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Even just that 10 minutes of effort makes a difference it now separates you from the people that choose not to make an effort and just go with the easy [Music] hi everyone and welcome to another episode of the high level spotlight sessions where we showcase awesome marketers doing awesome marketing today i'm joined by ian naylor he is one of The co-founders of hyper eyes which is a hyper personalization toolkit for marketers that's pretty cool so i think you guys are going to be excited about what we talked about today ian thanks for joining us amazing chase thanks for having me it's a privilege to be here ian i've had i've spoken with um i had a guest on james who was very big on um personalization and outreach especially in cold outreach he has this whole method that he uses Where he's um where he does personalize things in an image right so imagine i get a message with an image and it has my name on it well that's probably going to catch my attention right like whoa wait how did that happen that's interesting and so when i met you and we were talking previously probably a few months ago now you were showing me some things that i didn't know it could be taken that far Right so i think we've we've talked about and we can talk more about it but the psychology of why it's a good idea to personalize things if you can but i think today i'm most excited to see like how far you guys have been able to take this yeah yeah absolutely i mean it's you you're right there in terms of the personalization it really has you know a massive impact and that's that's really to that psychological effects we process Images so quickly it's like sixty thousand times quicker than text and when you see something it can be as simple as your name as you say but something obviously so familiar to you if you see that in an image you know your brain is just you know putting on the brakes and saying hey you need to pay more attention to that you know and that's kind of what drives that increased mind sharing further engagement but there's lots of other Ways you can do obviously and your name on a coffee cup is kind of the classic one he let's have a you know and a chat and a call in the names on starbucks coffee cup or whatever and that's you know being done a lot and so maybe that kind of triggers a pattern interrupt less now because people are more kind of seasoned to it but there's lots of other great ways and i think the key with all of this from a Personalization perspective is to make it purposeful so you know if you're reaching out somebody in in a cold um perspective as we're talking about now then it needs to mimic or reference or um or visualize your call to action so if your call to action is you hey let's jump on a call then humanize it you make it you but you have your a whiteboard next to you with their name on it you know an agenda you know already kind of Detailed to their company but as you as you kind of hinted to before you can go beyond just that textual elements now and use like thermographic data enrichment so from a business email um from a website you know you can start to get like business logos screenshots of their website or specific you know urls within their website and that sort of thing you know where you can like for example if you're a Link builder and you want to have lovely you know get in this article there's a picture of you and your team around you know a laptop and it's got that article loaded on there that you know that first of all reinforces it and visualizes the call to action um you know and then triggers that pattern interrupt and then the person who receives that oh that's that's not my sight on their screen you know that's and it's the person that's writing to me you're humanizing it and You know you're making it purposeful because you're visualizing the story of hey i checked out your blog it was amazing you know you're doing that stroking the ego and then you get that law reciprocity where they want to respond because you've done something nice for them but that visualization is the thing that kicks the door down that gets them to get that you know that fuzzy kind of feeling if you like and that's really the power behind it and With this broader um capability of visual assets let's call them you've got many more use cases link building we just touched upon there um i mean for example we work with a ton of businesses that have digital products or have you know an outcome that might be like an uptick in sales traffic seo whatever so being able to visualize that in a graph and then put their logo on it for example like one of our clients g2 they Do lots of reports uh you know matrix reports on those sort of things they got their reply rates from 15 to 48 by visualizing mocking up the report putting a sample across but having the business name dynamically the logo dynamically in the key position the top part the top quadrant part of their reports you know so kind of again it's it's kind of stroking the ego again a little bit but using that visualization oh wow that's our logo already there in That you know end of that report and you know of course i'm going to reply or you kind of want to know more about that yeah that's i mean it's fascinating and you so you mentioned the stat that was kind of staggering so you said uh we can process images 60 000 times more quicker than text which is amazing and you know i was actually just thinking about this morning as i was driving into the office how Insane it is how much you're processing as you're driving right like um and so it makes total sense to me that something so small as just seeing your own logo you you can feel your brain sort of like flash and say well like you need what is pay attention over there like it definitely it's almost like you don't have control over it you have to sort of take a minute or a moment to to focus on what's going on what you Just saw exactly so yeah we talked about images and i'd love to come back around and talk about like what's hot right now like images you mentioned the the starbucks coffee cup and and how it's been you being used a