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Hello and welcome to this hyperise event focused towards sdrs and bdrs i'm covering how you can double your email and linkedin engagement using image and hyper personalization i look forward to sharing the next hour with you before we kind of jump into the the meat of it let me just take a moment to introduce myself my name is ian naylor i'm very uh Very grateful for you all of you here today i'm one of the co-founders of hyper eyes and really hyper eyes is the accumulation of certainly my my kind of working experience i've worked for 23 years now and hyperis is the fourth business i've been involved with in terms of founding and launching it but it's very much built on the uh experience and the longing i had for This type of tools in my previous business the first 10 years or so of my entrepreneurial career um i was creating b2c businesses in the latter of the last 10 years or so it's been b2b so i do have a a reasonable experience of kind of both sides of the coin um i mean how when it first started all the way back in 99 my first ever business was a car import business so enabling businesses or individuals to go online to a website spec out the sort of car They wanted and we would order a brand new car directly from the factory and deliver it to their door ordering the cars from europe and delivering them to here in the uk and that going through that process kind of bypassing the dealer network was saving people about 20 odd percent of the vehicle price and bearing in mind this was in 99 98.99 you know where the average um purchase price online was probably a book from amazon and we were selling 20 000 pound cars And you know and and more but one of the things that i learned early on in that first business was that it's all about the upsell yes you could have a product in this case you know somebody buying a car but we actually learned we could make even more money probably sometimes more than the actual uh the commission on the car from the kind of peripherals so you know like a warranty upgrade insurance finance and one of the great um products that had a Huge margin was private number plates and so what we did what we learned is when a customer came into our site inquired about the car we would take the picture of the car and put it in the pack uh the quote pack and that helped all the visuals and then we had the idea of finding using their surname to find the closest private number plate and putting that on the number plate of the car and when we did that when we visualize you know that offer the the Amount of people taking that when we we may end up making more money from the affiliate program from the private number plates than we did from the actual cars itself and that was i say back in 99 and that was the first eye-opener for me that i kind of stumbled across this you know what i refer to as hyper personalization but you know using you know personalization across the channel in kind of every sort of medium um You know it really kind of helps drive that engagement and i've implemented that in every business since improv incremented it and improved it and done it you know in a more effective fashion i remember back in 99 you know we used to spend probably spent about nine months building the program to algorithmically create these uh dynamic personalized images you know would have to pre-process them and it would take you know it was a real um pain to do but Obviously it was really worth it but you know today we could have if we'd have had hyper eyes you know 20 odd years ago you know we would have um we would have kind of created those images in minutes and so really that was the motivation throughout my creator can create this sort of toolkit that can put this power of hype personalization image personalization into your hands and of course as well as um being an entrepreneur and business Person i'm a father free and in my spare time which to be honest isn't much when you've got three kids and running a a reasonably new business is i like to do a little bit of soapbox racing where you create your own soapbox and throw yourself down a hill i love to connect with anybody that i'm not already connected with um and you know i've got my linkedin uh profile here and again obviously you'll all have access to this and following this um This uh this event so let's jump into the meat of that you'll be pleased to see uh you know we're just like 10 minutes saying we've already hurtled through the welcome introduction and a little bit about hyper hyper rises and what we do now what i really love to do is going to delve into some of the real meat of this in terms of image personalization and gifts and using those in email and linkedin and how to scale that and to Really add huge um benefits to your outreach campaign so without further ado let's jump in and look and talk about image personalization now i think you know we obviously all understand what image personalization is or at least what kind of the power of images are you know we've all heard the phrase a picture paints a thousand words and i was curious recently i asked um my audience within my own facebook so Within my linkedin um profile i asked the question you know did people think that images would be effective in outreach and i expected people to um to say yes of course because you know we all understand the power of images but i was quite overwhelmed by how um positive that that feedback was all that that kind of uh commitment to that In terms of you can see 86 percent of the of the people that responded thought the images did have a positive impact of course that's not to be uh kind of it's not being expected really if we think about most of the channels that we operate that we communicate in you know they're inherently visual you know whether it's tv magazines obviously the internet everything is very very image length um But when as a sales people we start to reach out um you know we always revert to text and you know the human brain can process images in a far more significant way and so you know using images in outreach we know it can be effective but it's just difficult and you know up until recently difficult meant that you know we could just push it aside uh that's too that's too hard and so you know goes into the too hard camp and just kind of just Carry on as you are but the problem that we're seeing more and more now is that user engagement is getting harder and harder you know the average person sees thousands of marketing messages per day you know and increasing you know by the day and therefore that's driving down the engagement you know we're only sat at our desk or reading our emails for a finite amount of time per day and so that's squeezing the amount of time we have to grab people's attention and so We really need further tools to be able to do that and that's really where images come in humans are hardwired to process images in a significantly different way to text the human brain process images 60 000 times quicker than plain text and so that's