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Great so thanks for joining us and let's jump into the session of first of all why linkedin events and hyper personalization so first of all you know linkedin doesn't need much of an introduction we all know linkedin is massive it's you know the biggest b2b social network out there over 800 million users of which there's about 128 of those on the platform Any given day for daily active users so you know there's lots of people in there you know and they're kind of relatively easy to target in lots of different ways now when we look at the specifically events in linkedin if you're going to give a search i think this morning that looks there's 132 000 events active on linkedin that you could discover so that tells us a couple of things one that lots of people are creating events so yes there's a bit of competition there But also it means lots of people create events there because there's some value in that and if you search for an event for you know a given keyword that's relevant for you you can often see events in there that have thousands if not tens of thousands of kind of registrations and so you can see that it's an active area of linkedin you know and so great place to kind of take your demo content or your event content and use linkedin as a kind of Starting off point to kind of get registrations you can think you can also see that linkedin want you to create content on their platform like events and one of the ways you can tell that is that they allow you to send a massive 1000 invites per week per linkedin account so that means is if you're not just a solo wolf but you're in an office with a bunch of other sdrs you can get a couple of you all inviting your your Networks to that event and so you know just one linkedin account can create you know a couple hundred people per week in terms of getting kind of invites into the you know actual people registering from the invites and so you know if you've got a couple of people doing that you can really scale that out and of course they provide you with some really neat automation options in terms of linkedin so you know they're really encouraging you not only to create Events but to promote them and then create further automations from that and that's all within their terms and conditions without having to use any automation tools so you know that's you know you're not going to get a kind of a slap on the hand as it were from linkedin so linkedin events you know linkedin love them and you've got great capacity to invite people and then when we look at the kind of the capabilities that the linkedin page Provide when you've created a linkedin event you can choose to use the linkedin registration form as a way for people to kind of register for your event but the great thing about this is that when you see the registration button on the on the event page when you click that you get this form here to register for the event now you can see here that the form is already completely Pre-filled with all of your linkedin details the only box is actually editable is the email address which is still pre-populated but gives you a chance to at least change that so this is the least friction way that you can give somebody or provide this to particular people to to register for your event and so you can get this amazing data in all of this data that probably ordinarily wouldn't be filled In certainly not accurate in terms of let's say job titles and things and you get all of that you know by this simple click of a button and so that's one of the benefits of using linkedin events is it just such a streamlined way of getting people to say yes i want to go to your event and then give that and then give you a bunch of data in return and then the other great thing is once you've got that data is what you can do with it and so this is where the hype of Personalization comes in and we can sort of get drive that engagement and that virality in this case we're looking at three different examples here of images like event gifs but personalized gif images that have been sent to people after they've registered so again the the linkedin data gets shot out dynamically we see that kind of being able to create these personalized images and then send them To people and what that does is kind of a couple of fold one it creates this moment of delight where you know amy or angie or manoy here you know they get their event gif and they feel great they've just registered for the event and now they're getting this really personalized experience which of course we know can help then on top of that kind of leveraging that goodwill that you're creating You can then say hey you know really love it if you could you know share that you're coming to our event you know that would mean a lot to us or you know maybe you could offer a bribe like if you share it you can get put in for a draw for a prize and so because of that social capital you've built up for creating that good will the chance of people sharing them in increase and the reason kind of why that good will exist is because of the way the human brain Processes images so the human brain processes images like 60 000 times quicker than text so what that means is when when we receive an image like this you know with our name or our business name or whatever it may be in there you know personalized something an action we've just taken you know creates that pattern interrupt because it's so different from something we're maybe expecting and that pattern interrupts just a psychological behavior that just Puts a break on the brain the brain say hey stop you know you must pay more attention to this and that improved engagement you know that kind of creating that moment of delight you know with the personalized images just leads to more people engaging and taking the call to action so in this case you're asking them to share and this is kind of you know a very simple email that we send out probably you'd have seen one similar when you registered for this Event you know where we're just kind of saying leveraging that you know thanks for registering creating that moment of delight giving them a very simple method to share three buttons three different social platforms you know and kind of enjoying