it's going to allow you to create personalized short links on the fly dynamically now right now as we've launched uh today with this new extension it's working in linkedin and soon very soon it will be also in facebook and beyond love to hear your feedback on what other platforms you'd like to be able to see this to work into like say phase one today is linkedin next phase is gonna be facebook and then beyond There so please do let us have your feedback but anyway let's let's jump into and show exactly how this works so as we saw there we've got the chrome extension already installed in my browser i'll share the link below in the comments um wherever you're seeing this video so you can get the extension but as you can see because it's installed right now um i'm on a profile on my on my own metally weirdly um but the important thing here You can see we've got this additional button this short link button now when i click that it's going to open up a new little um well a little window here where number one i can select any of my existing images so in this case i'm going to select my love to chat image and then below that uh we can choose a title so we can enter a title so let me just remove that so we've got a blank One which we've got all of these buttons here so i can choose i can click those to put in a placeholder for first name this is you know and i can maybe just choose uh this is perfect for you can see all of the previous ones i've already used will be there but in this case i'm just going to write it manually to perform say comfy name so now we've got the title that title is going to appear below the image when we Post it and then finally we've got a destination url so this is when they click the link or when they click the image that they're going to see in their message the recipient of this when they're going to click it they're going to end up at that destination so in this case you can see i'm sending them to my book a core landing page so i've got these three things selected our image our title is going to appear below the Image and then the destination url and as soon as we click submit blink of an eye it will disappear and now that new short link has been created and it's been copied into my clipboard buffer so what that means is now whether i'm connected or if i'm not connected i could have to connection note in this case a message what i'm going to do open this message up and i'm going to see here i've already Got an example you say hi and this is for you you can type let me see i can just do here control paste ctrl v paste and paste that in and so now when i post that this short link is going to be dynamically enhanced by linkedin using all the information we've selected so in this case you can see ian this is perfect for hyper eyes so it's putting through my business name and my Name on the title underneath and also in the image we see we've got ian and also in this case we've got my profile image so all of those elements the profile image the name the company name the last name the job title being dynamically pulled through from the chrome extension pushed into the image pushed into the title but also as i mentioned you know these aspects are also clickable so if i click those we're now going to get to one of The destination url i set but also all of that personalization is pushed through so now we can see we're pulling through the personalization of the business name we're pulling through the name in this case into the video right here and also you know around the call to action so this case you know ian and high price etc so real kind of simple way if you want to drop a personalized short Link into a social message you can do that now obviously right now we're looking at a profile a profile page if i go to messages here for example you can see here when i look at any of my messages let's just choose a random one here you can see now we've got the short link button here for each message so i can create a short link dynamically wherever i want to in linkedin wherever there's opportunity to send a message Saying profiles in messaging even in search if we just do a quick search here we've got people and then here you know if i wanted to send a a short link in a connection note in this case to antennas i could just click short link i could choose and click submit all of my previous inputs already remembered so i just had to click submit bang done copy to the clipboard and now i can add a note and just add that in there directly to um in this case a tennis so very very Simple i'm sure you're going to find some great use case for this and find some love like i am for it and like i said at the top of this video i'd love to hear about some other use cases examples other social platforms you'd like to see this in because we're committed to making hyper eyes and hyper personalization as easy as it can be for you to make your life super simple in your outreach and your engagement hope you're finding this video useful i Hope you find the chrome extension useful and look forward to catching the next video you take care bye

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