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The webinar will evolve around the amazing potential of personalization in improving sales outreaches. The webinar will include a panel session from 4 key people in the marketing tech industry. Roy Ionas, CEO and Founder of LeadSpotting LeadSpotting has developed a unique outreach optimization platform on LinkedIn that enables contract retrieval, CRM connection and build up of personal connect & outreach messages. About Roy: Hi Tech entrepreneur with strong technical and business skills/experience. Started 2 companies from the initial idea via fundraising from angels and government funds to sales in more than 10 countries. Opened the Israeli office for the Abu Dhabi Investment office immediately after the Abraham accords signings. Ian Naylor, CEO of Hyperise Hyperise is essentially an image personalization toolkit. These images can be used in email and LinkedIn outreach and on your website landing pages. Hyperise integrates with 1000's of MarTech, so whatever your outreach and website builder tools you're using, we most likely integrate with them. About Ian: I've been building online businesses, for the last 20+ years. Starting in 1999 with an online car import business, product price comparison in naughties and MarTech SaaS tools like AppInstitute and Hyperise in the last 10 years. I have worked the world over during the last 20 years, starting and running various internet and technology businesses. In my spare time I make stuff, from soapboxes, to buildings, the occasional cake and a roast most Sundays! Dejan Dekic, CEO of XSELL XSELL is a full-cycle sales agency. Our job is to grow sales by finding and closing new and overlooked business opportunities in a more productive and profitable way by doing what others don't do, can't do, won't do, and never comes around to doing it. About Dejan: My name is Dejan, I grow B2B sales for a living. I'm an expert in Sales Outreach, Closing Sales, and managing Remote Sales teams. If you're looking for someone to get you contacts into contracts, I'm your guy and XSELL is your partner. Filip Miškovic, Founder at Magiko MagiKo will help you create meaningful partnerships, seizing missed opportunities that are in front of you. You will acquire more customers, retain the old one and reestablish the old relationship in a more significant way. Business success equals healthy sales, and sales are all about building and maintaining trustworthy relationships. My name is Filip, I do customer acquisition through partnership/affiliate for living.Growing and scaling businesses drives me because it puts me in challenges that nobody accepts. If you want to seize missed opportunities that are right in front of you, let's partner up! :) TRANSCRIPT Okay so let's start good morning good afternoon everybody we're very happy to have you here on this special webinar um it's more than just a special webinar okay usually when we have a webinar we talk about some topic that relates to our day-to-day activities we usually do product shows we talk about scenarios we give a platform for everybody to ask questions this uh webinar is uh among friends let's call it I'm a friend I'm Our business partners and we decided to share some information out from from a specific scenario which is common which I think to almost any sales guy in the world any B2B sales guy in the world in this specific webinar we're going to talk about the power of personalization okay we as everybody is a salespeople we have one major desire right we want to sell we want an Outreach we want to convert um we want to be able to uh to uh to Reach our sales Target in the most fast Pleasant Manner and we need to use technology for that we need to use technology for that we need to use tools and we need to use knowledge and here in this specific webinar we're going to talk about tools technology we can talk about experience we're going to talk about this power personalization how can personalization can increase your Outreach performance and we're going to talk from the from the side of the Vendors who Supply the technology but also from the side of the users from the experts people that have been doing that for years and years and have an experience so we would love to share that specific knowledge so first of all we'll have to um have a present my um my partners my my uh my colleagues here it's not work it's called from different companies but we work together or we or we um we share some mutual experience uh first of all let's start from Serbia We have Dan here Dan raise your hands everybody see you good morning Dan a good afternoon uh you're on mute so yeah I mute some morning morning guys morning everyone nice to see you so Dan can you yeah um Dan is the CEO and founder of excel Dan has been doing sales um activities for years he's been doing um basic providing sales as a service for companies in the technology space And other spaces and he has sales people doing that day and night from his office in Belgrade and other other locations as well so then we're very happy to have you here on board or we really love to hear more about your experience in the sales activity and how you see a personalization here um our second partner here a technology partner is Ian okay Ian good afternoon Ian right good evening for me I mean I'm in Bali At the moment it's at seven o'clock in the evening so it's uh it's quite warm and humid so if you can see little it's me sweating yeah so uh thank you yeah so Ian is the CEO and founder of hyperrise hyperrise is uh you saw them on the event management page on LinkedIn and I assume that some of you got their amazing personalization messages uh on emails and other campaigns with your name on it uh so here is the CEO and Founder of a hyperwise and he's going to tell us more about his platform today okay so thank you Ian and I hope you uh stay cool over there in Bali if it's warm if it's too warm from you we can switch okay I told you before we can switch you'll be here in Haifa and uh I'll be in Bali okay I'm willing to babysit your kids and change kids as well if you want but uh we can discuss that later okay so we have also yeah absolutely Okay we have also here from Cyprus we have Philippe okay Philippe is uh he's like a sales monster okay he worked for voiceold and Philip will have to introduce yourself of course Roy thank you for introduction my name is Philip and I'm a sales engineer for voice so an owner of the magical company for partnership Outsourcing I do customer acquisition for living and uh what I love the most about it is that every day I get a Chance to talk with a with a stranger exchange knowledge and improve myself on a daily basis a little bit about voice so we're a contact center solution that provides International numbers Omni communication platform under under one umbrella and one