amazing if you think about if you're out reaching to somebody and you have a wall of text but in the middle of that wall of text you have an image first of all breaking up the text but Also kind of highlighting or visualizing that the salient point of your message then that's going to be processed first it's going to relay some information you know and if that image is purposeful it's going to help kind of relay you know what your own call to action is but when we include personalization in that image because the image is being processed so so quickly that Personalization is going to trigger what we call a pattern interrupt and that pattern interrupts essentially just a psychological behavior that's just going to put a break on the brain and the brain is going to be saying hey hold on a second let's stop got paid more attention to this because there's something that's a little bit different you know it's your name it's your business logo or many other elements of personalization we can include and so When that happens that increased mind share that increased mindshare leads to more engagement more people reading the rest of your message and understanding what your call to action is and seeing value in it and therefore taking it and so that really helps in terms of that engagement you know increasing sales or bookings or whatever it is that our call to action may be now of course there's lots of different ways that we can use personalized images In our outreach that will convey our call to action or tell a story in a purposeful way now myself when i'm reaching out and i'm sure this is going to be the case for a lot of people on this call is the the purpose of the call is really to meet that person we might call it a sales call we might call it a discovery call but it's ultimately getting them into your calendar and meeting with them so when you as as the kind of the sdr or Bdm or you know whatever it is that you know function you provide you're going to be the end result you're going to be meeting them so that's kind of like a human to human um contact so bringing that forward and bringing that human's human contact further forward in in the cycle in the funnel really helps and like you can see in this very simple image here just to be sitting at my desk as i am now in the natural uh environment waving little smile Leveraging that law of reciprocity you know that law of christianity where you see that says that if we do something nice for somebody they're going to feel compelled to return that and so we're kind of leveraging that as well as leveraging the personalization so we're kind of using two different psychological techniques to kind of pincer them into one feeling good about your outreach and two feeling compelled to respond you know and you're Leveraging that h2h and when we do that we get responses like this you can see this response here from rebecca rebecca's no no slap she's no gonna work behind me is newbie she's the founder ceo of you know a very significant sized marketing agency and you can see her responses i love this when can we check now we know nobody loves cold outreach that's just not the case but what we've done is we've elevated her feel good factor of receiving a message you know With the human connection with the personalization creating that feel good fact and that moment of delight and that's changed her from you know being open to a conversation to loving it and you know really heightening that expectation of you know what's going to happen next another great way with personalized images what we can do is we can use those to frame our call to action and reduce the friction of that so for Example rather than saying do you have time for a sales call or a strategy call or a discovery call all of those things can seem potentially quite heavy you know a lot a lot of involvement in terms of time and effort versus something much lighter like let's have a chat and a coffee for example you know in our minds we probably equate that to five or ten minutes versus you know an hour or so of something heavier and so framing is something that's lighter like That chatting the coffee visualize that in the imagery with the court with the personalization as well we're much likely to increase that um that call to action being taken and that obviously significantly helps and again this is the sort of response you know that we're gonna expect to see in this case edgar you know he's going beyond love you know he you know certainly doesn't love cold email normally as he says here i never applied to these emails this is the First one that worked and the funny thing there is that i see that kind of phrase i never replied to these emails or i never applied for these linkedin messages i see that like literally you know most days and that's because a lot of people you know they kind of have this inbuilt distaste for cold outreach and so when they you know when they feel that they are responding to it they you know they feel that they've got to justify it hey you know i don't normally Do this you know and it's that typical sort of i'm a bit in denial but the same time i'm kind of drawn in and so you know being able to phrase and reduce the the friction of that and therefore increase the likelihood of people wanting to take that call to action you can see here just very very simple personalization where we're using edgar's name we're using his business logo and his business name on my screen just a few little things just to help Truly uh to trigger that pattern interrupt you know and obviously you can see here doing in a very very effective way and you know this just elevating your prospects you know feel good factor like i said you know i see messages every day from um from prospects just telling me how how much they enjoyed it you know and of course then taking the call to action in my case you know booking a call jumping into my diary you know People that are being swamped with many messages every day and then you know they're seeing that um come through again and again but it doesn't just have to be gifts it doesn't have to be your face or your sales reps face in your outreach another one of our clients here and g2 they um if you're not familiar with g2 they do software uh reviews so you can find As i just saw a question come through about where we're going to create those gifts and we'll come through to that in just a very short moment so yeah please do keep firing those questions but absolutely we're going to cover all the best places of how you can create your own gifts your own imagery and the best sort of images that are going to suit your own cadences so don't worry about that hang tight we're just going to go through a couple of different examples First of all and then we'll jump into how you can do it for yourselves so but like i say if you want to create gifs or whether you want to create other images that reinforce your your goal or kind of what the outcome in this case g2 they produced these sort of reports already to say you know by category you know who's who's