the outcome from that you know and and then we see this sort of experience where you know we can see these personalizations shared on one-to-one messages in feeds across different channels facebook twitter and Linkedin in fact when we look at the split and the performance of this across a group it's really quite interesting the effect this creates and so this is an example here again of an event we did recently and we had just over 400 people register and it was a kind of a bi-weekly event and of those about 400 people 9.5 that's 38 people out of those 400 shared to at least one the social platforms that we gave the option to and then on average those those 38 shares on average generated six additional registrations each so that was over 212 additional registration so in total this event had over 620 people register you know and you know had a virtual 60 virtually 50 percent uplift from using this kind of virality this kind of Boost from these shareable gifts and as you can see here the majority of the sharing happening on the linkedin platform which again is great because obviously it's a linkedin event you know we want to create that engagement with kind of a b2b audience so that's the kind of the theory behind it we use linkedin events as a platform to event it doesn't matter whether your actual event is being promoted or can host it on linkedin you can put any sort Of online link to there this is just the method for you to kind of collect the registrates for your own event so let's jump into how we would do that how we would set it up so first thing first is there's a url you can go to which just shows you all the events that you're presently registered for and there you'll see a create button equally on any event page that you're on you'll also see a create event button on there so let's just kind of Uh look at what the next step is and obviously the key there is to choose an organization and take the linkedin registration form so take a step back get this url and jump in and do that so what i'm going to do is create an event here while while we're kind of on the on the go so i'm just going to you see here you've got the create button so i'm going to click create And what that's going to do is give me a couple of options in terms of the the event kind of that i'm going to set up the first of those the most important is the organizer so the organizer to be able to if i just can leave just e in there for a moment what you'll notice is that there's no option no tick box for regis using the linkedin registration form so when we change that to an organization so if i choose a hyperis Business page here we can see now we've got this additional option use a linkedin registration form and that's great because that means that we can now collect that data and then we should use it in the way that we're kind of just discussing so what i'm going to do is just kind of while we're just going to go through this process just quickly just pop in all the information so the event name i'm going to choose in la an online event which means we'll get This external link which you can leave blank for now or you can put your zoom link in it doesn't matter that could be anywhere where you want to redirect people to but also you can redirect them via your emails as well so then what i'm going to do is just put a description in there so i'll just save a little bit time on on the call i've just pre copied all of that so i'm going to put description in i'm going to obviously choose a date and time so Uh when was date let's choose the first of june so we'll choose the first of june and we're going to do that at 6 00 p.m so let's choose 6 p.m from here there we go we'd have to put in a privacy link but that could just be any link on on your website that kind of looks there and then finally you can put your speakers in so that's going to be yourself you choose myself as a speaker and also the final thing it's actually Not final thing is choosing the the cover for the upload so i'm going to click this image here what should be able to do is find an image that i've created i'm going to use it's just kind of got a simple title pretty much the one i use those times just change the title around and there we go we've pretty much got everything selected there and click next um And so now we can just kind of create a shareable post about this so let me just put in a little cheesy comment and post that excuse me all right and so we've got that now you can see that immediately as soon as we've built that event and got it it's done we can actually start to invite people straight away and so this is the great thing about linkedin and the events we put on here that we Can invite up to a thousand people a week through this method and we can do some quite interesting kind of filters here we can filter by location or if you know you want to target types of companies if you're doing some abm or you know types of school and also industry as well so obviously industry is quite a solid one to be able to do in terms of kind of defining people's interests that's kind of certainly a good way of being able to kind of Create the sort of people that you want to target you know if there's people members of groups which covers companies that's great like you know doing something about sales then invite everybody that's got rev genius there you know so you can start scrolling down here and this will just be an infinitely list that you can just then just kind of select and then invite those 70 people To the event you know it's a very simple way of being able to invite people to your event you know like i say to a thousand a week so four thousand a month virtually so that's really how simple it is to build your event you know it took us a couple of minutes there obviously i already had the text and image done but you know a couple more minutes to get those done and obviously the key being organizer and ticking the box for event registration form and Because we've ticked those anybody comes here they're going to see the registration button before they get to see any of the details for the event like the event link so that's the so that's the kind of the first step which was to create the event now i want to do is create a shareable gif for for our event so