interface so uh thank you Roy for introduction that's right so guys just talk about the agenda how this webinar will be will be conducted With the teams to present themselves in five minutes and then afterwards I'm gonna ask some pre uh pre um pre-advanced question that we said talking about personalization in the meantime when you listen um it would be great if you're a big audience when 28 people already if you can uh if you have questions and we really want to hear your questions just write them on the chat and then afterwards at the end of the webinar we Left enough time to answer questions and we can talk about relevant items you wanna you wanna discuss you want to you want to comment based on what you're going to hear today so that's the agenda for the day in the meantime until we reach that question period if you can just stay on YouTube for the people and now it's hard to hear everybody so um all only one of us will be in a speaking one in parallel but again we recommend to write everything You have immediately on the chat and we'll monitor that so thank you guys so let's start with Dan then I would love to learn about more in general about um Excel what are you guys doing and they're basically sales yeah it's actually quite simple right you know the only thing we do is actually growing sales for our companies is yours actually we specialize in a B2B software sales uh for now we have 11 customers uh mainly startups find the startups from Around a uh we also have a 47 sales guys working here in office in a Belgrade and also a couple of them working remote around the globe in the UK in Cyprus and Malta in Sweden as well and in Mexico we have a five sdrs also working there for some of our customers the business model is quite simple it's a sales on demand model but what actually separates us from others is not purely the Outreach methodologies you know and the strategies we conduct it's actually the The process how we're doing it with the personalization and that is why I'm super happy you know to share with everyone here and hopefully to you know answer a couple of questions from there audience so early in my career after leaving the Army I worked in an army for 10 years and then I started you know building my career in a sales so I figured out that actually the most important part to succeed in a sales to reach targets and overachieve uh every Single task you have is actually to be fully personalized in your approach so every single customer or a prospect or leave you communicate with no matter the industry right so the reason uh we are so specific and I'm happy to share that you know successfully what we're doing is how we actually manage to do that it's not a secret you said at the beginning that we are using different various tools and One of actually two of those tools are your guys your Indians he believes in the lead spotting as well we have a couple of different tools and the main one I actually believe that everyone knows here is a LinkedIn right so the thing about personalization of the LinkedIn is to be able to see everyone's movements there okay one tool I will highly recommend it's not like a paid commercial but definitely guys if you're looking to Have a real data and real information about any Prospect you're trying to reach and to engage and to communicate you should you know consider using list button Roy will definitely tell you more about it great Tool uh speaking about you know something more if you want to know any most of you you know guys have you working with whom or precisely feel free to ask in the chat and I will answer you Okay thank you Dan um so let's look forward to Ian okay Ian so you you've you've transformed personalization to uh to uh to your main target right so um a lot of you can share some more information about your platform and what furthermore why do you think personalization is so important yeah I mean I think just to Echo what Dan was saying before you know it's it's kind of it's about kind of cutting through the noise and standing out and I Think when um when your prospects being bombarded every day lots of messages thousands of messages a day um people want to feel special and don't want to think they know they're part of a huge automated campaign and that's been a really where personalization helps it can triggers what's referred to as a pattern interrupt essentially a psychological behavior that just uh triggers more mind share essentially and That more mind share leads to more engagement and more people taking their call to action and that that's really uh kind of the key to personalization generally and what what we do with high prize is focus on images and the reason why we focus on images is because the human brain processes images like 60 000 times quicker than text so when you have an image and you have purse personalization in that image like you mentioned before like their first name Or their business name or even their logo you know if it's if it's a kind of thermographic sort of relationship and that that um that pattern interrupts essentially like a psychological Behavior where the brain is just shouting hey stop pay more attention to this because it's something a little bit different and so with hyperize what we've done is we've created this tool that essentially enables you to create image templates so in the same way that If you are reaching out and putting a campaign and you had a message template where you'd be like hi first name I was really interested in your company name Etc what we've done is taken that same philosophy and applied it to images so you can create an image template like this example here that probably people will be familiar with and as you can see here we've got these kind of layers very similar to a tool kind of similar to like say canva for example and what you Can do is add in placeholders for name or business name or even logo or profile image even the counter maps website screenshots and these placeholders will dynamically personalize on the Fly and like I said before it's those personalization placeholders that are gonna you know when the person receives it they're gonna you know be a little bit Spellbound or have this moment of delight because it's something a little bit different like I say it creates this Pack and interrupt which creates more mind share and that can really help but also what we can do with hyperize is humanize those images as well so rather than it being just for example a template with personalization in there we can use these augmented reality placeholders So within the platform you can record a gif essentially holding this bit of paper which you can print off from hyperrise and then we replace that with your personalized image and There's what you end up with is this kind of double level of personalization because you've got the personalization that's