lot and has done really well and i'm sure part of your guys's job is to come up with the next starbucks coffee cup scenario but let's start there d is that are you guys Constantly sort of monitoring and like okay well this one's been working great and now it seems like everybody's sort of seen it and it's not resonating as much so we need a new scenario i think why the starbucks coffee cup works so well is it's just kind of zero effort you know you don't there's you know a photoshop image out there you know of a coffee cup you know it's included in it in our platform as a template you know The name is the name it's just literally copy and paste in your template and go on versus a little bit more effort of like i mentioned before humanizing it so it's you holding the coffee cup you know even just that 10 minutes of effort if you said if you think about it that way makes a massive difference not a massive difference but makes a difference it now separates you from maybe the that i don't want to put a Number on it but the number of people that choose not to make an effort and just go with the easy okay there's a there's a template you know and in hyper price we have maybe over eight templates now and they're constantly adding new templates but then they're not really necessarily there to say use this exact template but more for use this is inspiration for your own version so you know you might not so for example A funny one was one of our clients at orca security that what their head sdr came on um and he created this gif so that was the other thing i was going to say that gifs are a great um something that we've seen a lot of clients use now because the movement of the image draws the eye in and then obviously the personalization triggers the pattern interrupting so it's just an extra layer of kind of you know neediness of an image i mean like Look at me look at me you know kind of pay attention to me um so we had we had the eric from orca security who created um this gif of him in an orca suit um as part of his outreach and he's going like high ticket figure deals so it was quite ridiculous for he was going for so it's like c-level uh kind of targeting but it managed to double the amount of demos he got into all of his colleagues well okay we want to do our own gifts because this was last year during the pandemics they Couldn't all go out and kind of buy orca suits they couldn't go to the office to get the one that was there so they're all scratching around the office outside at home trying to work out what they could have and some had white boards and some had but there was this poor guy todd and he said i don't have a whiteboard i don't have a plain wall anywhere that i can point at and so eventually he took a picture off the wall and turned it round so it's just Like a plain back and so he's pointing he's holding your picture and pointing at it but you know the difference of one it being a gif and to it being in this case todd and then we had this kind of prop which was the thing we're putting the personalization on doesn't really matter what the prop is um you know whether it's pointing at a blank piece of wall whether you've got looking to have a white board either fixate you know fix the wall or you know an easel Sort of one um something that you can you know if if that's the sort of style of personalization you want to go down humanizing it i think that works best when you're the person you're reaching out to you're going to meet them you know because they're not helping to kind of bring the human connection forward we have other clients uh their call to action is sign up for a free self-serve trial so what they do is they'll visualize the product so um hub Staff is one of our clients and they they use other they're um they talk at hr managers and they've got um a timesheet app and it's a self-serve kind of call to action so what they've got is like uh they're kind of a desk um or the dashboard and they can mobile app so this kind of the remote workers can log their times etc just kind of visualizing the product how how it will make their the person using their life easier because it's easy to manage their Workers etc but they had about 30 points of personalization you know so like the people in the dashboard the map on the app uh the logos business names you know the kind of person who was kind of logged into the dashboard all personalized um in the images but also on the landing page um and that drove a forex uplift you know but that was just personalizing product images so kind of similar to kind of personalizing as we touched on before like g2 you know with The kind of success charts etcetera but you know lots of different ways but again with all the different uh capabilities having a map that's personalized to whoever's looking at it you know so the map is of their their location you know that that's kind of so subtle personalization in that way doesn't have to be screaming their name for example well you guys are also personalizing video now too Correct yeah it's kind of um in terms of from our platform capabilities it works very very similar in terms of the editor it's just a kind of a drag-and-drop editor so you drop in elements and then you can choose you know be visible from here from one second into three seconds in animate in from the left and kind of fly out from the right or whatever and so you could have you know where i would use it typically is you'd Have hey we checked out your website and have a video of somebody a website kind of typing away and on the screen obviously replacing that screen element with an actual kind of screen grab and again it's you can use those for you know video sales letters but we've also found um because because they're so engaging and also with our videos that can be interactive as well so you can click elements and then you need to load other videos or kind of um other Kind of tabs in the browser it gives you an option to kind of actually kind of really um kind of give an interactive experience we're using for onboarding in our products as well i'm seeing kind of the kind of the support tickets go down as kind of the self-serve