in this case what i'm going to do is go to hyperise now you can Log in if you already have an account of course if you don't have a completely free trial 14 days but happy to extend that anybody that's kind of thinking halfway to the event and you know the trials running out you know this intended idea of the trial is to give you a good run to see the value in this in this case what i'm going to do is i'm going to log into my own account but what you'll notice is whether you have a new account existing account or a Trial account there will be some some some example templates here in your account that you can use similar to the ones you've probably seen or already in this case there's quite simple templates we've got a gift background and again very simple to create your own gift backgrounds and upload those and then we're just putting through some personalization like first name last name and logo where available Uh we just had a bit of a tongue-in-cheek adding the vip ticket here to make people feel a bit more special and then obviously you've got some text here this you know it can be the name of your logo and the date you probably should put some imagery in there in terms of some event imagery as well and so we can once we've created our image or use the template one we've got here and added in our our Own variables you know we can then start to use that in in the automation so very simple to go to and kind of start building and adding in these layers for your hyper eyes image template once we've got that those two elements done we've got our event we've got our image ready to use to start inviting people then the next step very simply is using zapier to create this automation so the automation will go From triggered from linkedin so every time registers linkedin will start this trigger we'll create the personalized short link from our event image and then we'll send that out in an email now again they're sending out an email in this case for in this example we're using gmail you could of course send the data to your crm or send it to your other email automation platform or you know even another event management System if you wanted to and then send the kind of correspondence from there in this case for the purpose of illustration just easier just to send it direct within gmail but to kind of copy and start off with this kind of starting point all we need to do is simply click this link here and what that's going to do is take us to that zap that we created and allow us to take a copy of it and use it for ourselves so i'm just going to click the try this zap Button and just go through that process just to show you how simple that really can be so you can see here now that i've got this zap it'll be it's in my own account obviously if you hadn't already been signed up for zapier then you know you would have to kind of sign up or log in first and see how i was already logged in so it's just throwing it straight into my account and i can simply just go through these three steps And just get them set up and so the first part of that is from the linkedin perspective and all we're doing is choosing our linkedin account again you can see i've already got a linked account set up if not i'll just need to kind of log in with my credentials once i've done that i can now choose the organization and this is gonna obviously tie up to the organization that we chose in the event that we were creating and so what That means is now what we should see in this list there we go is the event there we go it's this one here that we've just created today and so we can now select our organization but the event but we can also do here if you notice a little comment here we if we could have chosen not to select an event what that means is that we could fire this little solution or this little trigger for any Event so we have multiple events on at the same time then we could trigger this different invites or these kind of different thanks for registering for every single event in this case i'm just going to select it for the event that we've just created and i'm going to select continue so now i just have to test that trigger it's going to test our credentials all those sort of things um And obviously in this case what it's saying is it can't find any registrant so what i'm actually going to do is just for the purpose of this demonstration i'm just going to select one that we've already done here because obviously that obviously has some some registrants in there all right so now we can see that you know if you're getting this problem when you're doing it maybe once you've Created your event just get a friend or a member of staff or kind of anybody around just to kind of create that first registration and then obviously you linkedin or zip you'll be able to find that data and you'll be good to go so you can see now we're putting through some of the data from the linkedin form so that's all good so we can click continue and so now we're on to step two which is creating the hyper hyper eyes a short link Which has got a shareable link that's gonna embed the image so again first of all we have to log into hyper eyes you can see again i've already got my login here but again simple just add your kind of api credentials in there and that will be good to go and then from there what we're able to do is choose our image template you know the one that we were just kind of created or using in hyper eyes so in this case i'm going to choose my Event simple example template and then also what we need to do is add in our landing page so what we're going to do is in these shareable images that when they when they're shared and when they're clicked they're going to go to our event page obviously going to help that kind of virality of people going to your event so what we need to do is just get our event page which is everything Apart from the about part so that's what you see that once you've registered so we just get that from the url and go back to zapier and add that in simple as that and you can see the title the title if you remember going back to the images is what appears underneath the image once it's shared you see the image and then the title underneath so in this case underneath the image we're going to see the title i'm attending