personalized to whoever your prospect is in this example emergency can cook but then we're also humanizing it as well and so you're creating these further you know psychological traits like the law of reciprocity for example you know it states that if you do something nice for somebody they're going to feel more compelled to respond And so you know you're creating these strong relationships and building trust whilst at the same time using the personalization to you know to kind of knock down that door stand out from the crowd and really grab their attention and then what we do with hypervisors we integrate you know with amazing platforms like lead spotting so you can add these personalized images into your Outreach and so automatically they're personalized on the fly so it's you know Automatically done at scale without having to lift a finger essentially okay thank you again thank you again first of all I've seen this video a lot of you doing pushing that image in the face I got a couple of nights I had a nightmare related to it but it's a joke anyway but definitely your platform provides it um a very interesting way of how to personalize the messages um so let's move to Phillips sorry just One second if I may if I may I don't know does anybody here is from a recruiting sphere but one of my companies recruitera is actually highly you know using Ian's tool and the perfect combination of the images and the videos can definitely be used in the recruiter so anyone if someone is here from a recruitment or ihr guys feel free to try it and you know do the best with it appreciate that It's it's definitely an amazing tool and um by the way just as a background before I started developing stuff for personalization one of the things that popped down into my mind into my vision is that I did an academic research okay first of all um first of all there's a lot of academic researchers that explain very simply that personalization improve engagement okay if I'm gonna send you an email I Would like to put this in a webinar or send an email with your first name or I send an email with more information it definitely will work better so with Ian's combination of images which which as we say an image which pours to a thousand like Words Right There is a phrase like this um it's definitely something which is very applicable in how to personalize the content that we send as part of the sales Outreach to our clients Um so let's move on to Philippe Phillip um would love to hear more about yourself and the way you use your personalization thank you and you actually made a great intro for the things that I'm going to talk about right now so uh actually as an experienced salesperson I consider personalization as the one of the most important and necessary skill that A salesperson should have and uh personalization is the act of pitching To the customer that actually addresses the pain points needs and challenges of the customers all while making it feel appreciated and actually those things that you mentioned before is uh is the right thing that I'm going to explain right now uh personalization is built on three pillars what you what you said right now about hyperrise and Lead spotting this is the second part of the personalization which is considered as a tools that will help you get more Personalized responses and automate your personalized flow but let's start from the first first part of that three pillars which will be which will be the salesman uh sales what salesmen should do so how do I make a more more calls with the personalization it's quite easy and everybody I could I think that everybody knows that but let's let's go through that so uh for a great opener for a CO for a cold call uh you you should use something that is current Event or location where the prospect is currently currently there so you can have it like a small talk before you get that deep dive into the into the discussion about the product uh one thing that you should pay attention to is that even if it's message even if it's call even if it's uh whatever kind of the approach if your message looks like the marketing posts you're doing something wrong so it means that you should never pitch On the first message because the way of you standing out is the way of making first the connection then to try to understand and go again back to those pain points needs and challenges of the customer but the way how customers should feel appreciated is the way that not sent him like the automated pitch on the first message but to send him something uh something in regards of connection first then after that to the to discussion of a pain points and the Third thing uh regardless the tools and what salesmen should do is to handle objection based on the way of personalization so uh let me elaborate on that part of the handling objection for the personalization so uh for instance let's say that our Prospect says that he needs more time to think about uh can someone from the attendees tell me what should be the response from our side or uh Roy Diane do you have any Idea from it what should be the answer here damn what do you say in this case oh sorry I was just thinking it's a rhetoric question so sorry for that Philip okay okay if if you ask me as a customer you know what you should think about it right but if you're speaking about personalization you know Kali on your side there with a couple of different tools have you just said something that we highly you know Uh leverage here in Excel where we speak with the customers when we're saying about personalization that kind of approach and you know what to answer to what question to whom basically it's knowing what to say to whom you will be saying when you will be saying and how you will actually say and deliver that message right so if you've done everything at the beginning properly meaning from prospecting actually investigating the Client as Philip said then I don't think so that necessarily you will find out that customer who will say I'm not interested they might say something I need to think about it definitely right but if you dig it a little bit and you can investigate the clients and set at the beginning and there are different tools you can use for example some of them might be similar tech for example right if you're selling softwares to someone else right So you can check directly what software they've been using so you might say something would you like to think about more how we can benefit in this and that XYZ comparing with the software you're currently using right so directly you know use the use case you can find that's the kind of personalization and that's how actually I will reply on that question I need to think about it instead of you know pure like what you need to think about I would agree Definitely with that oh go ahead go ahead and no I was just going