the best crm who's the best email platform who's the best linkedin outreach tour etc etc so what they do when they're reaching out to new Businesses like you see in these two different examples here the one on the bottom left and on the top right these are images that they they would actually have had on their website or in their reports and they're just personalizing them to their outreach prospects in this case we can see the dynamic prospect um is is apple where you see those apple elements they would all be personalized to each recipient and when they did that when they Visualize show what success looks like you know aspirational success that increased the reply rate from 15 to 48 percent so it really does give um you know a great way of again reinforcing kind of what you what you're saying so you can visually say in uh you know in the email hey you know work with us and we'll improve your your kind of uh category leadership but visually showing that the recipient is going to Understand that way quicker than you know if it was uh just purely uh textual and this is another client of ours this is reply.io now i don't know if uh yeah they're familiar with replying i o but they're a cold email platform so they obviously know a thing or two about cold email outreach and how to get a successful campaign but despite that this is william here who heads up their sales engagement you know he managed to Double his reply rates by creating this diagrammatic kind of story if you like of you know what reply do and how they can help so in this case using some very simple personalization such as the business logo and the prospect they're reaching out to plus the business name and some other little elements like the profile image just to tell the story of hey if you work reply you can import your campaign import your list create a campaign and Personalize it and grow your business so just enough personalization for people to you know help understand that story or this again another example from reply trying to use that kind of pain and solution uh in a visual sort of way so they're saying you know if you don't use reply you're going to have a real kind of spaghetti hornets of of um of different systems all kind of working around whereas if you have replied io you can have a very seamless simple Multi-channel solution and all they're doing is in this um in this image they're just changing the logo of the prospect they're reaching out to so just one simple change and then in this case that led a reply rate increased from 11 to 21 so a couple of different examples there of using visualization of telling a story in a way that's kind of without using humanized gifts for example the other interesting thing to note with reply um the io is they did they didn't Just keep an eye on their reply rate what they also did is look at their open rates and delivery rates and what they found was that when they started to implement the personalized images um in their in their campaigns their open rate and delivery weight went up so essentially it was acting like a a kind of email warm-up program their domain reputation improved as the engagement improved so more people replied more people clicked in the emails less people Marked them as spam or deleted their emails and therefore that improved the main reputation uh delivered improved open rate and improved delivery rates so not only the amount of people that they were getting at the end pot uh they were doing more with they're also getting more people in that pot as well so it really was a double win this is um another example i want to kind of show you of kind of if you have a product that you're that you're Reaching out and you want people to take a call to action maybe of sign up for a free trial this is one of our clients hub staff and so what they do is they have this uh app that's effectively there to manage remote workers and tracking and that sort of thing so they had this beautiful kind of product dashboards and product images you know throughout their website and they took those product images and personalized those in the outreach so Again we can see in this example it's personalized to tim cook from apple so in the in the dashboard we've seen organization logo we've seen tim listed in the dashboard and even in the app we're seeing the logo profile image and even the map here is personalized to their location so 11 different points of personalization in this product image but what that's doing is reinforcing the story along with kind of when help staff reach out To somebody they're saying hey improve your employee tracking you know move away from spreadsheets and going to have a beautiful dashboard that shows you know all of your all of your kind of employee movements and so by telling that story then visualizing in the product they're able to um show and put the product in people's hands before they've even made a decision to try it and so when they did That they actually tested five different product images the one we were just looking at there this was the actual winning one but the average across all of those five products was 11 click through now that compared to without a personalized intermediary getting a three percent click through for that same call to action a sign up for a free trial and so the interesting thing was that the lowest performing uh product image they Tried was a ten and a half percent click-through rate and the winning was a twelve and a half percent so even the poorest uh converting of the personalized product images was still three times better than without using one at all so really amazing case study that they had there showing different sorts of um product images and personalizing those you know to show how that could have effect i saw another question you come through There asking about um if you're using videos or gifs do you have a higher chance of landing in a spam or junk folder and so essentially this i guess if we go back to this slide here then what we can see is when we start to use images in our outreach it's actually improving the engagement and so when we improve engagement that's going to improve the domain reputation and really the main reputation is the number one kind of determinate of of where your Email is going to land of course there is content considerations and you can use mailtester.net where you can send your email the content it will give you a spam cops spam cop score of your email but the difference between having html or having an image in your email versus not it's very negligible in terms of the the kind of the penalty you get versus the uplift of engagement which has a much bigger impact on your domain Reputation which has a much bigger impact on your deliverability so i guess a slightly long answer to a short question is it doesn't have a negative impact and we've seen with many clients it has a positive impact obviously you need to make sure that your email itself isn't just an image because if you have an outreach it's just image and no content at all that definitely would um have a