kind of help through these kind of videos or personalized as well of course um essentially um yeah you just kind of Drag in these personalized elements but a couple of other things that we've added that we don't have in images obviously you've kind of got the extra dimension time so you can kind of set you know when when they appear but also so we've got um text to voice so you can actually have personalized voice in the video we're using google's deep mind ai to generate that on on the fly so that's like 200 voice variants in or whatever accent or language you want male female You know it's pretty much there and that's that's just getting better by the day in terms of you know how how kind of uh realistic um it is you know so okay so this is getting crazy so let's say i build a funnel in high level right you're saying i could have a video on a page yeah and because i know i already have the person's information in high level when they hit that page and start watching the video the video is saying Like hey chase we we had a look at this or whatever and check this out and i'm like whoa okay again it just said my name now i'm paying attention yeah exactly exactly that and how does this all work with high level if i'm if i'm like this makes total sense to me how do i incorporate all of this into so at high level where like capture nurture close right so Capture we talked about in cold outreach or outreach in general putting things into emails videos or images that are personalized things like that if i'm using high level how do how do how do i make how does that work yeah so this we have additional guides and for all these essentially obviously there's a couple of different touch points with the kind of obviously the emails and we have an integration there so you can add Our personalized images into your outreach into your emails there obviously they could be clickable um going to your high level landing pages or websites and we have a little javascript snippet that you add to the high level uh kind of in a settings area uh within there you just drop that in and then that just enables that kind of hyper personalization so connecting those assets and and from there we have a Little um website toolbar it's actually chrome extension so you can just define the personalization in the browser um kind of essentially as you know the end user would see the site and that's where you can drop in your personalized images videos as well as personalize any element of text on the page wow that's cool so i mean i'd love to visualize some of this could you show us maybe one or two of Your highest performing personalizations or ones that you found really creative yeah sure absolutely let me just um grab your details and i'll i'll personalize a page um to you um so i mean this is what you're seeing here is a landing page that i use in my outreach and this is kind of an asset that would be clickable um that i've sent people to from either Email or linkedin but to give you an idea of the sort of image i would use it'll be something like this one here so again going back to the same before i use a gif um and this is kind of my evolved version of of the coffee cup right so i'm still framing my callers let's have a chat and a coffee um but now i'm kind of visualizing the coffee in the gift and i'm pulling frequency here and this is Rebecca from um loud marketing through her logo and her name on my screen you know of this example here to edgar while putting through his website and logo you see edgar's response here i never applied to these emails but these images are clickable uh and when they're clicked they would go through to a page like this you can see in this case i've just personalized it to you as viewed clicked the email so in this case obviously we've got um pulling Through the the business name here the main purpose of this page is to get someone to book a call so i've got calendly embedded below again personalized with the first name and your business name here next to the social proof and as we go through the page trying to kind of i guess the philosophy here is that if people are still scrolling they're not quite decided yet so we're going to give them more reasons to book The call so just kind of going through what they'd expect from the call and then again using that um kind of knowledge that people process images significantly quicker trying to balance the text and what's going on there with a visualization of that and again having some personalization in the visualization in terms of the report we've got here again which is personalized as it's going to be Prepared for you with your business name and pulling through some various other elements here um and of course we've got the the video at the top hi chase did you know videos generate the highest level of engagement online did you know that using hyper personalization can 2x conversions hyperis leverages the power of these combined to take by level results to a new level i won't play the whole video But you get the idea um you can see here we're now at the uh the kind of uh we checked out your website popped the video let's check out the high level website and we have some tips to share with you um and then we kind of go on from there and then finally we've got some interactive options where again we've got the call to action of booking a call which in this time loads out to another tab Um or we've got other options of other videos to watch which we kind of open up kind of in line as it were hi chase welcome oh i've stopped that but and the interesting thing is you get more we get more clicks more people booking a calendly uh event from the one embedded in the video that blinks out to the tab versus the one underneath so we do see kind of a lot of engagement in the videos as well i think that's obviously you could grab people's attention get Something a bit different and so they kind of watch the anything okay that's cool i kind of i will have a i will have a chat but like saying this example we just went to there's more kind of like the onboarding videos we would use where you kind of got what you want to learn about you know pick an