to say that typically when there's some pushback the kind of uh I need more time is is usually a proxy for for something else it's not really time it's there's another blocker and it's it's about as as we've already discussed it's about getting to know the customer and really kind of getting to you know what is their blocker and it might be that They've not really understood your your your offering or your solution you know and obviously having further dialogue and able to do that and that's kind of again really what you know as you talked about before you know having a starting Gambit that isn't a straight kind of call to action but having an icebreaker as it were like like if you meet somebody in a party you don't just dive straight in there and go and give them your life story you know you kind of Start off slowly you build some sort of common connection and then you kind of use that as a bridge say okay we've agreed we'll have some commonality here and so therefore you can use that to Parlay that into something else and so it really I think about listening first before talking you know and obviously when somebody kind of comes with that sort of blocker it's trying to dig into that a little bit from my experience at least exactly exactly that's what I was Talking about and I definitely agree with that so uh I just want to come back back to the I need more time to think about it and to raise raise the way how you can solve that based on the personalization based on the two methods so as Dan said uh of course we should give an example that relates to them from another company and make them and explain them that we understand the case that they need more time to understand the uh such a thing because from the Company that is like a text similar to them you can give them an example that they for example uh waited two weeks and then just make a decision and that's one side of the personalization but on the other side of the personalization let's say it like that uh we can we can tell to our prospect that usually it's not the time that makes the that makes the decision it's the more information and usually based on our psychology we think that uh waiting for more time we are Going to acquire more information but the only source actually for those kind of information is me as a salesperson so you can do you can do it this way uh you can propose that and tell them okay I understand that you need more time but I'm the only re I'm the only source of information that you will get so please uh what are your main concerns right now and keep it that way so in those in that in that approach that we saw right now we had an example Of the similar company with a similar issue and similar way of workflow and on the other hand side we step on the prospect's shoes and understand the situation but raise the con like uh handle the objection on the way that is more for for the prospect than for ourselves we are not talking about the features we're not talking about the special promos we're not talking about any kind of the things that will erase the raise him and stick him there with Him we are we are offering him support solution and understanding of the case and that's why we're offering to him to to talk at the moment with all of the concerns that he has because waiting at this time is just blank waiting because we are the only source of the information so what do you think about this guys well I think it's an amazing approach okay um the only obstacle with that it Requires some sort of a deep investigation a lot of effort for each Prospect okay which you know eventually in some big clients when you want to when when you want to personalize the flow for them it makes sense but uh at the end the initial step we want to outreach our people that's a that's a lot of time consuming the activity that's correct yeah but this is an objection so basically this is like a qualified lead already so we're not Talking about we're not talking about the Outreach we're talking about when we have it uh Less in the funds right in this you're already in discussion correct yeah when you're already in the discussion when we are talking about the Outreach it's uh I agree definitely with that okay thank you Philip um we'll we'll come back to you in a couple of more questions soon uh we're Still in the introduction phase opportunity you guys mentioned my our company before a couple of times so I want to elaborate a bit more about what we're doing what we're doing in relation to outreach optimization and relation to personalization so I'm going to share my screen that I can I I'm using two screens so I can see that which is being shared so this is lead spotting it's spotting basically it's a data company we provide Data of prospects and we tag ourselves as an Outreach optimization platform our our job our mission our goal in life is to help marketeers is yours to find the best data and the best tools and to get really good conversion numbers on LinkedIn and any other platforms you want now what are our tools is being constructed from multiple elements one element is for example it's our LinkedIn add-on our LinkedIn add-on it can provide people on LinkedIn can provide Emails and contact numbers okay we can provide a accurate email with the best email accuracy in the market that we can provide also office numbers and mobile numbers in some countries one well in our personalization we provide basically free features or personalization one feature is that we can personalize your connection message on LinkedIn every time you enter a prospect on LinkedIn what we do is we automatically analyze your profile and based on on some our Own patterns and your own your own templates we can create personalized connection message okay like we can say we're very keen that we saw big posts we did yesterday very exciting would love to connect we saw that you have a lot of followers um on LinkedIn wow it's amazing we love to connect I saw that you're uh in this case specifically your attorney I'll know if that specific case for me to connect to an attorney but that's also Possible so we can personalize your connection message on top of that our platform can also rebuild a layer of personalizing messages on LinkedIn so you can build a sales message in our backend system and then the system is saved as a template and every time I want to send somebody a message instead of typing it I can just browse one of the templates see the response rate and click and the message gonna feel personalized so this is Basics call About static info what we do more in personalization which is really really Ai and amazing is that every time we open a message box with someone on LinkedIn the system automatically closed their the the prospect company try to find events like events of fundraising or a partnership or product launch Etc and then the