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Hey yo me again. In this video, we're going to talk about data enrichment. Let's jump right in. So, all of the icons you may have noticed in the integrations area is the data enrichment. So what that means is, whether this is included in your image or provide data enrichment of the data coming into your image. So let's jump into preview and have a look at that. In this case, we can see that on the right hand side the date we provided the image, and all of these various options for email, website logo your profile URL, and right now we're providing just two pieces of data, example.com website, and the first name of Tom and you can see it pulling through dynamically just from the apple.com logo in here, because that's the data enrichment thing you automatically get to remove, say, First Name and Tom, and the website there and put in an email address. So in this case, Tim capital. COMM update this image. Now what we can see is the dynamic to getting the first name, Tim, by providing enrichment from the email address. In addition to the logo. We're also going through now profile image. So where there is a profile image available taxis, email, our data enrichment return for that fruit so data enrichment is gonna enable you to pull through business logos, either from a website of your business email profile and potentially also from the business in that, in addition to that our data enrichment will also fall through websites screenshots using a website element. And if any addition to that text elements we can see here also be able to pull through elements such as business name, category, and other elements such as revenue and employee range again from that data enrichment can be used in within your image also data enrichment segmentation, has been useful, click another button. To learn more about some of the options around image personalization catch another video. Take care.

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