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Hi, it's me. In this video we're gonna be talking about defaults, how to use default data in your images, let's jump into it with defaults. Normally we're going to be getting the data through from our integration or within filling in the client with our data enrichment. Of course, there are going to be times where neither those of you possible, and will want to say, elegant format. So, depending on the type of virtualization layer in your image, there'll be different default options so let's start off with text, first of all let's choose this text over here, and then we'll choose text settings, what we can see on the right hand side for this text layer right down here at the bottom, we've got the choice text default, when we choose that we're going to see all of the elements that we can provide, in this case, the first name, we're going to say, buddy. So we're gonna say, thanks buddy image. If we don't have the first day, I mean a good opportunity set fallback to all the various different elements that can potentially be used with an image. In addition to that, as well as be able to set static format, which also refer to a different element so for example here for business name. If we don't have the business name, say, for example, use the first name, in this case, we'll use the first name the first name doesn't exist. So let's save close that and let's set up tax default. Also in this image, we have profile elements. So let's just go through two layers here, we see a profile, and when we select that layer. You can see we've got two choices could default image, we can either choose the logo so if you don't have a profile image show the logo instead. And if you don't find the logo, then use a static image in this case, we've chosen a cat. Choose any image from your library of loading the image also in your library will be a transparent image that you can use, and select if you have a fallback position for the tool. So that's the first element of whatever layer you select will be a default element, if it's a visual element to your website logo profile or profile image will say, then there will be a visual fallback if it's a text element, as you saw the text for that. So that's default one and one hope this video has been useful. Click to learn more about some of the other areas of the hyperise, catch you soon, take care.

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