system automatically builds with natural language processing an icebreaking message for example with this guy Demi Anderson the system Identified that this company published a healing today okay A partnership with a company called the Roku Channel okay so I cannot reach him and say hi Daniel nice to meet you wow your amazing partnership so in relation to Philippe Stein of investing on on let's say qualified leads we are operating in the early stage in the Outreach and we give that level of personalization also to when you want to want when you want to do math outrage now if I want to Investigate and I wanted to to send this type of person as mentioned one by one to reach Prospect manually it's going to take me forever okay years decades I I know whatever okay so our assistant does it automatically and another part of a personalization is actually Ian we are now embedding in our own platform an ability let me just log in an ability to create on the templates with eon's technology okay so I can log here on the place where we construct the messages And I can click and add a personal image and this goes to Ian's dashboard okay and when I click and I pick a template there's going to be nine different templates and you can also embed your own template and click select and you see a link with with hyperize a link with the personalization parameter is embedded automatically within the message so our own message template where you can send people messages on LinkedIn will also contains neon Technology and it's it's amazing then you can send people messages on LinkedIn personalized to them with Dynamic info and with image is containing their name so this is what we do as a company in relation to outreach and personalization okay so I think guys we finished the the boring plain introduction a phase of the game and now it's time to move to some interesting questions before we step into the really interesting part which Is the people's questions here okay so then we spoke about your experience we also heard about you question number one I want to I want to get an example I wanted to get an example an interesting example where you had some sort of a sales objective uh objection let's call it and you know were you one of your teammates had to break it or how to outreach it and then you use another personalization or some other idea you had in order to break the objection and Move ahead with the sales anything you can share from your amazing experience well you know there is a lot to share right so what actually you know crossed my mind right now is one example from a recruiting right and sourcing recruiting actually stuffing and the one is where we was involved directly in the selling you know e-commerce softwares for you know better personalization and you know improve those kind of KPS and metrics for e-commerce's right so uh from Recruiting I super recall or I get an assignment from a one tech company from Dubai to you know try to Source the perfect candidate it's actually CTO so whatever is actually is doing I go there on a GitHub GitHub right you know I go there on as well LinkedIn and trying to find those kind of perfect candidates so find one among many of others and what actually Make me now to speak about them is that the guy was highly not interested in you know switching the company switching the roles no matter the budgets no matter the you know other possibilities so I dive deeply in um you know his profile and investigate every single company he worked with so I find the one at the beginning of his career he worked there for 11 years right and okay I'm trying to to compare that kind of company with the current That actually wants to you know have them onboarded so I compare the the the company culture you know uh the products how they treat everyone you know not just employees but as well in the customers right and and the general you know around the globe how they treat every single human being because they are super involved in a you know uh other activities as well so I make a comparison there like hey I noticed that you work for this company for a longest Period of time I'm just curious to know the reasons might be this and that this and that am I right am I wrong or can you be so kind to share with me what was the reason why you stayed there for a you know huge period of times comparing with other companies so he said yes I was at the beginning it was super interesting for me you know I recognized my myself there working there and I asked why you changed right and he said It was time to move on so I compare those kind of you know answers he provide me and what I investigate with the current company and they said like okay so this is the thing it might be the situation for you again to make a switch and to change something the best part here with this startup is that you will be able to build everything from a scratch so you will have a possibility to build your own ecosystem let's call it like that like In the first company right on you know to the new product what do you think about it it's really said I need to think about it right so basically do you know the process of you know uh getting him on board was like a six months but eventually he signed up a deal and he's now working in a you know Dubai right so probably even met him another another example was you know I said when I was selling uh e-commerce personalization Software and the the the problem there is that everyone is speaking about personalization right but the personalization is not as you guys stated previously purely important like a name surname company name or maybe you know the last thing about something or a nickname or something that's changed right the personalization is really knowing as much as possible about anyone Right and definitely to the tool I'm heavily you know count on it to help me is your voice as you know and be using it every single day so comparing you know actually pairing it with other tools like a similar Tech he was able to find out what metrics can be improved and should be improved so we spoke with the customers okay I see that your bonus ratio is 35 it's the industry standard it's not a big deal but what if you can actually you know Adjust it for a 10 to 50 percent would you like that everyone was like to do to do that right so that's the kind of personalization I'm speaking with and thanks to that he was able to show the system how it works actually we was able to deliver those kind of things so you know the customer still is using the software that's kind of you know those kind of stories Stories it's always um uh here nice to hear your stories by the way I heard a lot of dance stories I'm probably gonna hear a lot more so that's that's my own personal personalization fun thank you so Ian let's go to a very interesting question to you yeah you're sitting at a very