whatever the Name of the event is you should check it out so this is going to give you that social endorsement that when you know the person's registered event gets their personalized gif and then shares it they're telling their network their audience hey i'm attending this event really cool you should too so you may want to kind of modify that text a little bit or you might be happy with as it is as you can see we're pulling through the name of the event Dynamically automatically from the linkedin event so again if we were processing multiple different events this would still kind of work for that in terms of the name there also what we're putting through is the prospect's email first name last name and business name again from the from the linkedin forum then finally if we've chosen to some of the some of the event tickets we Have in this case this one doesn't that we worked worked with but you see some of these we put qr codes in there again that's just gives another visual lightning to the ticket but actually also it can be functional and so when scan takes you somewhere so again if we wanted someone to scan and go to the event in the qr code url we would add the event code in there so once we've kind of added in all our bits of data we can click continue and again we can do a Little test and that will just create the personalized short link again that should all work perfectly fine there we go and so now we're on to our last step and so this case as i mentioned we're using gmail in this example but you could quite easily click plus here and add in you know an outlook solution or you know putting it into hubspot or mailshake or whatever your chosen solution was but in this case i'm just going to choose my my standard Gmail account click continue here and again you can see the film that the fields already pre filled in based on this shareable there's that we've provided so again we've got the email in here which is going to the person who's registered you could put a cc and put yourself in there if you wanted to if you wanted to kind of receive this too your friend name is this is obviously Where you're going to put your name in there so you can so they can see who it's coming from obviously it's coming from your email address but you have like the show name and then we have the email subject and again we're using placeholders to create this as dynamically as possible so first name thanks for registering for whatever the name event is event and then finally we have this body of the email and again we've got all of The placeholder parameters in there so there's nothing really we need to change from this you can see so the email is hi first name thanks for registering for name of the event event and then here with this kind of bit of code here is showing the personalized image and again it's clickable and it's going to be clickable going to your event and then we have this little paragraph here i'd love i'd love it if You'd share on linkedin twitter or facebook if you are that you're attending our event click on any of the buttons below to share your personalized gift to win some cool prizes at the event so again obviously feel free to change your bribe and kind of with the bigger the bribe the more the shares you know that sort of thing or maybe more social armed twister and then finally this kind of big lump of code here is this three shareable Buttons and again you don't need to change anything at all there it's it's all dynamic based on all the things we've chosen before and then finally at the end see the event all the best and so again you might want to put your name there or the best oh whatever it may be and then that's it so we simply click continue i won't test and continue this one because otherwise that means that neil's going to get this message and it's not Going to make sense because it's not an event he's registered for but hopefully you see the idea that once we've accepted testing continue that's it that whole action is then live and it's good to go you know and then every time this will be registered we're going to create that short link automatically it's going to personalize their image and they're going to receive as a thank you have that moment of delight and then they're much more Likely to share that and create more social endorsement for for your event so that's the very kind of basics of how we create that and now it's going to talk about how we can promote it now we've seen already in the event when we look at the event page we have this invite here and that provides a very simple way that we as individuals can just kind of go through create some some filtering of some description And then as soon as we create some filtering then we're able to kind of do this full select and we can just keep scrolling down and as we keep scrolling down just get lazy loads you can load like say you you can invite like a thousand a week so if you want to sit here and kind of go through here and scroll for you know however many times probably like 20 shows at a time so you know scrolling about a couple hundred times Then yeah you can absolutely do that and it will take about 20 minutes or so or there's some great and interesting they use automation tools that you can use that enable you to do this obviously much quicker but also in a slightly more interesting way in that right now as you can see the the filterings we've got as industry and also school company and location so okay no not too bad at all i have to Say but imagine if you could use all of the sales nav filters and be able to look at you know has somebody been active on linkedin recently invites somebody to be active you know do they have more share experiences and how how how long is their experience you know time you know time working in that area all of those sort of additional filters so we're using a an automation tool like expandi what we Can do is create a filter or search filter based on people we want to invite to the event and then expand it will just send out you know a couple of hundred invites per day on your behalf spacing it out you know but to be more laser focused in terms of how you do that i'll share some links for expanding later on but i wanted to share with you the manual way you know which is totally great