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Hey guys what's record this real quick video so I'm quite excited about and as you know recently we've been talking a fair amount about sending out personalized postcards in the post using QR codes in those postcode and there's postcards and being able to scan that and get to a personalized web page and from our initial tests that approach is about four times more effective than cold email outreach and what I mean by Four times more effective if you think about your open rate is of an email and then what your click-through rate before the email is times those two together and that's your kind of your benchmark if you like so if you've got twenty percent open rate and twenty percent click-through rate of a cold email not saying whether that's good or bad just using two figures that would be a four percent engagement rate right is in people would have open email then click The link so they've gone to wherever your call-to-action is so let's say twenty percent open rate 23 is our barometer four percent is your action rate if that was the case your your campaign what we found typically is that four percent action rate would be kind of four times bigger you know for X based on using the scannable QR code on on a postcode so it massively more impactful they say than cold email so anyway that that was that was the kind Of the premise of you know the test as it were kind of just benchmarking one channel against another but you know we really like that and if anybody has been looking at this kind of some of the videos we've produced you'll probably notice dishwasher you've probably noticed that we've been using Google sheets as an intermediary to create the QR codes and put them in there which is great you know it was good to have a workaround can approve the theory but I'd say now we're pretty convinced that Theory's solid at least certainly for the use cases we've tried or the sectors industry we tried you know certainly a massive uplift so you know we want to improve the experience and so here I mean actually in dev right now this isn't life this isn't kind of what you'll see if you go right now but and this will be pushed live by by next week so I just want to give you a sneak preview to get you guys Excited about this or at least thinking about it so here we are imagine this is my postcode right we've got you know the dog love heart first name awesome now what I want to do is add a QR code to that now as I said at the moment if you've seen any other videos what we would do is would AG go to integrations add a Google sheet then in the Google sheet get a little Google API code put that in there put the URL in and then bing bang watch We've got QR codes it's a bit of a faff but you know it worked anyway enough of all of that let's go back to present day in that in dev you know so okay I'm deliberately put the screen up here but let me just let me just do a little reveal here well we can see look is we now have an additional option QR code well that means is that I can literally drag this QR code object here onto the canvas and again resize it do all of those sort of things you know whatever I Get it as I want it and it's look at the QR code settings what we have here is one obvious we've got the size and two we've got the ability to put in a URL so in this case test calm not very imagine see if I know but you know still it just just a test so whatever other destination would you like better than text and also what you see is what we're going to do is append any personalization to that so what that means is let me just save that I've got This QR code now so I can preview this image well we can see we've got the QR code and if I scan that now with my phone that's gonna go to test calm now but what I can do now you have to pay attention to this to can't see the change I'm gonna put in a name in here actually that's gonna personalise the image now just pay attention to the QR code that as I just refresh this image while that happened to quit didn't it let's try that again You'll see every time we change your value here in the image you are code changes now what that means is that whatever data information has been sent to the image to personalize the image that data is then passed on to the QR code which means if I now scan this QR code you know that it's got Bob on it now if I look on my phone I'm gonna see when I when I load up when I look at the URL that URL we've passed on the parameter of Bob so what that means Is that if this QR code is automatically updating based dynamically based on the parameter recent image which means is that you know if we put the hard drive JavaScript on this in this example test com on that page then all the parameters that we're passing from to the QR code will then be available to that page for personalization perspective so really what we're doing here is just removing some friction in enabling QR codes you know within your kind of scannable call To action if you like if you're going to use the postcard postcard strategy so anyway I say I was just excited to show this to you because I miss something that I know personally is gonna save me a whole bunch of time and just just take a bit hassle out of something I'm gonna make it way more easier for something that you know we've really discovered is you know crazy crazy effective so anyway as always love to hear your feedback let me know if this is something that you You find interesting or you're gonna find useful or if you have any suggestions is anything that's missing or would you want to have your code a different color for example one of the other things looking at this maybe be able to then shoulder Neath the QR code a short code a shortened URL version of that such a loop for the qiyan rather than type you know you could do that again is that something that people will be interested in love to hear your Thoughts on that so please do send us your comments or your feedback I look forward to as we all do the team look forward to read them all and you know and action them as well so have a great weekend and I look forward to catching the next video take care

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