larger penalty because that's that is more of a trait of a kind of Spam email but as long as you've got introductory text uh you know then your your main image and then maybe more text below it then absolutely that um that would trigger any further penalty in fact as we said it would actually help increase uh the engagement so what we've seen there is a couple of different examples of types of images human eyes gift product images aspirational images um just to kind of show you some of the Different types of images that we can create and we will show you how to do those uh in the coming slide before we do that what i thought might be fun is to have a little quiz and so what i'm going to do is i'm just going to launch the poll here hopefully you should all be able to see this now what we've got here this is one of our clients this is awkward security now what they do organ security themselves Are a cloud security um firm so they um help enterprise uh businesses that have lots of cloud assets to improve their cloud security and so they they kind of reach out and target enterprises and how they reach them is they they sponsor events in this case the black hat event was uh this um this particular event that we're using this case study for and then they reach out to all of the attendees of that event both online and kind of physical attendees and Offer them a bribe to attend uh a demo but on the proviso that they have more than a thousand cloud assets so they're offering a kind of a qualification if you like that if you've got more than a thousand cloud assets they assume that they're enterprise and so if you know if they do have more than a thousand cloud assets they'll give them a 200 gift voucher for attending the demo and that you know works great way of kind of that bait and snare And so what they wanted to do it's quite a complex story to tell in an email lots of moving parts in terms of what they do who they are how they found them and the bribe so what they want to do is visualize part of that story to try and help move people through the funnel in a more effective way so it went first of all for uh this image here number one essentially kind of showing the bride it kind of a gift certificate as you can see here the personalization of going Back to my my usual default uh personalization persona tim cook from apple we can see just a bit of simple personalization quite subtle but effective in that we're showing the event the person attended the the logo of orcas the person that was sponsoring it the client obviously the value they're getting and then the personalizations through the pattern Interrupts to get people to read a little bit more and we can see the second option they tried again uh going back to visualizing the events that people were attending vibing off that and now in addition to kind of showing the name also putting through the business logo of the person you know the prospect they're reaching out to and then the third one it took one of the sdrs in this case this is todd um and i Guess it's a bit of an amalgamation of the gift certificate but also showing sdr and also getting this little note in here so you've got that personalization so i kind of mix the the kind of the two different styles so just looking at the poll now uh what i can see that right now we've got um the winner is todd at 47 percent uh we're saying there so we can um let me share that results so you can see here That um todd was the winner so we we were were we right let's have a look absolutely well well done everybody that uh that said todd but what we can see here is that they also did a baseline for this campaign so that was a baseline that was an outreach campaign with no image at all and the baseline was 1.7 they were getting a 1.7 conversion from outreach to somebody booking a call now bear in mind these um these messages weren't Completely cold these kind of people prospects had attended events so they you know they were aware of orca you know as a sponsor um but still you know 1.7 from you know kind of lukewarm at best uh kind of uh campaign you know we could see the uplift there going from 1.7 but even the losing image again you know had had an impact had a good impact and it gave you know more calls uh you know for the for the sales team to go Through but they weren't half what they weren't content let's say with that what they wanted to do was kind of go a step further and then create um a second round of images and so what they created was uh the gifs here and so what we have here in this round and then this is the final round don't worry you're not going to Kill you with quizzes here i just thought it was a little bit of fun but in this round we can see again we've got three um three of the different sdrs so we've got steve at the top again we've got todd again the winner from round uh round one and now we've got eric here in the bottom right now the interesting thing here um is that when orca came on as a client this was just just pre or just right at the start of lockdown and so everybody was At home um during the kind of early days of the pandemic and so when there's like okay you've got to record your own gifts um it was kind of like steve was just here in his hallway just with a blank wall you know we've added in all the elements with hyper eyes we've got todd here bottom left who's actually in his home office and you're looking very regal and i honestly thought todd was going to be the winning image here um because you Know it just looks like they're reaching out c-suite ceso's high-end enterprise he looks quite regal yeah and then we've got eric here for some reason had uh an orca suit and a green screen at home but you know it was a bit quirky and a bit different and well whilst you know puts a smile on your face i was you know curious to see how that would work in quite a somber industry of um cloud security the other thing um in terms of these images it's all about Um you know being adaptive um you know and thinking on your feet like todd here he didn't have a whiteboard at home this is actually a picture frame off the wall and he's just turned it around you see there's actually that brown tape rather than a frame there and he's just using that as a prop for there but let's have a look at the uh the quiz let's just end the the poles there so again um We should be able to share those results what we can see is that eric was the winner this time so eric uh here number three the uh the orca dresser and for those that said eric congratulations you smashed it so as we can see the humanized gifs all of them outperformed the previous images that we had you know so the humanization and the movement in the gif all really contributed to creating you know overall uplift and again let's remind ourselves That the baseline conversion for this campaign was 1.7 and now look at this winner 5.7 almost three times uh x uplift you know even uh poor steve here that the loser on this one still uh of over a kind of four percent conversion compared to that 1.7 so still more than doubling the