and i'd say it takes half an hour Or 45 minutes per week and then there's an automated way the automated way of course saves you a bit of time but also gives you there's extra and targeting options which you know essentially means you're going to be more successful in terms of people taking up those options you know better targeted means you know better results so that's that's kind of how we start to promote the event and then it's Obviously when we're promoting these events we're inviting our first degree connections and so what we want to do is go beyond just our first degree connections what we want to do is grow our first reconnections so we've got new people to invite every month and so what we want to do and what kind of People have done historically when they're doing that is kind of send out connections and their messaging and kind of grow your network that way just using the the standard amount of limits that you have you know using the standard interface of of linkedin however linkedin really don't like you to kind of keep messaging people and you know just trying to give them call to actions which takes you out of linkedin to go and look at A landing page somewhere else or you know was a bad user experience for people coming into linkedin just being bombarded in their inbox and so linkedin have kind of reduced your ability to do that to now no more than 100 people per week can you send that new connection request to however there is another way that you can do that and this is a an article actually on linkedin itself which kind of draws the attention to the fact that you can upload at a time up to 100 sorry up to 10 000 contacts so you can upload a csv file directly into this contacts page in linkedin i can upload a file of emails people that i already know and then linkedin will kind of do the connection dance dynamically for me and not be part of of my 100 per week so you could be doing hundreds per day using this method so that's great but you might be asking well where do i get where do i get the contacts from where do i get those details from and again That's where a solution an automation solution like expandy or texo again we've linked to both of them here become really interesting because what we can do is like we saw here in in our own event we can see we've got one attendee here right but if i just now search for some events we've got some maybe larger audiences than than the one that we've just created let's just Choose this one here you can see 460 people have been registered for this event you see i haven't registered yet so i don't get to see all of them i can't anything but if i register for this event you can see here we've already got all of the form filled in so i can just simply click submit i won't add it to my calendar but now that i've done that you can see i this is now a link 459 Attendees and if i click that link we've now got a list of every single one of those so you can see 47 pages 10 per page the full 400 registrants for that event so i can now simply take this link here and again using an automation tool like expandee like texo i can pull all of these people out from this list so now what i'm doing is i've established that these are people that Attend events they're interested in events as a medium and also they're interested in whatever this event was in this case i'd search for b2b and so it's people that maybe have an interest in b2b so this is a great way of establishing not just a good target audience but ones that are also more likely to take action because they seem to be done that already and so taking this audience we can use an automation tool and they'll pull those Through and probably get you know a good somewhere between 30 and 50 percent hit rate in terms of grant finding the emails and so that's my experience with with expanding is one that i use in terms of finding the emails for those linkedin profiles you've got and then of course once you've got those those linkedin profiles then you can leverage this import csv contacts process to then kind of do your in your invites at a much higher kind of scale so you know What you might be able to do is you know have 2 000 invites per month you know using this process or even more and you can see here from this screenshot at the bottom this is a recent csv import campaign that i started you see there's 15 000 in there that actually uploaded it in in two parts so i know it's ten thousand maximum and so it was two seven thousand odds but out of That total of 15 000 it's been processed 4 000 have already had a message sent a connection message and you can see 2227 have accepted that so that's 51.6 connection rate using this method so even though it's a high volume kind of scale option it still can be incredibly successful in terms of your connection rates obviously your connection rates if we're able to send out more than 2 000 of these a month you know then that's Over a thousand people that we're able to add you know and those thousand people effectively can be you know maybe 20 or 30 of those are going to accept your invitation to your event you know because of the targeting you've done you're more likely to be the 30 so you've added another 300 people you know into your event you know from using this automation so it's a great way to scale adding and growing your network month to month and the great thing here is that We're using linkedin to kind of send the invites we're not doing a an invite then immediately pitch and so you know their their kind of touch points have been more kind of linkedin based linkedin's kind of organized i think the the the connection and then also the event invite as well effectively comes from linkedin and so you know you're not kind of annoying people maybe the same way that you could do if you were kind of Just doing a kind of a and pitch so again doing a scale but doing it in a in a more graceful way so that's kind of the process in in a in a 40-minute nutshell i hope that's been useful everything that we've covered today is available in a more detailed step-by-step guide that i'm going to link to in this in this presentation here but what i wanted to Do is take a moment to kind of cover any questions that anybody has while those questions come in i'll just kind of cover