option sort of thing but yeah lots of different um kind of uh ways of using the video well that's a yeah that's a really Interesting use case of now we're talking onboarding which is really cool so i've already made the sale but i need to get people set up in my high level account um that's pretty interesting to be able to say you know which sort of journey do you want to go on first yeah exactly so yeah what we do with these as soon as you kind of start clicking through those then we're going to add other elements the interactive Buttons so you kind of got the kind of narration which again is done so you could you know have that still personalized um and here we've got we were in videos with interactive bunch of videos we'd go all the way back to onboard chase welcome back great to see you again you're making great progress through your hyper eyes on boarding great job chase now please select another option so you see you've got the kind of more On-boarding sort of things there but again you're allowing you to kind of get through it a bit easy but again you know with this sort of point you know you're trying to keep it light-hearted because there you know because sometimes when you are learning can be a bit heavy and so any kind of philosophy there was to try and keep it interesting but you know those this is just one page um i've got an example here and this is a high level um kind of a funnel page and again just Very simply you just put the tracking code in here and on the page this page right now is personalized um to tim cook from apple but maybe what i can do is just grab and just grab your email and we'll change it and just personalize it to you again so in this case you can see we'll pull through um kind of high level here Um and kind of a few other personalizations again this is just a kind of a test page but you'll see here there's a highlighted dot we're putting through already your names completed and your details so we could kind of you know help kind of improve or we could even listen to that form so when somebody put when somebody um completes that form that triggered personalization as well we can see here just very simply using The personalization toolbar we can just select any element on the page so we could say here for example put in first name image personalization in email or whatever and so those are the high level short codes that you're grabbing right now these are actually um hyper eyes short tags they're probably just similar syntax because they're very similar but Yeah these these synthetic tags essentially will pull data from the front yeah when we've made a connection like you know we've mentioned before like clicking a link or whatever in an email um from high level okay so this is pretty cool i would love it if you could actually show us in hyper eyes using the high level integration that you've set up how i would say build an image that i'm going to use in an email Yeah sure absolutely so let me go back to here and let's just create an image from scratch and just going to create a simple one just to highlight the process so you can upload any sort of image into hyper eyes they can be static images or you might see here there can be gifs so um you know it could be something you create in photoshop it gives me quick take on your phone but i'm just going to select a gif for Now you'll notice that the gifs don't animate when we're in design mode but what i can do is i can just start to drag in elements so we've got a text element here i'm gonna just put that there and so like like we saw with it when we're editing a website we've got variables so i can change this and put in a variable let's say first name let's just restyle this probably see that it's going to Change the font color and maybe change the font to something looks like it's being more written on the board permanent marker maybe take the attack off and just increase the size a little bit um let me just adjust that one all right so we've got our first name um let's just have a little call to action here would love to chat All right let's do that uh and then maybe what we can also do is add in their logo in here so we're gonna add the logo um onto the canvas so we're gonna have on the board so i'll reduce the size a little bit and put it in the corner there and maybe make it round and then finally just for fun i'm going to add a little love shake in here so i'm going to choose the shape layer and change that to heart Make it black um and then just reduce the size of that and put it about there so we've got our image now um and i can preview this just to see i'm not really happy with that space there so i'm gonna do is i'm just gonna remove that here we go let's save that and preview it so we've got tim would love to chat perfect so now what i'm gonna do Is i'm going to go to this option here get image code i'm going to click add new and this is going to just select the integration we're going to use our image with in this case i'm going to choose high level now we can choose to link this to a landing page so so far what we've done is selected our image we're going to add it into a high level um outreach do we want the image clickable i is the call To action email click this and go somewhere or do you want someone to reply so you've got the image there to grab their attention and then reply so we would say no if you want to send them somewhere else we say yes at this point we could select our website so if you've if you start creating personalization on any of your pages it'll already be in this list if not just click add new and then you can Just add it in this case the uh the high level landing page is this one here and again we can add in a sub page so i'm just going to add that in there so that gives us the full url now when we click next um hyperis is going to check whether this page we've just um suggested here is already set up for um for personalization in this case we've already added the uh snippet which is the thing you would add here In um in settings in this body tracking area you see we've already got it in if that wasn't there then there would be a step before you see this