interesting intersection okay because you're a platform provider for personalization and probably I assume that you day and Night you you analyze the statistics and the operation and what type of activities your users are using can you give us without exposing too much you know company secrets and intellectual property uh issues can you give us a hint about which type of media which type of personalization parameters are the ones that gives you users the best conversion because I assume that you also see the the their analytics as well yeah absolutely let me share my screen Again because obviously with quite a visual uh company so let me uh but yeah ultimately um you know we do we dog food we use our own product uh you know and and kind of use that so we have we see our own analytics but we also work you know closely with a lot of our customers especially when they first come on board you know when they're Keen to understand and Benchmark the differences and and really what it comes down to is making It purposeful and so like for example the image we're looking at before you know we're talking about this event in this case and so you know what we've done is we've visualized an event ticket you know and that kind of can look kind of something you know kind of like these humanized gifts like this example here you know where you're holding it and you're you're showing something and when you kind of make it purposeful so the visualization is a Clue for what you're talking about that really helps a lot and so these humanized ones you know with that purposefulness helps and so let me just jump to these examples here which is still the visualization but without the humanization and this is a case study from one of our clients which is G2 now for those I'm sure most people on this call have heard of G2 but for those that haven't essentially they're like TripAdvisor but for software so if You're looking for a software Solution by category they'll show you who's the best who's it up and coming who's got the best reviews and that sort of thing and what they were doing is part of their campaign they were reaching out to prospect people that were either not listed on G2 or that weren't listed particularly uh strongly um but what they did is and they produced these reports these kind of grid reports on a quarterly basis but What they did in this case is they mocked them up create examples of them within hyperrise and they personalize them to the prospect they're reaching out to so you can see these examples you know sales reports or HubSpot these are kind of logos and business names would generate dynamically for each Prospect and what they had is this aspirational message of if you work with G2 you in the future you could become a category leader so it's very much a kind of this You know take action and this is kind of what's going to happen so they're kind of visualizing success you know based on the action that they should take and when they when they use these personalized images it crippled their reply rates down from 15 to 48 so a massive massive uplift um and they they do their kind of campaign sizes computers 10 000 prospects in a campaign it's absolutely huge as it Okay if you've got 10 000 prospects and you triple your reply rate you can imagine how how impactful that can be but essentially what they were doing is you know showing success kind of visualizing something and we've kind of seen it with clients again and again you know this is another example uh replied.io where they were targeting customers that had um you know a specific problem so in this case that we're using lots of Different pieces of software a calendly solution a booking solution you know all those sort of things and so you know if anybody out there has used is using lots of bits of software one of the pain points you're going to have is you know they don't really talk to each other very well and it's all a bit of a mess and so they kind of diagrammatically told this story of here's a pain point you have and here's the solution and kind of visually kind of showing it you Know again bringing through the prospect logo in there so the logo is obviously the personalization triggering the pattern interrupt them to pay attention but the diagrammatic storytelling you know is a much easier way for us to see simulate that information you know and then kind of understand what's being said in their case in replies case it doubled their reply rate going from 11. one percent and we we've done this ourselves I mean just look at our own Stats I I hate the fact this is an exact number 1300 that's how many meetings we've booked so far since March we've been recording this um you know you see the percentage of book rates here so we we've done a lot of numbers you know over 15 000 uh kind of clicks coming from 140 000 emails to generate 1300 bookings and so we kind of gone through and done another amount of uh um a b tests you know using images like the ones we're Seeing here um and these uh kind of humanized ones you know but the kind of the key to all of this that the kind of the commonality if you like the principle or is making it very much purposeful so you know we can see here uh this this is James from staff Circle and he Target its customers just as they change roles so you know for example you know that there's their their solution is about employee experience they're targeting HR managers When they change roles and so he's kind of using this personalization on the Whiteboard and say hey congratulations new role and so it's kind of that ice breaker not really kind of saying anything you know kind of but then you know kind of kind of parlaying that or kind of transferring That Into You know I'd love to talk to you about you know kind of employee experience in their case but it's very much very purposeful but humanized it as well and that's kind Of really the key that we've seen with all of our clients you know when they can double or triple or even more uh you know by having the the visualization help tell that story so definitely my my key number one um kind of recommendation to anybody who kind of starting off using image visualization because images are so powerful is to try and reinforce your call to action as much as possible and like you saw with G2 or reply.io or many Of your other customers this is another client about Hub staff now their call to action was to get people to sign up for a self-serve free trial so there's no kind of humanization they weren't going to meet anybody you know in an event or a kind of a sales call but they had to kind of take action and sign up so what they did is they took their product um and personalized it you can see this example personalized to Tim Cook so they're pulling through the business Logo in the dashboard the person listed at the top of the dashboard um you