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In this video we're going to cover the basics of the agency account for within your settings you will find the agency option from here we'll see first of all the option to create that brand new agency or we can put in the name of the business as well as the email of the agency owner once we click create organization they'll receive an invite to the new organization you've created with it which will be a sub-account of Your agency below this section we have all of the organizations or sub client accounts you've already created below that section we then have the details of your own agency account in terms of your profile photo the name as well as inviting any of your own team members which we see here at the bottom going back to the different organizations or sub accounts that you created you'll see three options three options will only appear once the organization owner has Accepted the invite from the email those three options are first which allows us to set up credits we can set both image impressions and e-mail enrichments these will be part of the subscription and rollover on a month-to-month basis you can set any amount from 1 all the way up to the total amount of subscription credits you have yourself once you put in these figures you can just click setup and they will automatically replenished each month so the second Option is in personalization to impersonate so you can jump into your client account as a essentially a user and be able to perform actions on the account such as create images or edit them as well as various other settings around the hyper campaign and dashboard obviously the final setting as you'd imagine with an item like this will allow you to delete that specific organization to all sub-account within our blossomy account there are no Restrictions the number of sub-account organizatio you can create and only the number of the subscriptions credits is based on the amount of credits you have yourself within your own account this video has been useful but before it's catchin the next one

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