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Supercharge your sales outreach

Double your email responses, drive engagement by building stronger relationships and trust with 👋 Personalized GIFs and hyper-personalized 🎥 Videos and landing pages.

Generate personalized content dynamically on the fly, fully automated or manually for 1:1 notes, and easily add a personal touch at any stage of your sales cycle.

We'll cover the following topics

  • Humanising your client newsletter
  • Improve reply rates in your existing funnels
  • Re-enage with inactive users
  • Standing out from your competitors


Hello hey my name's Ian Naylor and welcome to supercharging your sales Outreach with humanized gifts in this event we're going to be covering exactly that how you can supercharge yourselves Outreach how you can increase your engagement get more people taking your call to action and ultimately more sales by putting yourself out there using humanized gifts putting yourself front and center of your Outreach now You may be wondering why why are we going to do that well and I guess first of all the reason why is because usual engagement is getting harder we're all being bombarded with messages every day and it's getting harder and harder for us as sales of marketing people to get through that noise for that blanket you know where everyone's just delete delete delete delete new message delete delete and you have virtually no time to get Your message across however compelling it may be and so with high prize what we do what we enable is for you to create images that dynamically personalize at scale and create a great impact and that's it more engagement more people taking your call to action and the reason why all that works is just working down to the way the human brain works we're hardwired to process visual information Way more effective than text 60 000 times quicker than text the brain processes images you know and the most most of us you know are visual thinkers and so let's lean into that lean into the way that the human brain worked make it easier for people our prospects to understand what we're trying to say to them but the additional thing the great thing here is hyperrise is tapping into is that because these images are processed so quickly when we include Personalization in those images it triggers what is referred to as a pattern interrupt and that pattern interrupt essentially a psychological Behavior that just puts a break on the brain the brain's screaming like hey stop stop paying my attention to that there's something different about that and that's you know what we're trying to do obviously we want to stand out we want to be different but when you're brain Shouting that you know we've got another little Ally there and you know and that increased mind share just is what drives the engagement and ultimately you know people taking that call to action and so personalized images great okay they were Pat and interrupt fantastic but let's not stop there let's it let's humanize it let's use other psychological traits like the law of reciprocity that states if you if you do something nice to somebody They're going to feel more compelled to respond this kind of in nearly human trait and so let's if let's leverage into that let's put you in the image let's make a gift so the draw you know the eyes drawn in with that movement and so now what we have is you know you smiling you're waving like this example here by uh me in a gif this personalized to Jeff who've got his name on the Whiteboard you've got his logo on there you know it's really triggering that and Interrupt with these personalizations we're kind of telling a story and waving and introducing myself you know I'm creating this human connection and all of these things are main meaning that he's much more likely to respond to this Outreach than if he wasn't and you're going to get responses like this that you're elevating people you know you're creating this feel-good Factor you know in this case a example Rebecca you know she's you know no kind Of work behind the ear slasher she's a CEO founder of a large marketer organization and she's she's telling me she loves my cold Outreach you know nobody loves cold Outreach you know but so she's been elevated because of this feel good factor and because of the personalization because of humanization you know because of this kind of way of creating it you know a stronger relationship you know already you know she's you know very open and sensible to You know what I've got to say your own book to call you know to take in action or you know we can use visualization you know and we can use that and again in a kind of a kidologies for the brainer let's let's talk about having a chat and a coffee and make it less formal and you know minimize the the kind of the risk if you like you know smaller the the ask and then visualize that reinforce that ask you know you know obviously it means it's going to be shown first and so when They read it later on they've already kind of had time to kind of process it and much more likely to take that call to action and so you know we can add visualization you know into our images as well like this example and get results like this if you see the response from Edgar who says I never apply to these emails this is the first one that worked you know and that's really what we're trying to achieve here you know we're creating This pattern into it we're correcting these stronger relations and we're changing the outcome of what will ordinarily happen ordinarily it would be mocking as spam or deleting us and now he's replying to us booking a call and becoming a paying customer you know totally different bookends of outcomes and this pivot point in the middle is this personalized image triggering