results so and you know as you can see an interest in case study um but the other thing that i found um Interesting when you look at the actual results when you look at all of those campaigns uh together well we can see that if we if the orca had just gone with the baseline campaign for the whole 7 000 messages or 37 000 prospects that have probably got circa 120 bookings if we just extrapolate that conversion of the sample they did what they ended up getting was 262 bookings but if for example they just used their their personalized gif Uh straight off the back somehow they managed to kind of optimize and get the perfect image straight away there would have been almost 400 bookings you know which if you consider the booking the book ends of this scenario you've got 120 at one end and almost 40 it's like almost 400 at the other you know a significant significant uplift and that really is the power of using images in your outreach and that could be when i say outreach deliberately vague you know That could be in your email it could be in your linkedin chat box there's lots of different channels and lots of different ways that we can use these personalized images you know to engage our prospects so going back to uh the first question which was very nicely asked um a few minutes a few maybe 10 minutes or so ago now in terms of you know how do you create these gifts what i thought might be uh interesting now to actually look At you know as we've seen here the gifts themselves especially if if you know you can humanize those and use yourself in there to kind of bring that human connection forward are very very effective you know that movement in the gif just draws the eye in and then obviously with the personalization in that image and that's going to trigger that pattern interrupt which is going to lead to more pain share and Getting more people to take your call to action now in terms of where and how you can create these gifs lots of different ways and you know you can use it don't always have to be humanized but in this case you know i've just selected a couple of um here or six in this case um that we kind of us or our clients are using a different array so these first two here on the left these are gifts of being created completely within the hyperis Platform and we'll show you how to do those directly in a few moments and these other four here or stock images that have been found on sites like giphy.com where you can search for so i wanted maybe like a a new year gift that i wanted to send out to somebody i could find an image you know that's going to represent that so maybe um let's say this one here you know and then i could just save that image And now i can upload and add that into my hyperis account let's just call this new year and i can add that and so i find images very simply shareable images that we can use that we can add some personalization to you know and really tell a compelling story using those gifs and so it doesn't always have to be kind of mean like like these as we saw there all of these four are still humanized gifts But they're all essentially stock images that we've added personalization to so giphy.com is a great resource if you just want to find some images off the back you know that you could use within your outreach but it doesn't just have to be humanized gifts again this is uh going back to our client orca what they do on their landing pages is they use personalized product gift animations So in this case you can see the example is personalized to apple again and you can see we've got the apple uh business name and apple logo and this is actually a screenshot of their product lists some movement which kind of really helps again we touched upon it with giphy.com a great source if you want to use create some kind of memes you know in certain circumstances using a meme can be a great way to kind of get across your message like you're saying for seasonal Gifts you know for valentine's for christmas for new year's halloween you know where you want to kind of maybe re-engage with existing customers rather than kind of breaking the ice with brand new customers and that really is you know a way you know we use them in our own boarding to kind of you know create that kind of almost a gamification when somebody does something for example completes of course you know they get some Congratulations and get something there that creates that little uh little kind of like feel good factor but there are other ways for example even in the b to c space doesn't always have to be uh b to b in this case we can see um one of our clients um econ world and ant world what they do to get referrals engagement when you buy a ticket for one of their events they give you a shareable gift so your own gift kind of Showing your your ticket with your name in and encourage you to share that in the social channels with their hashtag and then they offer rewards for people that are sharing that so driving engagement getting people to be familiar with the event you know and creating their own virality through that but like i said one of the most effective ways is creating your humanized gifts and so be able to do that is a very simple process in fact if You can see here is literally just a couple of steps so what i thought i would do now at this point is jump into hyperid and show you exactly how we can do that so it's going to go to hyperrise.com i'm going to log into my own account here and i'm just going to go into my images section and i'm going to create a brand new image here so we've got a completely blank template we're in the image editor here essentially what we've got on the Left hand side we've got all of our personalization options our layers that we can add into our canvas into our image and then we've got our canvas in the middle where we're designing the image and on the right hand side we've got all of our settings so the first step we can do is just click the canvas where we can set our main image and we're given a couple of options here one we can look through our image library just got some stock images in There any images that you've uploaded yourself into your account so you can select an existing image or you can upload an existing product image or you've created an image on your iphone or your android phone or whatever it is the device you're using or some other camera you can upload those but if you want to just create a humanized gif you can use your webcam that you have in your computer and choose this record gif option so what we can do now is we can See we've got our webcam actually what i'm going to do i'm just going to drag in my so what i can be doing is just pointing here and so i can click i can choose the length of the the gif we're on chord two seconds is generally enough because it's going to rotate and repeat and of course there's lots of things we could do here we don't have to have to have a whiteboard we could just have a blank wall next to us and we could put the Message on there you know we could um have a prop like a coffee cup you know great to