what we've got here in the q a section in terms of everything that we've talked about like i said that there is a guided step-by-step guide that's available here and then there's links to the other tools that we've used so that was Hyperis that was obviously creating events in linkedin and creating the automation of zapier we also mentioned two other automation tools for linkedin and that was expanding texo and also the process of uploading a csv directly into linkedin doing it manually and again that's the link there so a couple a couple of questions coming in so i'll just address those before i Kind of jump on to the next slide so again a couple ask questions about the recording yes absolutely we're going to provide the recording it'll be sent out tomorrow or the touchy wood all things being well along with a link to this deck and a couple of other support pieces in terms of does this process work for facebook another good question so absolutely if we kind of go back to the kind of the zapier process that We looked at which is this one here pretty much all of these steps are interchangeable in that zap zapier in this case is is getting a workbook data call from in from linkedin that's providing the the data from the registration you can do that same process with a facebook ad form as well when that's created trigger processing so we could switch out here linkedin for facebook and then still Have the same process where we're still exactly putting the short link from the data that's come from the registrant and then sending it out and again obviously the sending out could be replaced for sending that data somewhere else for it to be sent in a different way in terms of you know the kind of the email that has eventually sent out with the share buttons of course the shares work exactly the same way you know we already were Kind of creating shares you know within the email that we we use as we saw here for facebook twitter and linkedin you saw in this case from from this example we did have the highest share in linkedin the smallest in facebook obviously this was you know predominantly a linkedin kind of focused event that you know promoted on linkedin so it's no wonder that it was linkedin but yeah absolutely you could do this you know With with any sort of event and like i said the only reason i like any sort of form completion we could do this you know doesn't even have to be an event it's just like i said before what i like about linkedin is it's kind of pre-populating that form for you and so it's removing a lot of the friction you know from from a from a kind of a user having to do something to future their data which is the ultimate aim of this but yeah all of these steps can be Modified you know still take a copy of this and just change one zap out for another and you know in in zapier itself it's super simple to do that you know i could just click this plus here and then that's going to allow me to now search in here if you know like for a facebook pages conversion message whatever you know any of these kind of form fields whatever it might be you know it isn't a zap that i'm gonna use to be a trigger point to send some data To that next step so yeah absolutely we can do that in terms of other questions do we have any other kind of questions at all or what i might do is just kind of just meander on to the next thing that i wanted to kind of cover as you cover the links you're going to get access to that i think the final thing that is important to people is obviously cost you know how are we able to fund this You know what is going to be the roi and so in terms of there's obviously lots of different tools that you could use you don't have to use expandee unfortunately zapier is one of the nailed on tools if we're thinking about linkedin because linkedin only supports zapier in terms of being able to automate the process of sending out those automatic registrant details you can also within the event itself Um once you've where was my event tab let's go back to here what you can do if we find the event that was our event too far back so here in this manage option you see here download registered information so if you didn't want to use zapier and you just wanted to kind of you know on a daily weekly or whatever basis download the registrant data it will Come in a csv file and then you can just import that into whatever tool you want to to then kind of continue the process of you know sending out the events you know obviously adding hyper eyes into the mix you know to kind of drive that engagement variety so this would be the cost for using the three tools as we've kind of shown today but obviously you know feel free to to mix around and change those with It that's kind of the cost there obviously the hyper is being one of the cheaper elements also important to bear in mind that all of these tools have a free trial and so what we're going to be what you're going to be able to do is prove the concept and you know what your potential roi would be before kind of fully investing from a cost perspective so you know you're going to get a couple of weeks of hyper eyes zapier has a free tier for The first hundred zap so the first hundred invites you're certainly gonna be free and then 39 actually is a couple of tears up that takes you up to like 1 500 so more than enough you need for you know each month and then expanding again has a free trial before it jumps to the 99 once you complete the trial so hopefully that's given you some ideas on cost as well as strategy as well as hyper eyes as well as linkedin events and as well as smashing it all together Um i've seen that we're not getting any more questions come through so i guess that just leaves me to say thanks everybody for joining us today really do appreciate your time it's always great to jump on a call and and kind of chat with you all and meet you all so if you do think of anything else after this after this session please feel free to reach out to Us at hyperise and go to hyperrise.com and jump in the chat or jump to the booking page and grab a time with us and we'll be love would love to chat further until then look forward to catching soon have a great one enjoy the rest of your week bye.

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