at all and then obviously from there all of your brake sales capabilities and Product capabilities take over and then they've got the mindset to truly understand and get that and so this is a door open know it's going to give you more mind share so then your ultimate offer has got the time it deserve to be heard and even you know people that aren't necessarily your you know your perfect Target you know if you reach out to somebody maybe the wrong person again ordinarily you're Likely to be to very quickly deleted from their inbox or again Mark to spam you know but if you pray for this kind of good will and you're starting to build this kind of you know this human connection relationship then you're much more likely to get a positive outcome from them even which might be a referral you know them saying Oh actually I can help you out I can refer you to the right person at this example from Jonathan yeah and then those Word of Mouth referrals are actually really powerful and you're probably more powerful than if it was just a direct cold Outreach so obviously you can have got that additional Goodwill and relations from the referrer in there as well so again all of these additional parts of just helping drive up that engagement you know and ultimately you just create this in a moment of wow that people feel really good about what you're doing and Then so that you know and your the way you've done it and your Outreach I said they're much more likely and more open to what it is that you've got to say next in terms of how we can use these personalized images there are lots of ways that really affected obviously we've just seen a couple of those as we kind of worked through those early introductory slides but what I wanted to do is just kind of focus in on a couple Of different ways how we can use personalized images and what we've got here maybe on the left here we've got James let's look at him first of all and we can see what's happening with James he's got a physical object he's got he's in his office here he's got a whiteboard and he's all he's actually doing is just drawing a line underneath it um and then with hyperrise he's putting in these Dynamic layers so we can change all of the message on the board so this One image that he's recorded he can use again and again changing the message you know so in this case we've got like Dynamic elements like the name the business but actually you can obviously all of the text is done that so he could change it all depending on different campaigns as well but using physical objects again like uh this uh example below this is Justin and he's got again he's using a you know a laptop uh in in his office environment and he's actually Changing the screen of the laptop and so that reflects the website and the person who's reaching out to so again for his messages saying hey um you know let's talk about website personalization you know having uh you know being able to to kind of visualize how I've looked at your website you know can help you know with with that pattern interrupt about personalization so using physical objects and applying personalization to them is a great use Case you know if you want to do it that sort of way as opposed to like say maybe these middle two here where we've got some sort of uh a kind of uh humanization going on there and then the the personalization layers are just squarely just kind of added on top as layers and you see like uh in the header and the footer on this one here uh this one is better kind of visualizing just connecting with somebody on LinkedIn or This one here where it's it's a kind of video replays we've added in a layer that is it looks like a a YouTube video frame you know with all of the buttons to make it look more clickable to another kind of visual clue but also a little layer with a shape and then a speech bubble with um with with some personalized text in there in the prospect's name and then finally on the right hand side we've got these augmented reality images Where what we've done is we've recorded uh a gif um and in this case holding one of these augmented reality markers which is just today a full bit of paper printed off unfolded and then we've replaced the marker with the personalized image so in this case maybe an event ticket to invite somebody to an event you know or a kind of a a card here so we can you know have a gift card to like a bribe for them to kind of take action so all Of these really simple to create in high price what we can do is we can create images templates we can record gifs direct within the platform so if I wanted to have a gif of me here I could go here and record a gif directly to using my webcam to do that and kind of have all different sorts of kind of formats and kind of shaped to match where I want to record that and record a length will then Loop so we can then add in personalization that way also what we Can do is we can create an image template like this one so rather it being a gift of yourself with the layers on top you can create an image in itself and again we have hundreds of templates and stock images you can use different certificates or you know iPad frames like this or many others and again of course you can upload your own and then what we can do within a canvas of this image we can humanize it so we can set some humanization GIF so again we've got The option here we can record a gif so we can record the the GIF holding our our marker and again we have the options of different format sizes and length of the loop and then once we recorded that we merge those together so your image template gets mapped onto the marker and then you end up with these amazing results and also what you can do is scale these as well so obviously the marker what we're downloading here uh we've got a