have a coffee yeah in this case i'm going to set it for two seconds i'm going to choose record we get a nice countdown so we can be ready and then we can just record our gif where we've kind of got our little animation there and when we're happy with that we can click submit And then we've got that ready in our image library so we simply select that we've got it in our in our canvas now and we can start to add some personalization so here we've got the white board maybe this is a perfect opportunity to add some text where we can say like hey first name for example so i'm going to drag in a text element i'm going to just put in hi and i'm going to choose the merge tag for that placeholder for that in this Case the first name and then what i'm going to do is just change the length of this so it just matches the the length of the whiteboard there i'm going to choose text settings to be able to change all aspects for example the color of the font i'm going to change the font to something maybe looks a little bit more like it's written um on the board so we use a permanent marker font and maybe also increase the size a little bit So we can see that nicely there we can also kind of do start things like kind of start doing some uh um kind of tilting and skewing to make it fit nice and perfectly on the on the board so now we've got um high first name um and then maybe we want to have another message here which is like the call to action you know roughly whereabouts where my fingers are moving around so maybe what we could do so i'm Just going to um actually what i'm going to do is right sometimes more text just for illustrations i'm going to add in a shape here and i'm going to change that shape uh to a little love heart so again i'm just trying to kind of visualize with it within the uh the the image here some some kind of uh shorthand so i'm gonna add the love heart there and what i'm gonna do Is grab uh the logo layer so i'm gonna add the logo layer and maybe what i'm going to do is going to make that round and skew it a little bit so it looks kind of more like it's a sticker on the board and so now kind of what we've got is hi first name love and then we've got the business name logo so now if we preview this what we can see i'm just going to put in um tim apple.com as an example to preview and in this case what we can see Is hi let's go tim and so we've got hi tim um and then we've got um the love and the apple logo remember what we could do is to move the apple logo up a little bit so it's just not getting away with the finger and we can save that but as you can see it's very very simple to start adding layers into so i'm just reading a message coming in there Um so someone was just asking about the reminder letter that included gifts it was the reminder letter that was sent out by yumi and they don't have uh integration with us but yeah they are working on that is gonna be coming real soon and so we'll be able to include gifts in those as well but absolutely you'll be receiving a personalized gift example very soon so as you can see here it's very simple to start adding in layers as well as logo we've got Websites maps you know profile images all sorts that we can use you know to start triggering that pattern interrupt but very simply as we can see here we've got you know we've created an image maybe we want to do is increase the font size a little bit like that so we could go to that layer increase the font size in there to maybe like 28 or 30 and so you're kind of getting you know a bigger name on the board to help drive that patting interrupt and so now We've got our image and it's um it's personalized and the next step would be we'd want to include this maybe in an email outreach campaign so john just uh just to say yes we are recording this we will send you the recording as we go so once we've created that image we want to use an outreach we can simply just choose this option here get image code and what that's going to allow us to do Is choose an integration that we can start to use and for this for this outreach campaign simply click add new and hyper eyes with pretty much every outreach platform you could think of so you know hundreds to choose from you know from the obvious ones like active campaign you know and crms are automized in apollo aweber know you you mention it you think of it and we integrate with it you know the Hub spots the mail chimps all of the engagement tools you can think of you know as well as kind of customer engagement like you see here you can see tons and tons and tons of these various different integrations so let's um just kind of filter to oh let's go back do i press that actually active campaign let's choose a simple one probably a more popular one like hubspot for example we can simply go for through this wizard And what this is going to provide us with is the personalization here as you can see before we had hi first name we can see that that's actually changed now to contact.firstname which is the specific merge tag used within hubspot so all i would need to do now is copy this content just click the copy button and then within hubspot itself i would just go into an email template and just paste that in so i would find The email template i'm going to use the campaign i would add in whatever content i want where i want the image to be i would just choose paste and that's going to copy in all the code and the relevant elements from hyper eyes into the template and that will be then personalized dynamically on the fly using data from hubspot enriched with data from hyperis to create that personalized image in That outreach dynamically so really a very much a set and forget process you create your image you add it into your template and then we're done very simple to um how you can use that in email and you know equally you can make those images clickable and take them to a landing page and that's very much a very simple process that you can follow but it Doesn't have to end just with email obviously we integrate with hundreds of different email platforms and also have extensions for things like gmail if you want to send images in in kind of one-to-ones as well you can do that and then also we can support other channels like linkedin for example like so if i just bring up this message sequence from from tiffany here this is tiffany from ergo we've been having a little chat over the Last couple of days um you see in this case i'm adding two different types of images into this linkedin sequence conversation which once i connected with tiffany um i sent a little note to say thank you and i also included this what i would call an icebreaker image so in this case there's no call to action i'm not asking for anything all i'm doing is trying to deliver that feel good factor you know that kind of like oh that's nice they've Done something nice in this case it's a little play on words in this in that we've just connected on linkedin and i'm sending a thanks for connecting image but obviously this game is connect four so it's a little bit of nostalgia