screen which is add this snippet and again there'll be an integration guide there showing you how you do it okay again we've got uh we're in high level now we've got the codes we just copy this code and we add this to high level and again we've got an integration guide here that shows us exactly how we do that step one is what We've just done copying or adding the integration and copying the code and then step two again we're in the old version here where you can just click view source and paste it in or if you're in the email html so the newer better version then you can just use the html block and just bang it in there and that just kind of gives it a nicer experience either way once you've done that you're going to have this dynamic image In your template in your email template and wherever you use that template it's going to personalize dynamically on the fly so and that's just for completeness um go back to here delete this image i'm in the old version here actually you can just easily do that the same code will work in both so we can just i'm just going to create some space here um and i'm just going to paste that in and we've got our image there anything i'm Going to do is i'm just going to set the width equals 100 so we can just see that nicely in there and then what we're gonna should see is the um image pull through and again in this case we can see we've got contact first name we'd love to chat and obviously that's gonna personalize the logo is gonna dynamically update um using hyperisos uh photographic enrichment so um for uh if you've got a Business email or a website in high level that will dynamically update what you can also do if you think that maybe your data's not going to have um business emails all the time or websites you can also set a default so that default here default logo could either be maybe maybe your own your own logo maybe or if you want to show nothing at all uh we've got a transparency so you can Choose a transparency so the logo will still show when a logo is available from our enrichment because you see here if before we had was first name for example then we're still going to get the first name but then the logo just elegantly excuse me disappears wow that's super cool that's awesome so yeah if you're using the new email builder there's a code block so you would just drag it in paste the code and Then you're ready to roll just paste that in save and then we've done exactly the same thing and then we've got the image again with the personalization and again this image is also clickable and it's going to go through to our specific url and that will pull through all that personalization on that page that we define wow i mean when you sit back and think about it it's really a huge level up Especially if you're doing cold outreach to get a personalized image and then if you if they do click the call to action then the whole page is personalized i thought that was really you know the page that you showed me that said high level all over it and my name all over it that was pretty impressive i mean yeah and there's that guy that i love So really interesting um and so what's next for you guys what do you think is on the horizon like what are you working towards now yeah so i mean one of the things we've recently um launched is personalized short links um and that's it's not something that's so interesting uh interesting in in the um email world but in in kind of like social world it's much more interesting So a short link for us is think of it like a bitly link but we can and we can can embed put the personalized data inside there like in open graph tags so when you share that link you'll still see an image but it will be personalized that the title underneath the image can be personalized and again when you click that link or click the uh you can the previewed image it's going to take you through to your personalized landing page so that's kind of great for sharing Their sort of messages but pretty much any any kind of social platform so that could be linkedin messages facebook messages uh uh twitter messages pinterest messages instagram messages slack messages you know so there's lots of great ways that you can kind of start to branch out your uh kind of your personalization and kind of keep it consistent in terms of utilizing this we're going to personalize images in a Way that wasn't possible before you know for example in linkedin you know having a a kind of uploaded personalized image you embedded it so when you clicked it it opened up so that was great for um kind of keeping the engagement in linkedin if you're trying to take them out without the linkedin walls to do something and then that option didn't really exist so now there's a very simple way so that kind of personalized short links is it's something we've you Know recently launched seen a lot of um a lot of love and a lot of traction with that as well and we've got um as ap zap for that as well so you can create them via zaps or via a google sheet upload csvs lots of different ways to kind of create those short links hmm very cool well so the url is obviously hyperized.com tell me about the free trial yeah absolutely so we have a 14-day free trial and that gives you complete access To all of the products so essentially you know we have three core parts of the product if you like which is personalized images website personalization and video personalization that gives you access to all of those as well as being able to create your own custom domains custom image links um you know and foot full access very cool well i look forward to seeing some examples that the community comes Up with uh using hyper eyes so if you guys are watching and you do go sign up for a trial shoot me an email with uh personalize something for me and uh i'd love to see what you guys come up with but ian thanks so much for coming on to show us this crazy technology case it's been an absolute pleasure man i've really really enjoyed spending some time with you today awesome and thanks everybody for watching we'll see you in the next one Appreciate it take care bye

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