couple Of different sizes both landscape and portrait and these are just A4 and obviously to the size they're kind of recorded sorry the size we print them off is kind of that have essentially falling to fit into your hand but what we can do is scale these out so if you wanted a larger one you can scale it out to make the mark to make the template much bigger than the marker but it will still kind of flow to the dimensions of your original marker so really flexible And once you've recorded one of your gifs they'll all sit within your library so however many you record you've got access to those to interviews again and again so once you've finished setting up your marker setting up um your your template you've basically kind of got this personalized image that you can use wherever it will be completely Dynamic so you can see in this preview we've just got some dummy data in here Just like example data should I say I've got Tim apple.com and you can see that we've got his kind of profile image and name pulled through dynamically so that's if we kind of created our image we printed out humanized element to that and now obviously want to use that in Outreach and this is one of the great things of hyperize is we integrate with pretty much any Outreach template and so any Outreach tool you could think of so Simply going to get image code below the image template here I can choose the get integration option and Act choose add new and there'll be hundreds of options in here uh Platformers whatever I wanted to use you know from active campaign to Zoho and everything in between so let's just choose active campaign as as for illustration purposes you can see here it gives us the image code I can simply copy that And then I'll go over to actually campaign and add that now whatever integration I choose um there's always going to be a specific integration guide for that so again let me choose active campaign and we'll see here um the details Steps step one is what we've just completed which was copying the um the image code which was set to the integration then step two in this case we go into active campaign we edit Our email template and we add in the HTML block into the template and just paste in the code that we've copied from step one from hyperrise and then that's it that image will now be dynamically set in your email template whenever that email template is used that image will dynamically personalized teach recipient and that process is pretty much the same for every integration so let's go back and choose let's say a MailChimp um Same process copy the code if we haven't done it before let's have a look at the integration guide again step one is always the same copy the code step two we're gonna edit um email template we're going to add in a code Block in this case and we're going to paste in the code of copy from step one from high prize into the code block and then that's it The template is now set it's Dynamic it will personalize dynamically from the data we have in this case Dynamic using the data in in MailChimp so it's set and forget and it doesn't matter how many people in your campaign they're all going to get their own personalized image so that's doing it at scale what we also have is a Chrome extension with that Chrome extension where we can do is add in images directly into Gmail Outlook LinkedIn even Facebook Messenger So what I'm going to do is just jump over into uh Gmail for example I'm going to click compose and what you'll see here is this additional little button here higher prize button when I click that that's going to show me all my high price image templates and I can select one I can even add in a link if I wanted to um in terms of being able to make the image clickable to go to a relevant page that'll also then be able to trigger Personalization on those landing pages again using hyperrise that same process kind of works the same for example in LinkedIn as well you can see here I've got this message with James um and again we've got this short link option here where I can choose an image from um from the uh from the list that I've I've created in from my account so look really simple to be able to add these Images in one-to-ones in LinkedIn email or wherever it is you're using Outreach but also doing a scale you know where you create one template and then thousands of people start to benefit from that Outreach so I hope this short but sweet event today showing you some of the values some of the benefits of using humanized gifts and showing you how simple it can be to actually create your own humanized gifts and I hope that's been useful and I hope you're able to take advantage of that in terms of next steps we do have a completely free trial with high prize you can go to hyperrise.com and you'll find the start free trial button right there in the top right click that and you'll be in no credit card needed no commitment that's going to give you 14 days full access to the product being able to use personalized images we've looked at today as well as image Personalization uh in any sort of Channel website personalization and video personalization so using four capabilities what hyper rights can provide by providing um this free trial to you once you've started your trial who also have opportunities to talk further to the team um via chat or even booking one-to-ones to get the most out of your trial so we're completely here for you throughout Your child to make sure you get the most out of it I really do appreciate uh all of your time today for uh joining us today um and also if you're watching this uh recording thank you for watching the reporting also appreciate that too you have a great day and look forward to catching with you soon bye-bye

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