but also a little bit subtle here the winning line in this connect four which you've got to connect four tokens is her profile image in this case it's tiffany's profile image in that line and you can see like uh tiffany's response Is like love this um and then what i've done is i followed that was on the thursday of last week on tuesday this week so a couple of days later i followed up with my call to action image so in this case a little bit more text asking for something in this case you're asking them if they'd like to book a call and i'm providing this a different sort of personalized image you can see it's this one here when we click it it Just opens up full screen so that kind of really enables the uh it labels the the image to kind of provide full screen engagement that keeps the engagement within linkedin so they're not going to go and click and go anywhere whereas this image here when i click it it's actually going to go out of linkedin in this case it's going to go to a personalized landing page on this landing page you know we've got it we've got personalized to her business In the header pulling through her logo we have a personalized video personalized specifically in this case the tiffany hi tiffany did you know videos in this case you know not only are we putting through some personalized audio and visual in the in the video as we kind of scroll through we can see now we've got some um you know engagement going on we've got some brainstorming around her business later on we've got um you know an analyst looking at her Website and personalize any page on your existing website and then further on in the video we've got call to actions again the personalized you know that could either open up another tab in this case a calendar to book a call or to even load further engagement videos and that sort of hyper personalization where we can have images in our outreach taking users to the landing page you Know can significantly help that engagement but as you can see it's very simple images reinforce that you know to get people to take um that call and take that um call to action and so we can use these not just in not just the email but you know highly effective in linkedin as well so let me just jump back to the deck we've obviously just kind of gone through a couple of um steps there i just wanted to take a step back just to kind of Explain again those two different types of image options that you can add into linkedin you've got embedded images which you know which kind of when pressed open up full screen within linkedin and we've got short link images but when clicked will go open up a url and take the user to whatever landing page you want and then you can have significant impact you know we found when personalizing our own short links that we get a huge amount of Click-throughs uh from these you know quite um beyond what you'd expect in terms of a click-through from an email conversion and there are lots of different ways that we can do this obviously with email we talked about lots of integrations that we have from uh email platforms and we also have lots of integrations for linkedin automation tools that can do at scale those sort of engagements but sometimes you know we don't want to do Things that scale in in linkedin we want to do them you know on a one-to-more basis i might just be you know going through linkedin and found a particular prospect that i like in this case let's say tiffany and i might just want to have an engagement just with her or just reach out to her or somebody else so let's say i'm looking for a b2b um marketer let's say so let's just um do a quick search and let's have a look at how we can do this manually so what We can see is i can maybe say maybe ross looks like a good option here um and what we can see what the addition we have what you have normally in the linkedin is this extra button here save profile and when i click that what that's going to do is save all of ross's information and save it into a google sheet now this button here is actually added by this free this is not hyperis chrome extension this is a completely free chrome extension that exists in um In the chrome store and this this chrome extension linkedin contact importer what that does is it allows you to save any any profile that you find um to in this case i'm saving it to google sheet you can also save it to an air table but you can map each um each column within the google sheet to a specific bit of data so in this case we've got ross hamilton here as soon as i clicked this in this button here it would have saved him um to my Google sheet you saw he just popped in there so we've got ross hamilton we've got his um company we've got his title we've got his profile image and then we've got this final column here the hyperis short link now this short link is created dynamically with our integration so hyper is integrated to this google sheet in the same way that um that little chrome extension was integrated with a google sheet and so they're both pushing data in as soon as The chrome extension pushes more linkedin data hyper eyes will then fill this column and so now we've got this new short link and we can have a look in the linkedin post inspector if i pop that in there and run that what we're going to be able to see is it will show us exactly what it is and you know how ross is going to see that in his message once he's accepted that connection so you see here ross i'd love to chat we have 10 minutes we've got his profile Image okay ross here's your personalized report and that's all of those the image used and the personalization is configured within hyper eyes and i've got that simple um short link i don't obviously i don't need to do that that post inspector i'm just doing that just for illustration purposes here but now i can choose to connect with ross you know i can add a note and you can say hey ross would Love to connect and then maybe i'm going to add in my personalized shortlink maybe i should say here's a report for you or something else like that obviously you do have a little bit of more text there and now when he operating sets that connection he's going to see that that beautiful image in there and just gonna show you what that could look like Again going back to uh our deck here again obviously we're gonna share this deck so you're gonna get access to this chrome extension and also the process to set up that manual along the way but what you can see here from this except from this screenshot of linkedin that when you accept um an invitation that has a personalized image like that embedded into it it's gonna pop up and show you that this really does grab your Attention of course these can also be added into uh into into messages for existing contacts as well it doesn't have to just be a connection now in fact you know it could be in mails it could be any sort of messaging i mean within memes within within linkedin so a real great way if you want to do some manually uh manual outreach within linkedin using that strategy can really help But there are