know is the Prospect and their solution is all about managing remote staff you know saying hey don't manage people in spreadsheets manage them in our solution and then this visualization showed how simple it would be you know and kind of if they took action this is kind of what they were eventually see you know putting the trial in their hands before they've taken their action and when they Did that their click-through rates were people taking that call to action of signing up for self for self-serve free trial went from three to eleven percent so more than tripled that engagement rate of people taking action and again very much purposeful in a is a system you're going to take if you take action and look it's already personalized to you this is how it's actually going to look now so really is about you know kind of kind of kind of giving visual Hints and clues to those prospects okay thank you Ian um amazing amazing growth numbers okay if you can share me some of uh about some of these meeting invites to me out there I'll do a deal afterwards um yeah absolutely I got a question for you as as our as our um let's call it the hard-working and the sales guide what 24 7. can you describe your your sales flow and where where in your Outreach the Personalization steps in in your I assume that yeah I know you forgot for a couple of times and I'm pretty sure that you have a well organized flow how to attract and nurture leads and protects well well can you describe me a couple of words your flow what's the exact place that you have placed personalization within well uh first of all Roy thank you for that and I I would have to say that uh you gave me a hard time with this question so because of The flow of for each salesman for each Prospect is different and we should pay attention to the things they stay the same in all of those outreaches so it's not the end product it's something that is from before that stays in every Outreach and what will that be first of all is definitely a good preparation so uh when you find when you have a qualified lead that's the most important part because when you have a qualified lead you finished uh you know that you Can provide a value for that customer it's just a matter of how you can provide the value for that customer but if you don't do qualification of the lead well at the same time you're losing the you're losing the structure of providing the value for the customer so how you should do your preparation you should prepare more information about the lead and that's when the personalization start actually you should find similar cases in case you Need to provide an example and understand the pain points of the customer that you already have in the pipeline and try to understand but what I suggest here within with an understanding of a whole case is to limit your yourself a time because yes from from one perspective it's uh it's certainly better to have as much information as you as you can have but from another perspective active you should limit it yourself a time because Of the quality of formation of information goes improves when you're limited on the time of course this is this is something that should be trained and should be practiced so uh how the time goes for the certain amount of the time for the preparation you will have as much more better understanding and uh and uh of the case of the customers so what first of all this is the preparation the second thing is um to selling to the P to the company and Not to the person what does it means the first mistake when I see from the sales rep actually is they're trying to focus on the position or to trying to focus on the decision maker uh there are you can you can agree with me and then all of you that uh sometimes it can go from up uh from uh from the decision maker down to the person who is actually going to use the the software platform Etc such as sales rep such as contact center managers or which can go uh from from The down level to up level to the decision makers where it can be from the for example a contact center manager to the CEO who is going to make the decision so don't limit yourself to a position because you know and uh based on the preparations that you made you know that you can bring value to that customer it's the matter of uh the connection personalization and how you would approach to them if it's going to be the decision maker who you're going To discuss with or it's going to be a contact center manager in my case where you're where I'm going to start to talk about the features metrics and our software and then raise that question to the to the to the decision maker of course something that I that I would like to use as a personalized approach is one example with Ison experience that's a that's one big BPO from South Africa and uh it took me around five months to close that deal so um with Them they didn't want to answer to the phone it was like a stoppage in the communication yeah I started I was talking to the solution solution architect and and then I've got a I've got an idea to send a donut but literally the donuts to the CEO and the office today and we eat donuts and special donuts with Jam we had an happy hour hour ago I ate like five of them okay so just brought me Those donuts okay so that that it's a great example then uh especially for today so I have sent them the donuts and call them again with voice so uh with voice so local call uh with a local Cool member so I used South Africa number to call them and to ask them how were the donuts and they were laughing about it they liked it and then after one month after that we closed the deal so you should uh the point of this story is never gave up even if it's regarding the Donuts if you should send the donuts send them and by the way did you see the donuts here it was a lot of donuts would you okay no no no no no no we are already Partners so uh no Donuts per Euro and of course at the end when I'm talking about this is um you should use all of the channels and you should use all of the personalization tools that will help you here uh here in the personalization tools Details Matter so As you as you said Roy uh if I want to send a campaign for uh Outreach on the LinkedIn it'll take me decades if I want to use it manual and if I want to save some time in those details I would use lead spotting if I want to stand out from the crowd I would definitely use high price connected with a with the lead spotting because they will see that that this is something that stands out from the crowd and at the end to give them a trust I will use voiceover for The calls because voice so has a local local telephone numbers from more than 140 countries and Integrations with all of the all of the online Messengers such as WhatsApp Instagram uh telegram you name it we have it so basically the way of details and improving