other ways to do this at scale as well as you mentioned within hyper eyes we integrate with hundreds of different platforms and many many different linkedin automation tools but it would be remiss of me if i didn't um kind of recommend the best one for that and actually my recommendation would be expandy expending offer the broadest range of integration options with hyperis in terms of being able to add embedded images in any of your sequences And also being able to add dynamic personalized short links in any of your connection notes messages in mail sequences and so everything we've just shown today emails and linkedin messaging inmails you can automate all of that through sequences with expanding of course like say they aren't our own integration partner you can jump into high price integrations and filter these and find discover our Integration partners buy by different verticals in this case we're looking at linked automation we can see all the various different partners including the one i just mentioned they're expanding so that hopefully is giving you some insights into one the sort of personalized images that we could be using in our outreach that are going to significantly increase engagement as we saw from just some of The example campaigns with some of our clients today you know they've experienced two three four and five x uplifts in their conversions using this strategy um but i'd like to say and we've also seen how we can do that manually and how we can do that at scale but what i wanted to do now in the in the dying moments the last few five minutes of this uh this event is you know open this up to the floor answer any questions you May have i'll just take a moment to read those but also uh you know what we have um allude at the start we have a high prize academy that has lots of learnings in there in addition to that we also have a facebook group that has lots of support ability to kind of can deal and talk with the community as as well as you know ask your questions of course uh you know my goal today is is to kind of teach you A little bit about hyper eyes and get you all to have a play with it we have a completely free trial hyper eyes so you can just go to hyperice.com and click the start free trial button and that will put you straight into having full access to the product uh being able to create your personalized images even personalize your landing pages and create personalized videos again expandee who i recommend before for linkedin outreach they have a free Trial as well and again we've kind of linked that to their in the guide so it's going to take a moment now just to scroll through the questions if you do have any more please feel free to put those into the um into the q a now i think it looks like we've answered most of those questions uh the one one that was asked for was to go back to the statistics slide so let me just um make my life a little bit Easier to find that uh i think it was it was it this statistic slides we're talking about with the um with the orca or was it the one that we looked at before um with the with the uh with the reply that i owe um yeah i guess you know in terms of the questions here um does it integrate with replied the io absolutely yes it does um obviously there are customer values so they're using ours Um we will be sending out a recording again as i've mentioned but somebody asked about this uh don't people find this obvious or cheesy and i think i mean if we look at the case study we saw with orca you know i don't think there is a cheesier image on this earth than eric's here um you know either todd's todd's is way classier and you could argue that the other images you know Were classier more refined than the one we the one that was end up winning but you know ultimately you know i think people are enjoying and that feeling you know that feel good feeling that moment of delight you know when when they see that personalization when there's a human connection when it's something a little bit different you know when this when this when eric's image first won i i was pretty sure convinced that it was purely a pandemic Thing everybody was locked down and super miserable you know and when things kind of started to get a little bit back to normal that you know this would be less successful but you know eric is still using that image today yes we still are they've been locked down or but you know that has ebbed and flowed in the meantime and that's continued to be successful so i think ultimately you know no one strategy is going to be a fit Fit all but you know this certainly helps trigger that moment of delight and i think that's something that's going to you know help in the in your outreach in terms of how this works from a product perspective with hyperis you can sign up for the free trial you create your images you add them into your outreach one account within hyperwrite can furnish multiple you know sales reps if you like you know so you Could have you know five different sales reps with five different uh logins in hubspot or reply.io or salesforce whatever or sharing one high price account just sharing the image allocation across multiple so that um that's that's fine um can you export data from linkedin to an excel file again that would be down to the x that would be down to the um the linkedin automation tool you're using hypervise isn't a linkedin automation tool it's It's you know we integrate with those tools you know all right we saw before that chrome extension um and from a pricing perspective thank you um for that question um looks like that potentially could be the last question as well unless there's anything else coming in just right up to the hour now but i again really appreciate your time essentially high price starts at 49 per month That gives you the ability to create five different live image templates that you can use i'd say that could be five different uh sales people using those and they're very different cadences or it could be one person using five different images you know or splicing how you like but that's 49 per month and that's absolutely no commitment uh no no lock-ins no credit cards uh needed to kind of start the trial and you can cancel any time you know once you've Started a subscription in addition to just personalizing images you can also personalize your website and you can also personalize your videos and each of these plans includes the previous set of functionality so plus websites includes images and plus videos includes websites and images so i hope that again has answered your questions any other questions you know we're here To help on the hyperice site we do have a support support system where you can ask us any questions but i want to take this final moment just to say thank you very much for those that have stayed to the end i'd say we will be um sending this recording out very soon in the meantime i look forward to catching you soon as a trialist or as a customer within high price until then you take care bye bye.

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