those details is to use the tools that will help you automatically automatically and of course give them the trust because you will be the local guy who wants to help them you will stand out From the crowd and you can raise your amount of the messages by using the by using voice so so uh and at the end of course uh when you finish the call you can send from through voice or SMS follow-up that it can be automatical or you can do that the same thing through the through the email feature of of lead spotting or uh or LinkedIn feature through to release button so uh we are close to wrap up so before we wrap up let's leave three more minutes For questions in these four minutes when you think of your question and I see there's only already one question from the crowd um I want to share the last one for myself that's one for myself why did you division the road now of doing more personalization features so I tell you one thing one of the things we're planning to do on our roadmap and uh in the Next Room we have our R D team and they're sitting on it just now as we Speak is we're trying to give even a bigger vision of personalization okay one of the things we're gonna we're gonna release in the next in the next quarter is an ability to recommend on a personal level the right message so today for example you can prepare like five different sales pitches okay each one with a different flavor and you can personalize the image or the name imagine that the system will be smart enough to tell you that for this person For this type of roles or or geographies message number two is better personal story guys we are on the edge of a revolution which Revolution the real AI Revolution I gotta tell you a story in marketing everything has to be a hundred percent like I gotta be in the most elite level of marketing materials right you think 50 times on each phrase you're putting on an email or a LinkedIn template or on your website okay so as a Company we are keeping to improve our content materials so um so one of the things we we saw we tried to do was to improve our own landing page so I sat on some given Saturday like four or five hours just just staring at that piece of paragraph I wanted to operate on our website and then I sent that to the developer and my developer these are smart developers smarter than me I guess and they went to Open AI to the chat 3gpt if you guys familiar with a new chat or Elon Musk and open Ai and they asked the chat what's going to be a better phrasing for lead spotting and in a second it blew up an amazing message that tore me apart okay so my dial four or five hours of staring at the at the steps were were totally redundant so no it it opened my eyes so imagine we can use chat gdpd for each sales manager for each person how to improve It so that's something which is also part of our roadmap okay so personalization is a key factor that's a fact nobody can disagree now the main question is how to deploy it when to deploy it and and how and how much to deploy it so guys uh guys thank you for my time we have one question here from Daniel Simone Danny Simone is asking how does it work on LinkedIn requests I don't know Daniel Who you referred that specific question if it's for me or for hyperize but uh as we mentioned before you can personalize messages on LinkedIn and also request connection messages with text and you can also personalize it combining hyperwise links within the lead spotting platform I hope I answered that question we already demonstrated that before um I see another comment but it's not a question um guy thank you very much anymore for The question you're running right now if not we will wrap up and we'll send this recording and other stuff to everybody's on the email last questions to the amazing team no so thank you everybody for joining thank you very much Philippe Dan and Ian it was um it was a better two eye there is a question now email versus LinkedIn what is your better tool who wants to answer that Philip I mean I would give this to Diane Diane is the expert for the LinkedIn so uh but I I know that the answer is LinkedIn and that's my that's my also my personal opinion look the answer might surprise you okay just if I may the answer might surprise it's a telephone [Laughter] I think from from my perspective I don't think that it's an either or I think it's both for example with LinkedIn obviously you Have specific limits to what you can do and so LinkedIn can be a great tool to identify prospects you've got a real Rich amount of data there but sometimes reaching out via email because not everybody on LinkedIn acts the same way some people are there to consume their data you know the feed their news feed and they rarely go to their messages and some people live in their messages there so there is no one-size-fits all first and what we do is we do both you know so We reach out to people you know by by LinkedIn and if that doesn't work and if we can get there you know using uh you know tourism sort of like lead to boxing getting their email then we'll hit them up on email so I think you should never really kind of have this absolute mentality if it's going to be this or that I think you know and like in that Dan said you know in a phone as well absolutely some people really enjoy getting a phone call some people it's in Especially uh kind of the younger Millennials Etc yeah not so much but going back to what Philippe is saying I think having a local number calling you as well if you're going to resort to phone numbers is is crucial when I see a number that's maybe like say different uh different country than that it really can be quite a blocker you know having a local number much more likely to be answered and so I think there is no choose this channel over that LinkedIn Is amazing for finding identifying prospects and then how you actually contact them is down to their personal preferences and so you have to kind of knock a few doors you know to see which is going to work best for them boost around 25 of the pickup ratio so that's that's quite big that's quite big and as I said definitely you should never give up uh for the for the company that you should bring value and uh either if it's LinkedIn email or or I Can knock on their office that's something that that every good salesman should do so don't limit yourself on any channel don't limit yourself on any person and uh that that way you can definitely boost your results thank you Philippe thank you Ian thank you Dan again thank you everybody have a great uh end of the year happy Hanukkah happy Christmas coming up soon enjoy the vacation and next year it's a new sales year okay new targets uh there's a Social economics I think it's time to grow okay thank you all cheers thank you all cheers have a good one bye bye bye thank you

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